I Didn’t Have To Change Anything


I have been waiting for the Housing Bubble to pop for 5 years.

The price of the average house around here got all the way up to retarded, $300+ thousand and it didn’t matter if it was new or built in 1942.

I think it just cratered but it’s going to take a while for that to catch up, people are still trying to get top dollar in some cases but I have already seen the prices start to head back down.


The car industry on the other hand, is going to get completely fucked.

I saw a piece yesterday saying that just like the oil tankers, they have car transports lined up out in the ocean because every square inch of the real estate they use for storage is already full.

The absolute bottom is going to fall out of the used car market too.

It’s just a matter of time. There is a glut of them on the market right now.

I have been looking around for a beater pickup but have basically given up on trying to find anything from the 60’s and even the 70’s around here.

It is flat out ridiculous.

A thrashed out beat up “Project” truck starts at $2500 and something that just runs and drives starts at $5K , then goes through the roof from there.

They are literally asking anywhere from $15 to $25 thousand dollars for a straight pickup that runs. I’m not talking flashy Hot Rod here either, just something I could have picked up for a grand ten years ago.


So I am leaning towards an older Ford Ranger or something along those lines.

Something with a 4 banger and a 5 speed. I don’t need or want a bunch of horsepower, just something to haul shit in that gets decent gas mileage.

Even those types of little pickups are averaging $4K around here. You gotta get way out of the area before the prices start getting down to reality.

I do see the occasional deal but everyone of them has problems I don’t want to mess with.

Something will come along, I am in no hurry and you will undoubtedly have yet another reason to poke fun at me in the not too distant future.

Patience Grasshoppers.

28 thoughts on “I Didn’t Have To Change Anything

  1. That is the tradeoff for living in states with no income tax. They all have higher
    sales and real estate taxes. It is worse in blue states because a modest
    suburban home can be appraised by the government on an annual basis
    making that home value as much as a McMansion in most states. Do the
    citizens of the Peoples Republic of Washington state have the right to hire
    a private appraiser?

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    • OH HELL NO!
      You can contest the appraisal but other than that they tell you what they think it’s worth and you pay. It’s fucking ridiculous what the appraisals are sometimes.
      My Mom’s place is appraised at 380K.
      I bet she’d love to be able to get that much for it.


      • There go my lottery fantasy plans. Alaska is too fucking cold and
        Nevada is too fucking hot. I was thinking of Grays Harbor WA.

        Maybe this is also the reason for the inflated vehicle values up
        there. If you buy a car or truck in another state, you get your
        ass reamed by use taxes. And if the state is setting the values,
        you cannot get a jar of Vaseline to ease the pain!

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        • Oh cars are the worst!
          They make you pay the SALES TAX on what THEY CLAIM the value of the vehicle is!
          I have gone ROUND AND ROUND with these motherfuckers over that shit before. Buy a beater rig for a couple hundred bucks, go to get a new title and license and they pull some RIDICULOUS value out of their ass and try to ream you by making you pay based on that.

          I have literally told multiple DMV assholes to step outside, take a look at what I am trying to license and then tell me it’s worth thousands of dollars,
          Get yer fuckin’ checkbook out and buy it from me if you think it’s worth that much.
          Shut’s ’em down every time but just think of how many fucking idiots they fleece with that tactic every year who either ain’t smart enough to call ’em on their bullshit or don’t have the fucking balls.


          • BTW, the local sales tax around here is 8.3%.
            Try licensing a $50,000 truck you just bought in another state.
            See if you don’t want to murder a motherfucker.


  2. Out here the vehicle tax on out-of-state vehicles is based on the MSRP of a base model, and it depreciates yearly.

    Cost me $77 to license my Jeep here. Would have cost $300 in Kommiefornia.


  3. 5-speed manual in the Ranger……..they were a Cash Cow when I ran a transmission shop!

    Those LOVE to leak fluid out the top cover, when the rubber plugs in the ends of the shift rail bores dry out and fall out.

    Soon there is no fluid and you have 4th gear and nothing else because the input gear teeth have ended up in the bottom of the case along with about a handful of gear oil sludge.

    Check the fluid level often !!

    Oh, and good luck if you ever have to bleed the clutch hydraulics………

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  4. Phil, sounds like you must be INW/Spokane area. I’m to the east across the border.
    Regarding our local real estate markets, while one would think the Wuhan Flu would kill real estate in general nation-wide the age old claim of “location, location, location” still holds true. As you’re aware we’ve been bombarded for the past 30 years by those looking to escape the big West Coast metro areas. Once the CV dust settles, I have a hunch demand here locally will only increase. Partisan politics have been bad enough for the past 3+ years. Those conservatives who have been on the fence about relocating are going to jump at the chance to get the hell out of Dodge (Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, etc.), especially after being held hostage by their mini-dictators during the CV shutdowns.

