This Blows My Mind

It’s hard for me to comprehend this is real.

For one thing, this Blog is literally seen World Wide.

For another, almost 165,000 Page Views in one month.

It blew me away when I saw that.

There are many people I need to thank for that, starting with you, who is reading this right now.

Then there are all the links, the other Blogs that send me traffic and of course, my little group of regulars who swing by to pitch me shit.

It is truly humbling.

I would have to think that if my Old Man was still around that he would be impressed also, I can remember the look on his face when I told him I had hit a million Page Views about a year before he died. He had a hard time comprehending what I was talking about.

He would shit a brick if he saw this graphic though.

Not too shabby for a mouthy Old Geezer who to this day still doesn’t really know how to use a computer for anything other than surfing the web and making Blog posts.


24 thoughts on “This Blows My Mind

  1. I don’t think you can call most of us “little.” Now, if we could just color Australia pink, which would reflect certain someones on going character. Good for you Phil, glad we could add to your statistics and flip you shit at the same time…


  2. Phil, your site is so popular, but think how you could rule the ‘net if you took a pointer from Notwende and Irish, and posted pics of pretty redheaded chicks. They could be of said redheads holding on to grotty rusty old tools, so long as they aren’t Cederq or Deathray! B-)


  3. One in New Zealand (where the hell is that?) here.

    Red headed girls, is it? Go to the motherlode where the entire British Army has put its collective efforts to compiling a cornucopia of clunge, a feast of females and a plethora of pussy :

    Work backwards from that page.

    Or, for those of you that like the larger lady …

    No need to thank me. All part of the service.


  4. So Lofty, are you a Kiwi like Phil B, or in the Cook Is., or what? If you’re in NZ, do you blokes have to use translation software, so it goes into uN-Zid lingo? Went there on holiday once, good-looking chicks I must say, and about the only place an Aussie can afford to have fun.


    • Yus I am a Keewee, AJ. I was just munching on my feesh and chups thinking about wot you wrote..
      The chicks are great here mate, I know I married one 47 years ago.

      Come back over when this bullshit wooflu and border closing finally gets out of the way. Look me up for a real beer.


      • Yes Lofty, I don’t generally admit that Kiwis do anything well, but your boutique breweries are the duck’s guts! As for mainstream stuff, Speight’s Ale is pretty good, better than Steinlager.


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