Rest In Peace Ol’ Remus

Damn, we just lost a National Treasure.


This whole year has sucked mightily but this is just horrible news.

Ol’ Remuswas without question one of the smartest yet humble and down to Earth human beings that I have ever had the pleasure of corresponding with and that makes it hurt just that much more.

The knowledge that he took with him is priceless beyond measure and is now lost to the world.

Old School Appalachian style with an intellect that would embarrass most P.H.D’s these days.

I used to sit slack jawed at his knowledge of Particle Physics and Astronomy.

He would slip some of that into his weekly article round ups but you really had to be paying attention and be able to read what he wouldn’t say out loud whilst reading what he would.

The thing is, he never stopped learning and searching for the latest news and discoveries.

I am going to miss that man so much it is impossible to articulate.

Unfortunately he didn’t trust the modern internet very much and didn’t archive his articles so some truly are lost forever.

I did see over at Brock’s place the other day that someone is actually trying to dig through the internet and find any scraps of his work that can be found via other sites that linked to his work, besides what was still available on his site at the very end.

Cancer sucks. That is what got him, three weeks after he was diagnosed.

That tells me he knew he was in bad shape for a long time prior and was the kind of man that knew he had a good run and his time was getting short so instead of trying to fight it, he just kept doing what he could until he flat couldn’t do it anymore.

His wife had passed away not too long ago and I can only imagine that she must have been another source of wisdom that is now lost to the world and a force to be reckoned with in her own right intellectually.

I am so saddened by his loss it is hard to put into words.

Mr. Remus Marsilvia  19?-2020

Rest In Peace sir and God Speed.


Btw, this is the picture he used as an Avatar and is not actually him. He said it did look almost just like him and that is why he used it.

31 thoughts on “Rest In Peace Ol’ Remus

  1. Phil, I used to suss out Woodpile Report until I was too crook to use a PC. Remus was an American living national treasure. Really too bad.


  2. Damn , kept hoping but kinda figured that was the reason for him not putting up a new post…
    All my favorite blogs seem to being going extinct.


  3. I tried to send Ole Remus some money last year just because I have profited so much from his writings over the years . He wrote back that he was comfortable and lacked for nothing and thank you but no . A great and honorable man has left us . I have prayed for him many times and I hope he found salvation .


  4. I was afraid this might be the case when there have been no updates to the Woodpile Report for the last month. So sad.

    I have been archiving the Woodpile Report for a long time in Evernote premium. Evernote is pretty good about storing a web page but absolutely horrible about retrieval. It reports 366 “notes” with “Remus” in my storehouse but takes forever to display any particular note and won’t easily let me select all to move into a new, consolidated notebook for distribution…

    Perhaps some guru can give me some Evernote pointers.


    • I also have been backing up Woodpile Report. I found a very easy method that works for me is to open a page using the Brave browser and then simply printing to file. I get a good PDF copy.


      • If there is any chance an archive of sorts could be put together and posted, I would be happy to assist. Many would respond.


  5. RIP, Remus, you will be missed.

    Here’s a snippet from a few years ago.


    Remus’s notebook for 6 November 2015

    People love to go on and on about the ruder, baser senses, as though their ancient status connotes some sort of wisdom, or primacy above the more refined senses. I’m sure we’ve lost our ability to smell Wooly Mammoths a mile away. I do not regret the diminution of this faculty.



  6. One of the best parts of my Ol’Retired Guy Tuesday mornings, was reading Ol’Remus’s latest thoughts and commentary, while enjoying my first cuppa cafeine….Damn but I’m gonna miss that guy!…We should all be so lucky as to have folks feel the same about us when we pass ya know?

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  7. I just heard about this myself.
    I’m as depressed and floored by the news as anyone, and if he was half the gentleman in person he was online, I cannot imagine anyone who wouldn’t be proud just to say they knew him.

    All that leaves for 2020 is the return of predatory pterodactyls, the eruption of the Yellowstone Caldera, and space aliens landing on the White House Lawn to tell us about the impending collision of Earth with SMOD, to properly complete this year in a befitting manner. But we can, at least, relate to how Pharoah felt about the Ten Plagues, long about the time they were up to #6 or #7.

    And if anyone out there is saying anything like “This year can’t possibly get any worse…!”, I ask ever so kindly that they stop tempting Fate, and instead STFU. It’s quite awful enough now without even breaking a sweat, and the hits just keep on coming.


  8. Getting so old there’s nothing left but dry bones and dead friends. Nothing for a Tuesday morning anymore. I will miss my unknown teacher so much.


  9. I sent him a few emails and he always responded in a timely way. i was flattered he spent the time to send me a response. I began “internetting” on Monday night just to get the jump on Tuesdays when his new column was sent out.

    RIP sir – you will be sorely missed. I hope you and your relations and friends have an awesome reunion.


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