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    • I’m in Vancouver, just across the river from Portlandistan.
      I would give my right nut to be able to get the fuck out of this entire area but can’t because of the wife and autistic son having to be near and under the state centers of control.
      I dream of not being able to see my closest neighbors.


  5. I read about a guy that recently sold a Bronco for $1000. 🙂

    Anything less than 200K miles that is running and not a rust bucket starts at $4k around here. I have an 04 regular cab Ranger that I will drive until it dies. It has 135k on the clock and I expect another 100k.

    I have a neighbor that just bought an early 90’s F250 Camper Special with a slide in camper for $7k. He junked the camper and has a LWB regular cab F250 with a 460 with just under 100K miles. This was an exceptional deal as the truck by itself would have gone for over $10 in our market.

    Good luck with the quest.


    • T, I have a 2000 Chevy C3500 standard cab, long box with no rust (Even living in South Frikken Dakota) and 263,000 miles on it and I was being offered $6000 to $7000 for it in SDakota! Here in Idaho I was offered $10,000 when I went to Lewiston two weeks ago… how odd is that! I baby and take care of it and it shows. I won’t get rid of it, I plan on a engine and tranny rebuild soon and will drive it until I puke.


  6. Before moving to floriduh…always drove pre 73 trucks. That was easy to do in Idaho back in the pre 20000. Time frame. Not so much now.
    Bought a Toyota Tacoma for the old lady in 2000 , four banger Automatic. It is still going strong at nearly 200k .
    Was so impressed with that lil truck , that I found a 92 Toyota mini truck. Which had spent its entire life being towed behind a motorhome. It was in so good of condition that it actually is much better than my wife’s newer one.
    Firm believer now in Toyota…mini trucks anyway.


  7. 6 months ago I checked the value of my 2005 S-Type Jag. It was around $7k for a 42,000 mile example. I was trying to decide if dumping $1600 into it for new tires and getting the fuel pump put in was worth it ( already had the $900 fuel pump). Checked last night between $1200 and $3300. Fell by half so the used market has spoken. Don’t get a pickup, get a body on frame SUV (GMC Envoy/Trailblazer with the straight six) I put 160k on one before getting a new F150, made a mistake on that.

    Spin Drift


  8. How is this not a fucking Catch 22 situation? You go into a Goodwill store and
    you are not taxed because it was already taxed at the point of sale and the store
    is a recognized charity. When my longtime friend and coworker died his daughter’s
    dumped the near new HD FSXT on a freeway after a rear tire blowout. The hocked
    the bike to a loan company. On the eve of forfeiture, I scraped seven grand to
    rescue the bike. Four k to rescue the bike and three for the daughter.

    I paid 7 hundred fucking dollars in taxes to the state of Marxifornia for a scooter
    that was taxed at the original point of sale!

    Maybe Goodwill should consider selling motor vehicles at their stores.

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    • I’d say. It has the same chrome grille I had in my 61 Unibody short bed. Those are hard to find.
      That oughtta keep ya out of the taverns for quite a while putting that thing back together.


      • It came with an extra cab and front clip. I have a f250 cab from 1964 that Ipicked up about 1976 that we used for a deer blind for many years. the 62 is 4×4 as well and 4 on the floor. Also came with 312 t bird y block engine.

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        • That’s better. I was thinking you paid quite a bit for what I was seeing.
          4X4 is good and the 312 is even better. You still have quite a project there but if you have extra cabs that still have the goodies on the dash you might be in decent shape. I remember even when I had mine back in the 90’s a lot of that kind of stuff was getting hard to find.
          That reminds me.
          I still have the official Ford Motor Co, Parts books for those early 60’s model trucks.
          I bought them while I was still working at the dealership, they weren’t available to the public and they offered them to the Ford employees because they were going to quit printing them. Paid like a hundred and forty’ dollars for them back in ’98 or so because I had that ’61 I was always trying to find parts for.


          • My dad bought a new 64 ford short bed in November 63. We still have it but needs restore. Now belongs to one of my brothers who would not part with it, so I bought the 62.Yeah I thought the 1200$ was okay for the amount of stuff I was getting. He wanted 1800$ and took the offer I made. Now comes the work!


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