Laughing In The Face Of Danger Again

If it was good enough for the generation before me, it’s good enough for me.


This was in part of the haul I got from the grumpy old bastard across the street a couple of years ago when I picked up the old Post Drills and shit from him.

It’s been laying around ever since.

I gave my new Harbor Freight 8 inch Bench Grinder to my kid a while ago because the thing was a gutless piece of shit and haven’t had a wire wheel ever since.

I picked up a brand new SKIL 6 inch bench grinder from a buddy I used to work with and it works great but I decided not to put a wire wheel on it. I’ll just use this instead for now when I need one.

I had to put a new cord on the motor because the old one was rotten and had no plug on it. A new 25 foot Harbor Freight extension cord cut off  to about six feet worked out nice. The thing cracked me up when I went to test it, I plugged it in and unplugged it real quick to see if it would even work without blowing a circuit breaker and was pleasantly surprised when it took right off.

It stopped, I plugged it back in and it started spinning the other way!

The capacitor must be bad in it, sometimes it will just sit there and hum until you give it a bit of a spin and then it takes off. I’m just going to leave it alone for the moment. Let it surprise me and see which way it turns.

Because it is hanging out with no guard it doesn’t matter.

I’m thinking about drilling some holes in the end of the bench to fit these old motors, I have a few of them.

Then grabs some long bolts and some wing nuts.

Slap one on the bench, stick the bolts in and tighten up the wing nuts underneath. When I need the space or want to put something else on there just take the wing nuts off and pull the bolts.

Then l will probably want to dig out my First Aid kit just for good measure and keep it handy.




8 thoughts on “Laughing In The Face Of Danger Again

  1. In my work bench I drilled four holes to mount various tools. I then cut chunks of deck plank, (5/4 x 6) and drilled four holes in each of them to match the hole pattern in the work bench. On to each of these planks I bolted my grinder, drill press, and bench vice. So now I can use the same holes in the work bench for each different tool by bolting the planks down to the bench. I just can’t use any two at the same time. It’s worked so far.


  2. I have an early 70’s wire wheel/grinder combo. It is a Sears special with a 1/3 hp motor spinning a 6″ stone and wire brush. It is easily bogged down so it only gets used for knocking the crud off the threads of bolts. The grinding wheel is useless.

    I have a 2 HP in the back of the shop that was made out of an old table saw motor that is a lot like yours. It gets the job done whether the wire wheel, grinding rock, or polishing cotton wheel is on it. I turned a $250 Beretta 92s into a polished aluminum pimp gun (I had the slide chromed for $80) that I flipped for $500 two years ago. Paint and shiny stuff sells for more $$.


  3. Nice. I snagged a Dayton bench grinder out one of the 30 yd. roll offs at the transfer station a couple of years ago. Apparently the switch was bad and whoever had it just tossed it. I straight wired it and it works perfectly fine. I still haven’t gotten around to just ordering a new switch for it.


  4. Get a bolt on Class III trailer hitch mount, like the kind that mounts under a step bumper. Then buy a length of 2″ box tubing. Cut the tubing to length, weld a plate to it, drill a cross pin hole,and mount your grinder. Mount the receiver under your bench, and slide the tube mounted grinder in when you want to use it. It doesn’t waste bench space when not in use, and you can use the left over tubing to mount other items.

    Whitehall, NY

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  5. I actually thought about doing that, I saw someone on Youtube doing it once.
    The problem is that it’s a smallish wooden bench with an 1/8th in piece of steel on top, screwed down to some moving dollies. Not exactly real sturdy.
    I have been keeping an eye out for a small welding bench I can put wheels on. Then I might do something like that.


  6. Phil – yes, replace the capacitor, it is bad. Good call.
    There are actually two types of split-phase capacitor-start moptors, one type has a centrifugal switch that shuts off the capacitor after the motor has come up to speed, the other type (fractional horsepower motors) just use the back EMF to “disable” the capacitor after startup. I won’t go into the details, it’s not necessary. Just look for the centrifugal switch, it’ll be on one end of the shaft. It might be bad as well…


    • I can hear the centrifugal switch clicking and it is working, it’s the capacitor not giving that extra half phase to get it rotating. I’ll fix it….. one of these days.


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