Things Are A Bit Fuzzy Still

Holy crap.

I’m not quite completely sure but I think I just slept about 30 hours or more.

I hit the Nyquil Saturday and have pretty much been out since.

The wife went out yesterday to watch the football game I assume and came home, poked me to wake me up and I flipped out on her. Waking me up suddenly isn’t good for your health. Poking me to wake me up is even worse.

She has been in the bedroom ever since.

I see she is still upset about it too.

Get a clue woman, there is a reason I am sleeping so much and it isn’t just to inconvenience you.

I would wake up just enough to go take a piss and be right the fuck back out.

I did manage to wake up enough to call into work this morning and was right back out again.

Even Nyquil doesn’t explain that much sleep because I didn’t take that damn much.

Either way, I am as weak as a new born kitten but I am alive. Thanks for the well wishes.

All I can say is it worked though.

I can still feel a bit of the head cold but nothing like it was before.

Gonna be a bit before I get back up to speed though.

15 thoughts on “Things Are A Bit Fuzzy Still

  1. It’s nice to see you’re feeling better Phil.

    This is WAY off-topic, but I came up with an idea for a thread: The adventures
    of governor blackface’s gun confiscation squad. Here are three off the top
    of my head:

    Zeke and Jethro are walking down a dirt road and they come upon the body
    of a State Trooper with a massive bullet wound. Zeke asked whatcha think
    happened to him? Jethro answered Huntin’ accident.

    The next day they came upon a beat-up body at the base of a cliff and Jethro
    asked watcha think happened here? Zeke answered he musta got too close
    to the edge.

    A State Trooper asked a local about a missing trooper. The local told the trooper
    he must got hisself lost in the hills up yonder.

    These memes write themselves! Have at it guys.


  2. Don’t ignore what used to be a simple illness. You are a couple years younger than me and having been in healthcare 4+ decades I have seen many older people (our age)blow off cold symptoms and end up with pneumonia….which is still a serious often fatal illness. If illness persists see a doc and make sure you don’t have something life threatening.


  3. Sounds like exhaustion as much as being sick. Call your work and tell them you’re out for the rest of the week, if they can’t get shit done without you, that’s their problem.

    Get better, my friend.

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  4. „Sleep is the biggest healer“ a saying goes. I must have overlooked that one posting that hinted your condition.
    I sincerely wish you all the best and hope you‘ll be back up on your feet soon.
    Just waiting for you to become ornery again 😉


  5. This is the first year in my life that I got through Christmas and new years without coming down with the plague. Having said that… I suppose I’ll get yours when you are done with it…
    Get well soon,chief!!,


  6. Back in ’04 I got hit with west Nile fever. Spent two weeks sleeping 20 hrs a day. Every fiber of my body hurt. Headache, body aches, my skin hurt, as did my skin, my finger and toenails, and my hair. I feel your pain. We are about the same age. I can’t imagine going thru that now. I was young and strong back then. Thank God.


  7. Whatever you caught on the West Coast,it has reached SW Michigan. Wife could hardly stand up this AM and with shakes and clammy sweat. Zoned out back in bed now running on interrupted 12 hour stint. Hope it passes quick and that you also recover..


  8. Good to have you back man… was wondering how bad you got slammed. Stay rested and medicated… preferably with 100 proof!


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