7 thoughts on “I’d Swear I Have Worked With That Guy Before, More Than Once

  1. Before I read the caption I looked at the pic. First thing I thought was Joe Biden. Maybe I’m racist and downgrading Neanderthals.


  2. Knew a guy, professional roofer, who would sit and watch me read a book. Not ask me to read it to him, just watch me read it. Like I was doing magic or something.

    His eyebrow was a tad larger than the recreation above.

    Guy was fantastic with hand tools, but some power tools were way past his ability to understand. Anything past “Turn it on” was quantum physics to him.

    Went snow skiing when drunk. They found him the following spring. Apparently he fell into a hole and just stayed there. Didn’t help that he was about 5′ tall. A feisty, ropy, bundle of energy, but short. Wide, ropy, powerful arms that hung down to his knees, could have gotten a job with minimal makeup as a gorilla on a movie set.


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