Hearing to decide recall vote for gun grabbing Washington state AG Ferguson clears next step!

You know you done fucked up when even a judge thinks you should be impeached in a Blue state.

I would dearly love to see this piece of shit get dragged through the mud and THEN removed from office. Getting  ruined politically would be a small step towards justice but we all know he would just disappear into the machine somewhere and keep right on working towards his goals and getting paid a handsome sum to do so.

Here’s a picture of the little weasel and our Governor, who should be next on the list, right behind him.



Hearing to mull recall vote for state AG Ferguson clears next step

by Matt Markovich | KOMO News

OLYMPIA, Wash. — The Chief Justice of the Washington Supreme Court has green lighted a hearing that could lead to a statewide recall vote of Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson.

Scott Bannister of Yelm and Matthew Marshall of Roy filed the necessary paperwork for the recall with the Secretary of State on Dec. 16.

State law requires the Chief Justice to prepare a synopsis of the charges that will eventually appear as the ballot measure for voters statewide.

Chief Justice Mary Fairhurst has done that and since Bob Ferguson is a resident of King County, is asking King County Superior Court Judge Bill Bowman for “a determination of the sufficiency of recall charges” and approval of the ballot synopsis. That hearing will take place Jan. 10.

It’s more of a formality for Fairhurst to order the hearing, but it’s still a significant step in an effort by Bannister and Marshall to recall Ferguson.

“There’s a lot of people that aren’t very happy with him,” says Bannister. “If he’s not going to stand-up for the people, it’s not worth having him.”

The Army veteran is the president of God’s Portion food bank in Centralia.


“If they are committing treason as they all are, we can remove them,” says Bannister.

He is accusing Ferguson of two different incidents that warrant a recall.

In court documents, the pair say Ferguson actively campaigned for I-1639 in 2018. The initiative they say “deprived” Washington citizens aged 18-20 years of age of their right to purchase, possess, own or use semi-automatic assault rifles.

By campaigning for it, when Ferguson may be called upon to defend it in court, presented a conflict of interest and gave Ferguson “political capital for election to public office,” the challenge states. The initiative passed overwhelming by state voters.

“If we lose our guns, we are going to lose our republic,” says Bannister.

They also say Ferguson has a conflict of interest involving the $30 car tab initiative, I-976 which passed in November. Court documents says Ferguson’s office “failed to recuse itself” from defending I-976 in the recent court challenges trying to stop it from taking effect.

Ferguson is currently taking initiative sponsor Tim Eyman to court for campaign violations, therefore the attorney general has a conflict of interest when it comes to defending Eyman’s initiative in court,” according to the challenge.

“He simultaneously is arguing in defense of Initiative 976, which is a gross conflict of interest,” court documents say.

“That is enough to recall him,” says Bannister.

The decision to move forward with a recall vote will be in the hands of Judge Bowman, who will decide if that charges are “sufficient” enough to warrant a special statewide election. If he agrees, Bannister and Matthews and their supporters will need to collect 780,000 signatures to call for the election.

They will vote on language already written by Chief Justice Fairhurst. It will ask voters to decide if Bob Ferguson “committed acts of misfeasance and malfeasance and violated his oath of office” and should be recalled from office.

 My bold.
I am actually quite surprised to see that even a Chief Justice thinks he managed to step on his little dick but I’ll gladly take all the help we can get to make this fucker go away.
Then maybe we can get some of his handiwork stricken from the books also.

9 thoughts on “Hearing to decide recall vote for gun grabbing Washington state AG Ferguson clears next step!

  1. Sign me up! The weasel is as bad as our last Republican AG was good.
    I’ll actively campaign here on the Right side of the State, Phil. I can’t stand the pile of Schiff…


  2. You read my mind again Phil. Last night, I looked up the rules for recall in the
    state of Virginia. Here in the Peoples Republic of Marxifornia, we the people
    have the power from recall petitions the actual vote. The rules are different
    in Virginia. The easy part is the recall petition. It only requires ten percent of
    the number of votes in the last election. In a state as heavy with gun owners
    as Virginia, that should be a cakewalk!

    The rules also state that the subject of the recall can call for a jury trial, that can
    be argued up to the state supreme court level. The outcome will be a question
    of how many state appeals and supreme court justices are liberal activists and
    where the initial trial is held.

    PS I am going to bet that there are a shitload of gun-owning traditional moderate
    Democrats in that state. Of all of the Rust Belt, steel and coal states, Trump took
    all but Virginia and Minnesota. While this has nothing to do with any recall attempt,
    it may bode well in November. Governor Blackface made the mother of all fuck-
    ups with this crusade of his. He may be responsible for making Virginia red again!


