11 thoughts on “Wondering What Could Possibly Make This Year Worse?

  1. It is some type of exothermic reaction, but of what I am not sure. Whatever it is, would not want to be under it, that was hot steam coming off of it. Steam burns are some of the worse. Like being parboiled…


  2. A big version of what Miss America woman is running around the country doing at schools. When there were schools. It won her Miss Virginia, and it won her Miss America. Now, let’s see the clean up video, because that yard is trashed.


  3. After the cleanup hosing began I bet the neighbors loved all the red dye running on to their property when the water started running downhill.


  4. There is a type of 2 part insulation, used mostly around boats, mix one part with the other and it expands to somewhere around 5-10 times it’s original volume. Used to lock different items in place when there is no other option, access etc. Be careful of how much you use cause it can overpressure the space and ruin the whole shiteree. I used some one time that apparently was past shelf life to lock in a holding tank in restricted access space. Dint du nuffin but make a 2 part liquid mess, took 2 days and a couple gallons of acetone to clean up. Not a fun sperience….


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