20 thoughts on “No Hurry, Right?

      • you have never worked the Denver Colo. area have you. It is all illegals. I worked construction there for 48 years and there are almost no white Sheetrock hangers or plumbers or framers or electricians there. that is a fact, not stereotype son


        • M&D outta Denver, mostly high country work, currently on the western slope… “Son”. Back to your regularly scheduled ignorant stereotypes “son”. 😉


        • P.S. How’s it feel knowing you had to STEAL material from a gawddamn drywaller?…. Seems kinda emasculating to me “son”…


          • Explain the stealing anything material. Just replying to your ignorance in a language you would understand. And it’s not stereotype. The illegals will be out of a job when someone can have the work done for cheaper than they can do it.. You seem to confuse reality with whatever you base your life on. By the way i am not your son.


  1. That expensive toy’s gonna need to hang a fuckton of board at that pace before it pays for itself and generates ANY profit. And that’s IF the eventual profit isn’t ate the fuck up via maintenance.


    • Really? That “toy” will work 24/7/52 no vacation/sick days/ overtime/. No workman’s comp if/when it breaks, no insurance/payroll/HR support/Unions/safety rep’s or meetings/training (what one “learns” they all learn, including replacements). No bad days/attitude/theft from employer.

      What you’re seeing is literally H. Ford’s first prototype Model T. Go down to your local Ford dealership and check out a Raptor, then extrapolate that degree of advancement on this machine over the next 20 years, then add on AI controlling/coordinating a 1000 of them doing every job necessary to build anything, learning and nearly instantly educating not only that 1000 but all other AI units world wide instantly.

      The only unrealistic aspect of this demo is the hanging of dry wall, implying a primary use of building human habitat. When the Masters no longer need a population of 7 billion to maintain their level of comfort/luxury what do you think they will do. If they can get by with 50 million technocrats, and a swarm of robotic servants, to support the 100,000 members of the uber elite families what use do they have for 6.95 billion living on Guaranteed Income (because there are no jobs that robots and their small technician support cadre cannot do without the muss and fuss)? Populations are messy, require all sorts of things (food, clothing, housing, stuff in general), have grievances and have to be controlled/dealt with. The Millennials and Gen-Z’ers of the elites already hold we Deplorables in disdain. Their children will hardly consider my great-grandchildren as the same species.

      AI is not going to get Woke, but its Masters will get tired of dealing with the useless riff-raff. The hook on which every authoritarian hangs their hat is their infallibility in determining social utility/value. They invariably find most of humanity lacking in either.


  2. It doesn’t get tired, it doesn’t get sick, it doesn’t get hung over, it doesn’t stop for lunch, it doesn’t go home after eight hours, its union doesn’t demand higher wages and benefits….

    So it’s slow. How fast could a Ford Model A go? Compared to the $600 beater we can get off craigslist today? The labor revolution is coming.


  3. Over time, it’ll get faster. Assuming maintenance cost doesn’t kill it, and reliable power can be delivered to it, it doesn’t have to get a lot faster to succeed, 2X would probably do it. You can wind it up and let it run all night. Probably wouldn’t even need the lights on.

    On a large job – an entire office building floor – it could work, assuming the cost for “enviro prepping” – no obstructions, loose debris on the floor, etc. – isn’t too high.


  4. Interesting research project, but it will never come to fruition. We are living in a gilded age of electronic wizardry. I worked in semiconductors for many years, and the the infrastructure to support them is gigantic and exotic. The world economic system is broken and cannot support it. When it visibly breaks (i.e., when structural breaks defects can not longer be hidden as they have since 2008), it will come to an end.

    Best thing you can do Phil is mentor anyone young who is willing to learn to do what you do – that is working with your hands. That will be an immensely valuable skill, and that type of knowledge which you can pass on may feed more than a few families.


  5. Yeah, but didn’t Tin-man hang the sheet with the backside out? Nothin’! A good taper will slick it right over. There is probably a skim-coat robot just out of frame.


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