    • right on, and the Rail. Can’t forget The Rail.

      Not for nothing you bring up a most valid element in all this.
      Colonial resistance pre open war of secession from the British Empire is rife with tar & feathering of King Georges tax agents, sheriffs, various other agents, and even appointed Governors. It was highly effective too. The real history is pretty violent and bloody, the Patriots didn’t pale away from using violent tactics one bit.
      Sam Adam’s was a serious rabble-rouser, the IRA & Collin’s had nothing on the guy, the Brit’s wanted his arse bad, it’s the prime objective of marching to Lexington where they also where ordered to grab the cannon and powder they thought the rebel’s had stored in the area. which was moved days previously and Adam’s was slipping around their flank out of their clutches.
      The ass whooping the Brits took on the march back to Boston Harbor is a tale of really pissed off dirt people with guns discovering the effectiveness of waging 4th G warfare on the Brits almost all the way to Acton.

      Hypothetically speaking, referring to historical events, such as Romanian dicktator Mr. & Mrs. Nicolae Ceausescu’s abrupt dirt nap, nothing like taking 100 of the most foul central leash masters and actors out in the street and putting a boolit in the back of their heads.
      It would solve an entire raft of problems in hours hypothetically speaking.

      This kind of raw naked power block running shit has a built in feature which can’t be avoided with out a full on violent repressive police state, and that only forestalls the day of collapse.
      Where it is very difficult at first to rip these politikal “elite’s” grip from the levers of power, of course perceptions and illusions created and maintained by it’s propaganda wing are a component of maintaining that appearance of legitimate power and seeming unreachable unaccountable status, till it doesn’t, and their institutional order of organized crime/corrupt power government fails within hours or a couple days.
      We seen that happen with the central Soviet and their Nomenklatura. Over night it shit the bed, the whole thing no more. Amazing being it was such a huge super power the day before. Contrary to conventional narrative, even after decades of their reign of terror and genocide, it was every day Russian dirt people who paradoxically brought the collapse about. The paradox or maybe the paradigm, both, was because of the one thing that Russian culture fears the most, loss of civilizational order where regardless of their totalitarian bloody power over the Russian dirt people, the Soviet and Nomenklatura could no longer provide for infrastructure, maintaining order, providing necessities like power energy food and medicine, something thats an ingrained primal fear in Russian culture.

      Well the same thing is happening all over the West. They steal everything not nailed down with 12 inch foundation spikes. Shit is falling apart everywhere. Regulatory tyranny has replace maintaining infrastructure and the fluid timely movement of commodities and essential goods.
      They deemed themselves the masters of everything and they can’t follow thru on the most basic promises of maintaining civilization, they own this incompetence lock stock and barrel, and a more incompetent gang of snakes and criminals there is not. They have created an unmitigated disaster, and the only thing they do is cover it up and keep right on making the disaster worse. 2008 is happening all over again.
      The ruling elite’s answer is to strip mine people for more of their wealth, doubling down which they are the worlds premier experts of, but such a corrupt entity has the stickiest fingers and can not stop itself from stealing most of that increase in tribute. So the problem itself gets worse till nothing can remedy it, but one thing, people turn their backs and begin to resist instead of tolerate. This dynamic is the catalyst that leads to the political elites demise. And being what they are they double down because muh’ power and superiority over the dirt people, and insatiable greed, plus lust for absolute power.

      Check out this lunatic move by Pelosi at the link below. It’s a dandy. Says everything.
      She states more or less if the DOJ still refuses to hand over all the secret grand jury indictment minutes from Mueller’s “investigation”, er witch hunt, against Trump and his allies, she will send men with guns to shoot them at the Dept. of Justice.
      This is documented, stated in front of a 3 federal judge oversight panel into the justification of the swamps efforts to find any dirt they can use to pull off the ongoing palace coup by getting their meathooks on sealed grand jury minutes no entity is allowed to acquire to use as evidence in an impeachment. it’s a desperation move, unhinged, this fucking rancid old cunt thinks she is a special unique power unto herself. Some fucked up shit right there. Rumor going around she’s going to openly charge Trump live on TV, with fake treason at the SOTU address:


      “…Now consider, earlier today U.S. House of Representatives Legal Counsel, Douglas Letter, argued in court it would be a possible remedy -for a conflict between branches of government- for Speaker Nancy Pelosi to order an armed “gun battle” between the House and the United States Department of Justice.   Yes, this actually happened.
      At the same time as national Democrat political candidates are arguing to remove the constitutional rights of law-abiding gun owners, the highest ranking Democrat in the United States; a person only two succession-steps away from the presidency; is arguing in DC federal court the House could begin an armed conflict against the Dept. of Justice…”

