18 thoughts on “VERY COOL! A Tiny Line Shaft, Belt Driven Machine Shop Replica That Runs On Compressed Air!

  1. That is freakin’ cool! The accuracy and detail is outstanding! What an artist, only way to desribe him. One thought if that was a modern machine shop running today with the same set up, OSHA, (spit) would have an infarct erection! They would close that shop in a new york minute. That is what our fathers and grand fathers worked and they were respectful of the tools.


      • I was watching them and had to grab my coffee cup cuz’ I was drooling, I had a chubbie watching those machines! Phil, we were born a 125 years too late, we would have been steam punk tool nerds.


  2. I saw that in person (or something a lot like it) at the NAMES show in ’08. (North American Model Engineering Society – one of the two biggest annual shows) Fantastic!

    At the other big show, Cabin Fever, in ’15, I saw something like it. I thought it was that one but you can see by my short video that it’s very different than the video you posted.

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  3. Amish workshops have a honda engine outside running a driveshaft into the shop. The drive shaft is belted to jackshafts which are belted to woodworking tools.

    Rube goldbergy, but their religious beliefs are observed and they can make. bunch of chairs with power tools


    • They also use air tools run off of a steam engine or a diesel engine running a compressor. As long it ain’t connected to ‘licktricity…


  4. All but the latest paper machines still operate with steam-driven lineshafts.
    There are at least 1 half dozen sections that have to be synchronized and
    maintain tension in all of them. Process control computers coupled with
    large DC synchronous motors can now do the job without lineshafts. About
    90 percent of paper mills are still operating using 19th-century technology.


    • As long as they put the proper tension on my toilet paper! I don’t care if they use 18th tech. Why screw with something that works, is fairly economical to run and maintain. the old ways are some times better then what is pushed on us. I know I am a Luddite.


      • Most paper mills cannot produce shit-paper. Pulp and recycling
        mills use about 80 steam-heated dryer rolls. Tissue and toilet
        paper mills have a gargantuan superheated roll to puff up and
        soften the product. If you are short of TP at home, consider
        buying the ghostwritten biographies of Ubangi and Hitlery. They
        are practically giving them away on eBay and Amazon!


        • Man, you have a mean streak in ya Mr. Leonard Jones… making my bung hole read the lies and falsehoods of those two criminals.


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