Talk Amongst Yourselves, I Have To Work 12 Hours Again Today

I guess it’s that old Feast or Famine thing.

Laid off for four months, get called back for “Two Weeks” to help with a tear down and inspection then put it back together, I am basically working until I drop.

I’ll have just under 65 hours in this week after today and I’m tired before I get out the door this morning. This isn’t a show up to the office and kick back gig either. I am busting my homesick ass.

It is what it is so I am trying to make money while I can.

Obviously I don’t have a lot of time for blogging at the moment so just consider this a chance to shoot the shit while I am away. I do appreciate everyone that stops by and those who leave comments.

Maybe you guys can help keep me up with what’s going on in the world as I can check the comments while I’m on breaks.

21 thoughts on “Talk Amongst Yourselves, I Have To Work 12 Hours Again Today

        • egorr, I am quite capable of asking myself, thank you! I didn’t want or have any desire to know what it is. I spent seven years of my life that I will never get back to provide therapy and counseling to these decrepit, scums of life. All for naught! They like being twisted, perverted caricatures of humans. They are whores, whores of attention, whores of victim-hood and whores of drama. All of them need to be woodchipperized.


  1. I hope to be joining you soon, Phil!
    On Monday I get to call in and set up an appointment for an interview.
    Hopefully it’s all just a formality.


  2. I just turned 66 and that pic makes me wish I was 96. How do you get these people back in the “closet”? When I was 20 nobody but nobody would have dressed like this or it would insure a beatdown or worse. In my Idaho this kid would have been the recipient of the 3 S’s, Shoot, Shovel and Shutup.
    Remember: Don’t Ask Don’t Tell? This pic is the “gift that keeps on giving” from the Clintons.


  3. Look at it this way guys,
    School is about to open back up and this freak show will be in a government building instructing the next batch of lunatics on all the newest techniques on how to destroy a country. Oh, and don’t forget that we have the privilege of paying for all of it too.


    • I was wondering what working will do to his unemployment if he gets laid off again, will Phil have to reapply and go through all the BS paperwork again ?


      • The way it used to work in Washington, if you made any money in a week, you reported it and your unemployment was adjusted.
        Your claim would still be open, and if you didn’t report any income the following week, you’d get the unemployment.
        Been awhile since I drew unemployment from Washington, though.


  4. Phil’s bit about This isn’t a show up to the office and kick back gig either,” got
    me thinking about the concept of stress. I was a full-time restaurant cook at
    age 17. It was mentally, not physically stressful. If you are working on 30
    orders, that is hundreds of details to consider like when to turn that T-Bone
    steak so that it came out to order, when to start the fries, toast, etc. it was like
    having dozens of alarm clocks going off in my head every minute.

    When I became an industrial mechanic, it was all physical stress and obscenely
    insane hours. My personal best was a 24-hour stint between the small compressor
    division and an ARCO shutdown as a Millwright. my electrical skills came in handy
    with the small compressor division, but the Millwright work was all physical.

    A typical refinery shutdown was 7 twelve-hour days for a month. My overall
    best was one month where for the first week, I was split between the small
    compressor division and major Millwright project. The following three weeks
    were 84, 86, and 92 hours.

    This is a prescription for physical burnout and the most direct route to a physical
    breakdown in later years. When you are young dumb and full of cum, you will
    do anything. When you get older, you will realize it takes the motherfucker of
    all tolls. This is why I never went to the doctor. I was living with pain for
    more than a decade so to me, it was just another day in my life.

    Here is my point: For years, I have been advocating for the liberal arts educated
    snowflakes. If they flushed their worthless degrees down the toilet and entered
    a trade school or apprenticeship program, they could be making more money
    than their Marxist professors in four years instead of being Uber drivers or
    slinging lattes at Starbucks. I was wrong. If they stubbed their toe on the
    job, they would be filing for lifelong disability programs and still be living
    in their parent’s basements!


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