ANTIFA Is Boiling The Frog In And Around Portland

They work in teams, they try new tactics, review their successes and failures and are adapting their strategy on the fly.

I was watching the protests last night as they worked from 82nd Ave and Stark St in NE Portland and worked their way down to 122nd and Washington, one block South of Start St..

Stark and Washington are both One Way streets. I used to live on 84th St one block North of Stark and there is a Union 76 Gas station on the SE corner at 122nd and Washington that I used to work at. I know that area well.

The Portland Police were all over it last night and chased them up and down the streets and in and out of a big shopping mall parking lot just East of that gas station, Mall 205. The protesters were breaking glass and painting graffiti on residential homes and blocking traffic again.

You see, there are two kinds of ANTIFA, the useful idiots you see on the television making a nuisance of themselves with the protests and things and the ANTIFA that comes out to play late at night after the first bunch goes home to their Mommies basement. This second group are the dangerous ones and they are ratcheting up their game plays every night.


Now they have graduated to throwing Caltrops in the roads to target police vehicles.


Boiling that frog people.

20 thoughts on “ANTIFA Is Boiling The Frog In And Around Portland

  1. They’re all useless idiots, nothing useful about any of them. After attacking the elderly lady last night there needs to be some skull cracking going on.


      • Those two “hero peaceful protestors” that were feted by CONgress yesterday, testifying they were “abducted and held against their will in an unmarked van” should have been returned to their AO after they’d been beaten with rubber hoses.

        Actually what should have happened is, on the first instance of looting being witnessed, all those with loot or causing property destruction or arson should have shot dead. We’ve put up with too much for too long. It will never end until someone stands up and says ENOUGH.


        • There’s an argument to be made for returning captured antifa not with bruises, but OD’d on fentanyl.God knows there’s plenty of the stuff around, and it’s excellent plausible deniability.

          “You say no one’s seen Chandler and Hunter for three days? Very mysterious, maybe you should go look for them!”
          “Who knew they were doing that stuff? I’m shocked, shocked by their tragic deaths. What a terrible loss.” 😦


  2. Maybe the cops need dedicated vehicles with run-flat tyres? I think Pirelli and Dunlop make some such tyres that can handle speed too, if not too badly holed.


      • Leonard, a truckie demanded his money back after a full new refit on all his wheels, from the manager of the tyre dealers. The boss wanted to know what was wrong with the tyres, so near brand new? The truckie says “They’re all bloody blondes, that’s what!” That stumped the tyre bloke, he didn’t understand. So the truckie explains, “Blondes, you know, they keep going down on me!”


  3. These fish come in schools, they take any bait.
    If dropped in the proper bowl…

    Afew fisherman could fill a construction dumpster with the sardines


  4. That’s why I said we should turn Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys lose on
    these Incel soy boys! Here is one of my favorite Youtube videos. You
    will spot Tiny from the Proud Boys at work. He specialized in one punch


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