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    • I was never in the service, they wouldn’t take me when I tried to enlist.
      The most I can say is that I have been a small sliver in the finger of the Deep State and a subversive little motherfucker for decades now.

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  1. I got rejected from enlisting once when I told them I wanted to go to Iraq and kill every living thing crawling, walking or flying. Just point me in the right direction and get the fuck out of my way.
    Other than that, I did work military subcontract on laser target designators for the F-15, F-16 and on some Warthogs…at least a little skin in the game. We had a couple of Marines guarding the entrance and I was packin’ in my car just praying some goat-fucker would get froggy.
    Hope to God we continue seeing her fly under non-socialist rule for many years to come.


  2. Thank you.I didn’t finish the last post. Thanks you for your recognition. I went to Washington park to the Vietnam Memorial this morning then to Wilsonville to the Korean War Memorial (lost two uncles in that bullshit war, whom I never got to meet). We got a nice flyover by a private group of pilots, and a rousing sermon.


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