Trump Has Taken The Gloves Off

I’m sure by now you have heard about the drone strike yesterday that took out a major source of terrorist activity around the world with the killing of  Qassem Soleimani and several other terrorist dirtbags.

It appears we just sent a few more to Hell.

Reuters isn’t saying just who got whacked a bit ago but several other unconfirmed sources are all saying the same thing, this guy and 5 of his minions also just got blown to smithereens.

2nd strikeno gloves

If I was one of the assholes in the Iranian/Hezzbollah terrorist business I think I would be cancelling any travel plans I had and be planning on some Netflix and Chill for a while.

Trump said he was going to go after these fuckers a couple of years ago.

They seriously stepped on their tackle when they arranged to have our embassy attacked in Baghdad the other day and also killed an American contractor over there.

Trump was very quick to send reinforcements and made damn sure everyone was aware of the difference of his response and the lack of one in Benghazi several years ago.

The Mullahs in Iran and their proxy wars just had it all dropped right back on their front porch in broad fucking daylight for all to see.

Trump pretty much just told them that if they want to play, it’s Game On Bitches.

Miss Lindsey tweeted over his shoulder like a girlfriend talking shit in a street fight that these Iranians best watch their step or we are going to start taking out oil fields.

Basically the only source of money they have.

Trump isn’t afraid and he sure as shit isn’t as stupid as some people would love for you to believe.

He doesn’t want war with Iran.

He wants the Iranian people to stand up, revolt and throw these religious freaks out on their asses.

Our beef isn’t with the Iranian people, it’s these Muslim hard liners.


20 thoughts on “Trump Has Taken The Gloves Off

  1. „ He doesn’t want war with Iran.“
    The main problem with waging war on Iran: it’s simply not possible.
    Iran is like Afghanistan on steroids.
    In order to win a war in Iran air raids aren’t enough – one must have a lot of troops on the ground. Tanks are for the most part useless.
    Unless one doesn’t convert that shithole country into a giant, self-illuminated parking lot with a glass floor a war has to be fought there the conventional way with a LOT of troops – which America alone doesn’t have.

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    • This is about removing the CIA from Iran. That is who owns and controls Iran by installing/backing the mullahs. The Iranian people do not want war. Trump won’t start a war but he will give the people there an opportunity to take back control of their own country and destiny. Iranians are very pro Trump. You have to dig for that news because our MSM will never tell you.

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  2. CIA also controlled North Korea. They, along with Japan, Saudi Arabia and others have been freed and given their sovereignty back. This twitter thread is a good place to begin reading.

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  3. I’m kind of surprised at all this. Say what you want, the Iranians are masters of brinkmanship. They made Carter dance like an organ grinder’s monkey until Reagan came along and put a stop to it. Then they went as quiet as church mice. They stayed fairly quiet during the gulf wars with Iraq. When The Buckwheat Administration came along, they made Obutthole dance like a monkey again – AND got 400 million dollars, an apology and a blow job out of him too. I’d think it would be intuitively obvious that Trump is not a guy they should screw with. Something else must be going on behind the scenes.

    In any event, this should be the mandatory response to state sponsored terrorism: when they blow up our kids on the school bus and our wives at the shopping mall – we smoke them with a drone on Ramadan when they sit down with their families. The tacticians will tell you that there is no defence against 4th generation warefare or insurgency. They are absolutely wrong about that; as the Iranians are finding out. Assymetric warfare will Trump it in spades (if you’ll pardon the pun) – if you have the balls and smarts to use it properly. America does not need to send in troops or costly aircraft carrier groups. They merely have to turn the tables on terrorists. If our politicians weren’t paid bag men for international billionaires, crime families and profiteers… they would have done it years ago. We could actually…possibly be seeing a new and bright era in American foreign policy.


  4. “oil fields – Basically the only source of money they have.”

    Slight correction; the oilfields are the most lucrative source of money. Iran has a landscape similar to the California farmlands except it has a good supply of water. They produce lots of fruits and vegetables. Even with their outdated methods of farming they are one of the breadbaskets of the world.


    • Unless the water is gravity-fed, it takes energy to pump water for the fields. Take away their electrical infrastructure (easy enough to do!) and they’re back to subsistence farming…


  5. As far back as 1980, you could not tune in to PBS or NPR without being hit with
    the vilest antisemitic and pro-communist propaganda. The left made common
    cause with every communist dictator on the planet and every sheep-shagging
    terrorist group in the Muslim world. The American left (including every elected
    Democrat) has been shitting double-edge razor blades since President Trump
    took out Abu al Irani Suleimani Bits And Pieces.

    Rancida Labia and Ilhan (I married my brother) Omar are apoplectic over this
    attack. Love President Trump or hate him, he is showing some Jeffersonian
    and Teddy Roosevelt qualities. In the Barbary Wars, Jefferson sent the
    Marines and Roosevelt did the same for a single American hostage being
    held by Muslims. It is long past time to realize that Islam has been waging
    war against the west for 1,400 years.

    We need a leader like Jan Sobieski, Charles “The Hammer” Martel, and
    Europes all-time winner of the Halloween lawn decorating contest, Vlad
    the Impaler! Sooner or later, we will have to have another Crusade to
    put these savage animals down like the rabid dogs they are.

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  6. The most stupid act by an American President since the invasion od Iraq. The Iranians will kill at least one very senior American (Pence, Milley ?), and the Iraqis will kill many American soldiers.


    • More Americans will die? that’s possible, war is ugly, and unpredictable. However, if your position is that Pres Trump should have done nothing to respond to the attack on the Embassy and the immediate threat of pending attacks, you won’t find any agreement here.


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  8. Now the party of retards is intending to invoke the War Powers Act in a lame
    attempt to add a third article of impeachment against Trump. The WPA does
    not apply to this case no matter how they twist it or misinterpret it. They
    have gone full retard:


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