Remember Those Old Metal Coffee Cans That Were In Everyone’s Garage Back In The Day?

This is what they were for.



Ya threw all of your mixed up crap in them, stuffed them under the bench or on a shelf for emergencies and then went down and bought new shit just for the project you were working on at the time.

I swear I want to say I saw some brand of coffee within the last six months that was in a metal can instead of those plastic tubs it all comes in now.

Otherwise the only way you can find them is at garage and estate sales.

I picked up two a couple months ago.

I am holding on to those bastards like they are gold bars too.

For the other reason they were handy.

Cleaning small parts in gasoline.


17 thoughts on “Remember Those Old Metal Coffee Cans That Were In Everyone’s Garage Back In The Day?

  1. I still have a dozen or so of the metal cans, and the plastic lids that keep the contents dry. The plastic tubs I use for paint buckets for small jobs and then toss the whole mess when I’m done. And yes, I do notice that the plastic coffee tubs get shorter every year.


  2. I have a basement full of #10 cans, for food storage, I have FOUR cans full of *rare* Vacuum tubes – they all work, I even have two 1939 Signal Corps to test ’em with! I’m an old electronics parts hoarder, I guess.

    So, my supply is not infinite, but rather large. Guess I’m lucky in that respect.


  3. Stephen Harper was not a ‘smug’ bastard. He was a self assured Prime Minister who would be a preferred Canadian leader in these times.


  4. Lowe’s sells new paint cans in several sizes if you need a gasoline cleaning vat. (You can always use you crayons to draw the Hills Brothers man on the side for nostalgia.)


  5. Pretty sure it’s an unwritten rule that you’re not much of a man if you don’t have several jars/cans/tubs filled with odd screws, nuts, bolts, and various fasteners.


  6. Well hell, you’re shopping at the wrong store. The coffee I buy still comes in cans, I buy the cheap shit, cause coffees coffee and once you put creamer in it cause most all of it is to acidic and bitter, it’s hard to tell the diff anyway. I’ve found over the years that the more expensive the coffee, usually the worse it tastes. Like most of the starbucks shit, it’s over roasted. And believe it or not, the key to good coffee is actually the water you use, so when you got shit water you’re gonna end up with shit coffee. Wanna little coffee with your creamer there boys & grilz???


  7. I have About twelve of the 3 pound coffee cans and a couple of One pound ones as well. Found them in the corner of basement of my late fathers house. Thank god for depression era children the never throw anything away.


  8. One of the best images I saw of a well-organized garage involved glass jars with
    their metal lids screwed into the underside of shelves. it was well sorted by
    screw type and size, and contained a lot of electrical connectors and wire-
    nuts. I had no fucking idea how hard it is to grow high-end exotic chili peppers.
    Dumbfuck me bought a vacuum sealer and a shit ton of Mason Jars. I wanted
    to make hot sauces and salsas and vacuum seal dried peppers.

    You can look at the jars and know exactly what’s in them.


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