Fetch My Drool Cup Woman!

Better make sure it’s empty too.


Flat belt pulley= steam powered line shaft drive.

Waaaaaaant want want want.

21 thoughts on “Fetch My Drool Cup Woman!

  1. First fab shop I worked in had one, but it was electric motor driven. Finest metal saw design there is. You set the bushings up nice and tight, square up the vice, they can cut to a tolerance of .005″ or less. Blades last a freakin’ long time keep them lubed.
    Really is a tool you can say “they don’t make them like that anymore”.
    I sure would like to have one in my shop now.
    Funny you posted this Phil, been giving serious consideration to building one. Chop saw blades like everything are fast consumables, and a high dollar consumable to boot. I’m thinking along the lines of making the shop as efficient and self reliant as possible. Those hacksaw blades are very cost efficient, plus you get a nice piece of high carbon flat stock perfect to make knives with once the teeth wore out. Worse comes to worse, a guy could cut new tooth, or even make his own blades from raw plate stock.
    Real hard to make abrasive blades and thin bandsaw blades in a one man fabrication shop.

    Shit got real EOTWAWKI, you could make a big ass hamster wheel to run the saw with an old timey leather belt drive, have the old lady run in it.
    I’m not shitting you. Got a couple old Beetlebug single port aircooled VW engines saved to run shit if things go south. They will run as low as 300-400rpm, with a heavy flywheel, you can turn lots of shaft driven tools. They make around 20hp and quite a bit of torque at idle speeds.
    No radiator to fuck with, weigh about 145lbs, easy to mount and attach drive pulleys or gears to.
    The 71 beetlebug I got as a daily runner gets close to 40mpg overall on the road. One of those single port engines, I turned it into a gas drive battery charger for the off grid power battery bank we have, 5 gals of gas, driving a Jegs Racing Equipment 100amp Chevy one wire alternator, for 24 to 28hrs, at 1000rpms. Have to use it when the wind isnt blowing enough for the wind turbine or we get too many cloudy days in a row to drive the solar panel’s. A big plus here is I’ve found out how to basically set up the VW engines to drive stuff. They are like your hack saw here, handy, the good old tools are sometimes far better than new stuff.
    A man has to think holistically these days if he lives out in the boonies. In some ways shit goes south all of a sudden. Got to stay prepared.

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    • Smart man.
      I have really been wanting one of these old saws for a long time but they are really hard to find and as expensive as hell when you do run across one.
      Since I either couldn’t find one or could afford it when I did, I said Fuck It and bought that HF horizontal band saw. They will cut pretty close tolerances also when set up right. But I still want a power hack saw like that.
      I have a few antique power tools that were originally run off of a line shaft and could easily be converted right back with the right pulleys.

      I always figured it it really all went completely shit house and I managed to survive the first couple of die offs that I could fabricate a Wood Gas generator, rig up about a five horse Briggs and Stratton and then fab up some short lengths of line shaft. Most of what I have is on some kind of wheels so it could all be somewhat portable too.
      I have the 1925 table saw, the big Band saw from the same year that was originally part of a portable wood mill and the old Post drill from the early 1900’s.
      Those 3 things alone would make me a very popular fellow.


        • Dammit. after reading what I just wrote the need for an old Hit and Miss engine seems to be something I should be looking into. I have a buddy at work who has a friend who is into those locally.
          I’m gonna have to get introduced .


                • The nice thing about those flat belts are that because they are so wide there is more surface area for gripping. If you get on Youtube and watch some videos you will immediately notice that none of them run real tight.
                  I have recently watched some that use a small Hit and Miss engine to run about an eight foot long belt that goes to an intermediate pulley station and then that has another belt that runs the equipment. They were running a small water pump that way.


                  • I had an uncle that used a 68 bug engine as a air compressor, used two cylinders to run it and two to compress the air. I could see using a H/M motor as it would get excellent fuel “mileage” and being air cooled no radiator to monkey with.


                    • This is in my wheelhouse. I am a long-time air and gas compressor
                      mechanic who worked on small en-block engine compressors. One
                      of the first of its type was the Hesse Hornet, a 4cyl in-line water
                      cooled engine with 2 running and two pumping. They were very
                      common on old tire service trucks.

                      Another one was made by Schramm using a Ford V-8 with four
                      running and four pumping. I haven’t thought about these things
                      in decades:



  2. Phil, ya think your wife unit would put up with a steam engine going to power your metal saw? Im’ma thinking setting it up in the bathroom so you have a constant flow of water… The local fab shop here has one of those and he is particular about who he lets use it and I am one he does let use of his tools, cause I know how to run it, clean it, adjust it and most of all will ask if I don’t understand something and will not use a tool unless I am checked out by him.

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  3. We used to have a factory that made curtains, here in my small city. I took a tour there, years ago. It is shut down, and now just a museum. They had a belt that ran from one side of the factory to the other, on huge pulleys. From that belt, every machine had pulleys that tapped into the power from it, and ran from that one power supply.
    It was just amazing the ingenuity that our previous generations possessed. Can you imagine now, building an airplane, in a couple of months, or a huge ship, in 4 months? No, but they did it during the second world war. Without any of the modern cnc machines, or modern measuring equipment, which is all so important for the proper assembly of many products.
    We do have much today that is better than it was, like modern equipment that can turn products that come out exactly the same. Many of the modern firearms could not be made for the price that they sell if we had to make them the old fashioned way. Now, I like blued steel and wood grips much better than plastic. But even that type of gun, with the old finish and grips, can be made using modern methods.
    The precision centers of gun manufacturers can of course make guns that rival what was made a century ago, and exceed it, usually. But at what cost?


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