Are We Staring At 1930 In The Mirror?

The stock market crash of 1929 has been pointed to historically as the root cause of The Great Depression that followed soon after and basically lasted until WWII.


I believe we are on the cusp of another one except this time it will be Main Street that causes it.

With the current “Lockdowns” in place in multiple states and cities restricting the movement and employment of literally millions of people and hundreds of thousands of businesses, life as we knew it is grinding to a halt.

Think for a moment about the fact that millions of Americans already lived paycheck to paycheck.

Thousands of small businesses are going to disappear.

Those people who can’t work now are going to take an economic hit that they can’t recover from.

This “Stimulus” farce of sending everyone a check for $1200 is going to do exactly what for these people?

Maybe keep them from starving and that’s about it. Even that is only if people are smart enough to buy food with it instead of splurging on unneeded luxuries.

Rent, power, water and any other bills will keep piling up in the mean time.

Not to mention that millions of Americans are already up to their eyeballs in Credit Card debt.

All those shiny new cars and trucks everyone just has to have come with hefty payments and insurance requirements too.

Unemployment insurance may, just may, reduce some peoples burdens until this current round of pandemic runs out.

In the mean time the hole gets deeper and deeper.

Maybe someone in the Rose Colored Glasses group can see a different ending but economic devastation from Sea To Shining Sea is what I am seeing from where I am at.

As predicted from several sources, the number of COV-19 cases has exploded, now reaching the milestone of over 500,000 cases .

New York city and New Orleans are cranking them out like widgets in a factory running on race gas.

It took 4 months to get to 250K and one week to double that.

Not only is this far from over, it’s just getting warmed up.

I don’t see us returning back to what was an already fucked up position that we called normal, anytime soon.

13 thoughts on “Are We Staring At 1930 In The Mirror?

    • “MINOR infectious disease”

      The death rate from this minor infectious disease is now in the 4.5% range versus the common flu which is 0.1%. Considering there is a severe shortage of ventilators, the death rate will probably climb. This is what has happened in Italy which now has a mortality rate of 10.1%. Oh, and before you make light of Italy’s healthcare system, they have a five year greater life expectancy than the United States.

      But that’s all OK Dan, it’s just a “MINOR infectious disease”.


      • Wrong, wrong, wrong. You can’t know the death (or survival rate) without a KNOWN denominator. If everyone is tested, then we’d know the real number. Also, success rate under normal conditions for surviving intubation is 50%. After one more year that number drops to 10%.

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        • Yep, that’s not the way you figure rates. Confirmed -positive / deaths does not give you a real picture. Total-population / deaths is the number to pay attention to.


    • the disease is globalism
      reject the modern world
      get back to basics
      family traditions faith community
      it is the effective cure


  1. We have a Hobbsian choice – carry on as normal and have people (mostly old farts like me) dropping like flies, or having the economy crash due to isolation tactics. Do we cut the baby in half, or not??

    DJT is a businessman. He knows how the market works, and knows how hard this is on the average Joe Blow. He has to walk a dangerous path – too soon, and the infection gets worse or lingers, too long and the economy is a smoking ruin. I don’t envy his job!! However, the Doctors and epidemiologists are taking a too-long attitude, and our economy will not tolerate this.

    “May you live in interesting times!” – ancient Chinese curse


    • You are right on, as to Donald Trump’s background. And his job is certainly a hard one. But could you imagine Hillary in his shoes right now? I didn’t think so. We have the right president for this current crisis. He may be focused too much on our economy for some on the left, but he knows that if the economy tanks, and people are living on the streets, with no jobs and no way to feed their children, it will be a hell of a lot worse than a pandemic, which you can counter rather easily in comparison. Because America’s economy is a giant snowball, for the whole world, and once rolling, there is no stopping it.


  2. No.
    1930 was about unintended consequences of intended consequences.
    2020 is about just fucking America and MAGA as hard as possible.