      It’s the same overlord shit they are trying to pull in Virginia.
      Arm yourself to the fucking teeth.
      These scumbags are exactly like musloids, they only respect absolute violence used against them once they go full retard imposing full police state violence to make people comply and obey.
      They can try anyways.
      Me thinks, believes totally, they are in for a really rude fucking surprise.
      Could not happen to a more deserving cabal of total FUBAR fucking scum of the earth.
      Could turn out the best thing in the world to happen too. Imagine the things that could be accomplished not possible under other circumstances.
      Time to dust our brooms.

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      • “She states more or less if the DOJ still refuses to hand over all the secret grand jury indictment minutes from Mueller’s “investigation”, er witch hunt, against Trump and his allies, she will send men with guns to shoot them at the Dept. of Justice.”

        How many divisions does Nancy have?


  3. Hell Yeah Phil! You guys go. It is the most fertile thing imaginable. In WV here recently we got Constitutional Carry passed, it was quiet, of course it didn’t exist because the fake yellow media, but it was an indictment on the tyrants in our government and the shit they been pulling.
    A great big Fuck You at them, Because Fuck You Thats Why. Extreme Withdrawal of Consent is what it is.
    They could not stop it. It was beautiful to see.

    Ben Franklin during the early stages of formation of America, figuring out what to do about and with such traitors and corruption/crimes advocated for “Political Assassination” instead of hanging the fuckers. His dictum involved de-legitimization of such criminals, because they where able to operate due to they and co-traitors creating the conditions where they could be traitors, and all that implies, in the first place.
    He figured had to be a more effective way than executing such actors, done that for thousands of years, and it was not always effective, in fact it backfired many times. The Law of Unintended Consequences, is a total bitch.
    At first blush it seems counterintuitive, but Franklin thought it far more important than killing them, because the legitimacy thing in it’s particular way being totally essential to legitimate government of the will of the people, and far more effective than revenge by giving them a dirt nap, because I think, instead of violent mob vigilantism, hey, it does have its place regardless, you ended up with a plurality of people who become manifest in their will as the governed as the real power, politikal or otherwise, (besides we have our arms we fall back on as a last resort), ie, the proof is right there, you all in Washington, Bravo!, are recalling the fucking scumbag for his crimes, it is his very public execution of his “legitimacy” that is very very important. And by extension it is an indictment on Soros and his ilk.
    It is Withdrawal of Consent, the most powerful weapon ever devised. Sounds corny or something?
    Not so fast. Regardless of these scalawags efforts to hollow out our governments, wear them as skin suits, hide behind that illusion of legitimacy, no matter how corrupt, and it don’t get more corrupt than that fucking nazi psychopath genocidal George Soros and his foul Attourney’s General Project to salt the country with crooked commie AG’s beholden to him, in our country consent is everything, even tacit consent of the free shit army and other parasites, in particular the government ones, living off the working man’s dime. Without consent this scumbag would not have gained the position he is about to lose. Even the fake margin of vote fraud and gerry mandereing that no doubt got him the appearance of legitimacy that made it possible for him to Usurp the AG’s office.
    If the Peoples Consent thing and it’s power was false, Hillary Clinton would not have to bother spending billions on her massive gerrymandering and built in margin of vote fraud those bucks purchase, the fake dog and pony show “campaign” and she would simply be installed as the next regime leader. And Mr Trump would not be POTUS.

    And we still have guns…lots of guns.
    Why is it they want to take them from us so badly, right?
    Because long as we are armed to the fucking teeth these scalawags have to behave, more or less and work their evil under a fig leaf of legitimacy.

    Whats got them so crazed lately, at least they are letting down their guard, and this is going on all over the world, is people are saying fuck this shit, I’m not putting up with it. Had enough.
    Thats Withdrawal of Consent.
    Very powerful stuff.
    Because it is, along with dirt peoples defiance, refusing to comply, and resistance, even the violent revolution kind, is the most legitimate thing imaginable. It is the only legitimacy.

    It is the great secret kept hidden for so long.

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    • I don’t know why but I just found 4 of your comments that were hung up waiting for approval. I’m beginning to think that you are absolutely correct in your deductions that TPTB have it in for ya pal. I have been wondering why you were so quiet and now I know why. I will make a serious effort to keep an eye out for trapped comments from here on out.


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