It’s Kind Of Like Playing 3-D Tetris

But there IS progress!




A week ago I couldn’t see one square inch of empty shelf space down that entire side of the garage.

I also would have had to dig through and move a bunch of shit just to get to it.

There were boards and sheet metal stacked up in front of the bench all the way down and God Forbid I needed to find a screw or a bolt for something. Those yellow stackable organizers were scattered all over the garage.

By the way, those are actually stacked two deep half way down so there are more there than you think, not to mention the old plastic tray in the metal box style organizers like the ones in the middle picture that are pushed all the way up to the wall behind them.

There are still more of those I need to find a better home for. Plus if you look below the Drop Light in the first picture you will see a Turkey Roaster that is completely full of nuts and bolts that still have to be sorted through.

I still have a LONG way to go but it gives me hope and a bit more enthusiasm to see things finally getting in some semblance of order.

We won’t talk about the rest of the garage yet…

16 thoughts on “It’s Kind Of Like Playing 3-D Tetris

    • A little here, a little there buddy.
      I see a couple more runs to the dump in my future.
      It would be nice if I could get there and back without bringing something else home with me for once…


      • Damn son, I can see bench, I can see floor! Ya did good! Now, for going to the dump, place a flex cuff over your wrists, have the nice, over paid, under worked attendant tighten until your hands grow numb and white then dump your load, by then you won’t be scrounging…

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  1. Maybe your snapshots just haven’t caught it yet, but I haven’t seen one essential piece of shop equipment: the pin up girl calendar. Ideally, a “girls with guns” calendar like G.Gordon Liddy used to publish.
    The progress is wonderful, but resign yourself to the idea that it never will look all neat and clean like a magazine picture. That’s because yours is a real shop, where real jobs get done, and not some anal soyboys garage where real work is never done.

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  2. My Roll Away inner lid was covered with little pocket sized pin up calendars they used to give away back in the day.
    My fucking boss used to walk by and rip them down. I would use RTV gasket maker and put them back up. It was a constant battle because Sexual Harassment bullshit. I still have several but they are small and from back in the 90’s.
    I also have one Snap On girly clock left up on the wall in the corner.
    You are right though, I need to see if anyone still makes decent pin up calendars.


  3. Congrats on creating order out of chaos, and welcome to the “garage tetris” club.

    The problem with it, though, is that unless you have a massive and detailed computer system like Amazon’s to handle the “random location” workload, the tetris solution of “putting stuff where it fits” quickly leads to similar stuff being located in different places, as in “I’ve got 10 organizers with small parts but where the @&$% did I put that one organizer with all the nuts (or washers or bolts or spring clips, etc.) ?”

    Good organization requires space, just like combat loading takes more room than rear echelon shipment loading, and that’s really what one does with well organized active workspaces – combat loads them because when you need something you need it now.


  4. Haha….you have four angle grinders because:

    You needed one, thought you already had one, couldn’t find it.

    Went and bought one, did the 5 min job, then stashed it securely away….right next to the one you already had. And the twelve pack of discs that were discounted that time.

    Six weeks later, another job needing a 4.5in Angle Grinder Right Forking Now (probably something involving a Ford product). Can’t find them, so heigh ho heigh ho, off to the shop we go, they’re on special doncha know.

    Some time later, it happens again; just a day before you find one for 5 bucks used once at a yard sale, with that funky attachment doohickey. The gentleman does not mention he is selling it because it is one of seven from his collection, just get it out of here before the missus finishes selling one of her mixers to the hurried lass from Nr 24, whose husband is at the shop buying a drill because he needs a hole Right Forking Now (he has a Hyundai…if it were a Ford, at least it would have provided its own hole by now). He will require a grinder in two weeks, but they’re out of stock.

    Got to go now and dust my collection of soldering irons. Sucker!

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    • Your theory is plausible but incorrect. I have four angle grinders because they go on sale for ten bucks once in a while and it allows me to put a different disc on each one to do a particular task. One has a cut off wheel, one has a flap disc and one has a regular grinding disc. Instead of having to fuck around finding and changing grinding discs, I just grab the one I need to do a particular task. It’s way faster to get things done. The fourth one also has a cut off wheel on it but it also has an attachment used to put it up against a clamp to use as a guide to make long cuts in sheet metal.
      I may even get a fifth one and adapt it to make a small hand held belt grinder…..

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      • That’s no fun. A colleague does the same thing. I have a collection of grinder parts from all the ones he’s killed over the years and asked me to fix. Success ratio stable at 35%. The truly dead ones provide spare parts, or at the least the gearboxes which come in handy for other projects. In my defense, I’m upgrading my soldering irons. Can I interest anyone in a few?


  5. Well crap! Apparently no one makes pin up calendars in the tool world any more.
    Frigging feminazis appear to have reached every boardroom.

    Going to have to search for Japanese calendars, they are not yet PC in the least.


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