I picked up a Head cold which is quickly invading my chest because that’s what they always do ASAP.

I felt it coming on for a few days, The Wifely Unit has been sick lately so you get one guess where it came from.

It’s been quite a while since I was sick but two minutes of the head cold shit is all you need to remember why it sucks so fucking bad. There is some nasty, lingering shit going around this year. My brother and his girlfriend have been sick for FIVE WEEKS. Just today she said she thinks she is finally over it.

I took a nap earlier this evening, it’s 1:30 in the morning now so I am going to go open a new bottle of Nyquil and throw the lid away.  I could do without being sick for a month.

See ya’s when I wake up.


20 thoughts on “Craaaaaaaap

    • I’ve heard from friends in the medical field that it’s a nasty form of Influenza B – which doesn’t have any flu shot for it…
      Nasty nasty nasty that hangs on for weeks.


      • Nasty crud. Guts you out. I hope Phil & you all get better soon.

        Yeah, remembering that went around bunch of years back in the coal mines, some folks was contracting bacterial pneumonia from it. One guy where I worked died from letting it go too long before he got antibiotics, seems we where catching it from the controls on our equipment and shit. Our foreman brought in lysol for everyone to wipe them down with at shift change and we stopped getting sick. He found out from his Dr. a lot of it comes from your hands thru your eyeballs, when rub them.
        I got that pneumonia at the time, that shit puts a serious beating in you, had it for a couple months even with the prescribed amoxicillin, the old lady got little bottles of alcohol based hand sanitizer for say like shopping, she wipes down the shopping cart handles and hands when we are out in public. I haven’t got sick since the pneumonia in 2011. Knock on wood.


  1. Normally I would sympathize, but I’ve been in severe pain and whizzing blood off and on since Thursday caused by a kidney stone, so suck it up, buttercup………………

    Oh hell, get well soon Phil…………..


      • Not much thats not killing you right then more painful. Sweat comes off your heads like in a cartoon.
        Our neighbor had them real bad, somebody told him about eating alfalfa pills breaks the stones down. I was like shit that stuff might work, got a patch of it I planted as green manure for a new garden plot we carved out of a part of our wood lot, deer and bear go mental over it, if they like it it’s good stuff. Watched a bear work for an hour ripping up mouths full of it. I mean like a king size weed whacker. Wallyworld has them at the vitamin isle in big ol’ bottles for a few bucks, in a week I stopped passing stones, couple months later on X-rays no stones to be found. Before, had stones bad enough to get a kidney infection.
        Guess it’s one of those “super green foods”, high chlorophyll or something helps your bodies natural defense. Worked for a couple guys I passed it on to. Started out by eating 3-4 at a time each day, all they are is big horse pill size dried and pressed alfalfa leaves.


  2. Here’s my remedy for colds: 1000mg of Vit C every day. I have not had a cold in a long while, like a decade. If perchance I do feel one coming on, I up the Vit C to 2000-4000 per day. Nips it in the bud. Wash or sanitize your hands frequently during cold season, especially after you’ve been out and about. Avoid touching your face, difficult to do, after being in a public place, until your can wash or sanitize your hands.
    I know all that sounds paranoid and germaphobic, but it works.


  3. My life-long friend, ‘The Fire Chief’ (35+yrs in the VFD), says THIS is the magic cure, as endorsed by all members of his Engine Company:

    “Take 2 GOOD shots of ‘Yukon Jack’, and go straight to bed. You will wake-up cured.”

    In your case, Phil, that ‘cure’ could pose a problem. Sorry. Well, at least I tried to help. No charge. (btw, other ideas like Vit C, etc, I know are good, also).


  4. I agree with nemo…
    1000 mg Vitamin C every day…make it part of your daily regime.
    If I feel something coming on, I begin the Airborne. It too contains 1000 mg Vitamin C. Airborne every six hours.
    EmergenC is another good supplement. I use them all when those first signs hit me.
    I have not been down with a cold or flu since I can remember; years, and I am a smoker too. Smoking depletes our ability to fight off infection, so Vit C is good year round for us.
    My brother just picked up some crap on a plane from Portland, and now he has pneumonia…does he take vitamin C? nooooo…only after he gets sick…too late then, at least as far as prevention.
    You mentioned you felt it coming on, that would have been the time to begin the Airborne.
    Vitamin C is water soluble…your body will flush out what it doesn’t need.
    Drink more water too will help.
    A cocktail with an Airborne and Alka Seltzer Plus cold will help you sleep.
    It’s wintertime. Your body is stressed by the colder weather, and it’s far from over this year.
    Taminator? Apple cider vinegar…organic…2 ounces a day will help dissolve those bad boys.


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