7 thoughts on “Your Oh Shit Moment Of The Day

    • It’s obvious this tractor is being misused and abused. It’s a pretty safe bet this type of abuse has gone on for some time so there probably has been metal fatigue of some or all of the bolts holding the engine block to the clutch housing.

      Combine that with the block and cable they have attached to the front of the tractor and the stress they put on the front of the tractor was greater than the weakened bolts could hold and they basically pulled the engine off the rear half of the tractor would be my guess.


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      • Yes, I hate to see good machinery abused. And a smooth pull by the rig in front would have pulled the whole thing along, but these yahoos had always gotten what they wanted by jerking it, so jerking it they did.

        There’s a lesson in there somewhere…


  1. Obviously they were driving while Asian. Another thing I’d like to point out is never weld a truck or tractor frame. It just won’t work out for you. Sure, I’ve broken lots of shit but it breaks way faster when you use heat to realign the molecules beforehand. And yes, it actually makes stuff weak. Please, don’t try this at home. Make sure you fuckers wrap your pipes if’n you live in the hills because it’s going to snow for a week up here in rainy land. It’ll give us all something to be pissed off about besides the one party system. Cheers.


  2. I’m thinking not Asian cause that a butt load of sugar cane. Not aware of anyplace in Asia where they grow that stuff unless it’s the Philippines somewhere, and that I don’t believe is considered “Asia”
    Truck & Tractor frames are made with hardened steel & cast which is why welding them makes them break easier, it takes the hardening out of the welded portion. To prevent this once you have your frame made up and complete, the best option is to do a big bake on it. IE: heat the entire frame of whatever your working on in a gigantic oven to around 900 deg until the entire inside as well as outside is exactly the same temp. Usually takes around 24 hrs. then let cool naturally, takes usually around 48 hrs, possibly more dependent upon size & weight. This process I understand takes the welded portion & lines up all the molecules like they should be as though the entire thing was one single piece. Then if needed, heat treating would be an additional process but no weak links. At least that’s my understanding of it…. I used to haul equip. into & out of one of those gigantic ovens…..


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