    Trump and us Deplorable’s have to go. And they are willing to do whatever it takes.
    Not that it will succeed. Quite the contrary. Though it will last as long as they can artificially weaponize the panic and lies.
    We are extremely resilient people, this fake boogeyman is a fart in the mitten in the larger scheme of things. It is only in the figment of a plurality of minds it is panic worthy disaster SHTF mass fraud that gives it any juice.
    The rest who do not and never loose their nerve, well we are not much changed but for our perseverance gets that much more anti-fragile. That is as it should be. Real men don’t panic, we get even more cold angrier. Observe. Prepare themselves.

    Who here honestly thought the scumbags where just going to roll over and play dead because MAGA?
    If you did think the scumbags would take their ball of corruption and go away, (no cooties on anyone for hoping, but ignoring well you get what you sow), you aren’t paying any attention to history and the circular path thru time of the dirt nap for ignoring what is patently obvious, but “new” to every generations, even the next fake news cycle.
    Robert Heinlein: “Stupidity is a crime and the sentence is always death.”

    Talking trillions in dollars beyond our comprehension at stake here. Trillions up for grabs. It’s the golden ring of real politik.
    What else would this war be fought over?
    America IS where the money is. There has been and is no wealth in all of history like America. It should be obvious this is all only a segment of a war gone on since the 1700’s, right here in the good ol USA.
    At it’s core, the conflict has boiled down to the two essential things, everything else is a fucking joke, a side show. It’s all about guns and following the money. The answers are self obvious.

    Hard love is coming. It was already in the works. Or rather in the hearts & minds of the dirt people. Our primal genetic radar has been telling us it’s coming for just about ever. Some allways knew and could express it, most ignored it more or less, still some refuse and will refuse to the last moment of life to acknowledge it. Thats OK too, you have to do house cleaning every so many generations because the lazy and crazy get to be too many and drag the rest down.

    You know, I know, everyone with out cognitive dissonance brain disease understands, even if it can’t be articulated, down in their primal brain creative destruction is not only required but will happen. Lot of bad shit is going to happen to good people. But that is as it should be. This is when people become manifest.
    The ruthless scumbags behind this do not understand how mean good folks get when you fuck with their codes.
    Thats what BFYTW is.

    You don’t have enough ammo.


  3. How about this: Old people homes have 50% annual turnover normally?

    6,7,8,9 billion people in the world, you have 110 people die every minute world wide +/-.
    Since Nov 19, 2019, that’s 20,000,000.+/- world wide.
    The % that is truly Covid without other factors is minor.
    Is this bad? You bet.
    There is a reason the Asians wore masks already for the previous what, 10, 20 years? Not a healthy environment in their cities.
    In the cattle world, you can pack them into a barn. But for it not to crash, you have to have excellent airflow, feedstuffs, exercise, comfortable bedding. Take an average ration, you’ll get average result. Now try to save 10 cents and expect to get More? Does not follow that it will work.
    A picture of a rack of bones animal. Is she in positive or negative energy balance? You can not answer unless you see what she looked like yesterday. Or know that she’s eating (enough) to look better tomorrow.
    Same goes for all the” Look! More positive tests!” It’s never followed with “All these positive people went to the hospital. A large portion of them just need to self quarantine, not that they are going to the hospital.

    Is “locking” people up in their homes, watching bad news, going to make it worse than allowing society to carry on with distancing?
    Definitely. Because now they are cooped up with either A) too much food they surge bought, or B) not enough food because A got it, or they can no longer afford it because the paycheck is short.
    It sounds like peak exposure is behind us from what they have gleaned from the various instances of cruise ships, known flights, clusters being examined & actual transfer to the next person.
    “But more cases!” you say. Yes. And as many have already said There is not a known denominator for all the untested people.
    Why LA? Maybe people are staying in their air conditioned houses incubating instead of being out in the sun.
    Just some thoughts.
    Worth exactly what you paid for them.

    Thanks for your blog, Phil.


  4. I’m in SW Florida, every day they have something new for your ass, I still don’t know anyone who has this shit, nor do I know anyone who knows anyone who has this shit and I really don’t know anyone who knows anyone who knows anyone who has this shit. The only thing I do know is the Media are a bunch of fucking douche bag liars who have an agenda to try and fuck Trump.
    Ain’t going to happen he’s two jumps in front of them at every turn.


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