Mo’ Drama

Because, you know, ya gotta have it.

The Kid has been sick for almost two weeks. He got a different job here about a month and a half ago, hauling Sheet Rock. So he travels from job to job and is outside quite a bit.

Being still pretty young and having that feeling of immortality plus a deficiency in common sense, he has been doing all this out in the rain without any rain gear, while being sick.

The Wifely Unit heard this and immediately asked if I had any rain gear he could borrow. Fifteen seconds later I handed her a brand new set that was just inside the door to the garage.

You know, because I am a hoarder, right?

Unfortunately, he kept getting worse and worse. Saturday she had enough and took him to the ER.

Did I mention a new job without health insurance yet?

Six hours, a CAT scan and a handful of pills later, he is informed that he has Tonsillitus. He comes back home takes the pills and goes to bed.

Last night at OH DARK THIRTY, approxomately Four in the morning, he is in bad shape.

The Wifely Unit loads his ass back up and heads back to the ER.

Eight hours later, ANOTHER CAT SCAN and FOUR prescriptions in hand, she takes him up and gets his prescriptions filled and comes home.

Now we find out he has the Tonillitus plus MONO and an enlarged spleen.

Ain’t nobody had much sleep so I called into work also and took the day off.

That place is too dangerous to be wandering around like a Zombie and not be paying attention to what’s going on around you.

The Wife is beat but being a Mommy she is fussing over him like a broody chicken.

I didn’t do a damn thing all weekend because my lower back went out Friday after driving around in her little fucking car. There is something about the drivers seat in that little sonofabitch that has it out for me. No lumbar support or something. I went to get out of the fucker and was crippled.

It finally popped back in last evening to my great relief so I am going to sit here on my ass again today and probably take a couple of naps now.

It will give me the opportunity to watch the Wife worry and fuss over the kid while I have the headphones on so I at least don’t have to listen to the drama as it unfolds.



20 thoughts on “Mo’ Drama

    • When I was woking with the paramedic service I was driving patients in their car back home or to a clinic near their home in Germany. These trips took minimum seven hours, mostly more than ten hours.
      I still recall that shitty BMW and the fact I wasn’t able adjusting the driver’s seat to a less hurtful position. When I finally got out if that car I almost couldn’t walk!
      Ah, and the patient I drove home was diagnosed having prolapsus disci invertebralis, a spinal disc herniation which really took me no wonder…

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        • These oldtimers still run? A side note to that specific build of a trash bin: it was the first BMW that had an electronics milage display (red digits). Maybe this helps pointing out the sucker.


            • LOL! Trabant! What a funny “car”! Featuring a two-stroke engine and a chassis made of impregnated carton!
              A couple of years after the fall of the iron curtain between West Germany and the German Democratic Republic I went there driving on a highway. It was in its original state: made of big concrete slabs. The rattle driving on such a road was deafening and mind numbing. Made me wonder how those Trabants could withstand such an abuse.


          • At $100K PLUS (in Canada), if it weren’t for the steep price I’d get one. Almost impossible to stop.
            Used ones are over $80K, *if* you can find one.


            • Geez, Egorr, that’s insane!
              To be frank I always dreamed owning such a bus but even here the price seemed too mich for my purse.
              That was until 2018 when I happened finding a used car dealer who sold these for a pretty reasonable price. This company equips Austrian police with the vehicles they need – and also takes them back after two years of service, no matter the mileage.
              There you go. One has to be lucky once in a while:)


        • My lottery fantasy bucket list includes a South African Paramount
          Maurader. It is a for-real MRAP which can drive away from 20
          pounds of TNT detonated under the vehicle and it can stop any-
          thing short of .50 cal AP rounds. It looks like a HumVee wagon
          on steroids. I want one just to piss off the tree-huggers:


    • Must have gotten the kinks out (or it was just the 7-series), because the ’97 528i I used to drive,and the ’07 328i I drive now have both been comfortable distance drivers. More than once, I’ve driven 2 – 3 hours and gotten out and walked 18 holes.
      But then, I keep the car running right, and that includes suspension bits.

      And that ’07 is a kick to drive, which is why I keep it.


  1. Phil
    I know this is about the kid, but you can’t help with him if you are out of the game.
    Do yourself a favor and start a good relationship with a chiropractor.
    After thirty years welding and working on a cement floor, I can tell you that if it wasn’t for my chiropractor, I’d probably be in a wheelchair..


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