3 thoughts on “The Moment You Realize You Forgot The Towel

  1. I rescued a semi-feral Tomcitten from a paper about six years ago. I have not
    washed his mangy ass because I like my blood right where it is, in my veins!
    The little prick goes apeshit if I pick him up. Cats are fastidious about grooming.
    When they stop grooming themselves, it is a sign that something is wrong with


    • 1) wrap the cat in a towel
      2) apply a critter collar on them (the “radar dish” kind)
      3) carefully unwrap the cat, hogtie the legs using duct tape.
      4) CAREFULLY wash the cat in room temp water in the bathtub, do not get any water on the cat’s face.
      5) apply flea & tick powder as needed.

      I’ve had to use this method twice in my life. Minimum damage to myself OR the cat.


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