25 thoughts on “Well Bless His Heart

  1. Just a shitty driver, who parleyed having his name in the news for a bigger paycheck with someone else. He will just rack up some driving with poor performances every race and like a washed up QB, blame it all on racism on the reason nobody will hire him.

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    • I am not a NASCRAP fan. The true test of a drivers skills are road
      courses like the Gran Prix, not just going around in circles. That
      said, I looked him up and discovered that he was a mediocre
      driver at best or to put in other words another affirmative action
      hire like Colon Kaeperdick. May they both enjoy their early retirement!

      The leftist media was heavily invested in trying to find black Quarter-
      backs and the “one” never materialized. There was an old joke:
      If you have ten black guys and one white guy, what do you call
      the white guy? The Quarterback. In the case of Wallace, if you
      have one black guy chasing a bunch of white guys, what do you
      call the black guy? Bubba Wallace.


  2. You hit it right on the head, Brian. He is done. No one is going to pick him up after this. His name is toxic among the fans of NASCAR – what few they have left. I wonder why he bailed at RPM? He had a locked in seat, due to fears of being labeled racists for releasing him.
    Maybe Lebron will form a wholly “diversified” team for him……..

    Whitehall, NY

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  3. Petty Enterprises had already bent the knee and offered this AA-hire a share of the company, in fealty to the Burn, Loot & Murder mob. I know King Richard was trying to “feed the crocodile”, hoping that it would all blow over and go away. What he fails to realize is, THE CROCODILE NEVER GOES AWAY. It may wander off for a while, looking for greener pastures dollars for a while, but it WILL return at some point in the future, asking for an even bigger meal of fresh cash and concessions.

    The only way to stop the crocodile is to cut off its head and put it on a pike for all the other would-be shakedown shysters to see.


  4. The Petty’s are probably thrilled that Bubba is quitting. They would have been damned by all if they didn’t renew his contract so they couldn’t fire him.

    Prediction: Petty racing will get the offspring of a past Nascar driver to be their next hope.

    BTW, I stopped watching when they released “the car of tomorrow”.


  5. My son is doing some analysis for a consultant group that is trying to help Texas Motor Speedway figure out what to do with the facility after NASCAR is over. Current trends in attendance and revenue say the last checkered flag will drop in the next 4 years. This started before COVID. Every NASCAR race for the last several years has been a net loss. It’s already dead. It will be interesting to see what, if anything, replaces it.


      • Got my vote. I’d love to see some open wheel racing. My Grandfathers first cousin was a guy named Al Miller who came in 6th in the ’34 Indy 500 in a Shafer Indy Car with a Buick Wildcat straight 8. No sponsor, Just open wheels and guts. By the way my Mom actually knew him and says he was a really nice man. Any of your well seasoned readers from Michigan might remember that car being up on the sign of his service station in Pinconning up into the early 70’s .


      • I read an interview with a cart driver who tried to run with the big dogs: He said it scared the shit out of him because at almost 200MPH, those guys make contact on purpose. They can’t do that in a supercharged go-cart and survive.

        Trading paint is a contact sport at very high speeds. On the highway a bumper tap will send you into the median, if you’re lucky. Stock car racers train for that and expect it all through every race. It’s part of the strategy. So it’s not just “go fast, turn left”; there’s a hell of a lot more to it.

        But fuck Bubba Smollett, because that’s why.


  6. Speaking of sports, here is the best soccer commentator ever!

    [video src="https://img.ifunny.co/videos/023518d998c47311caed713a067ce0ddce77026373d5423672cc32855b74b048_1.mp4" /]


  7. The halfrican will probably go to the chip gannasi target team . Every time he wrecks the car the negros get a free shopping day at target.


  8. NASCAR races used to be fun. We’d drive John’s beat-up old Winnebago out to the infields, party like Kennedys, get drunk as fuck for three days, fly Confederate Battle Flags, whoop it up and carry on like contestants for the Damn Fools Show. Then some ass hats decided there was money$$$ out there and it needed to be on prime time sports. And Oh, yeah: Those red-necked hillbillys aren’t a good camera view.

    Ban the flags, clean up the infields, make it Blue State family-friendly. The money people in NYC knew best. Now us red-necked hillbillys stay home and don’;t even watch on ESPN, (not part of my cable package). And guess what? They’re loosing money. Does nobody remember the old admonishment to dance only with the one what brung you?


  9. It was too expensive 20+ years ago when I quit going. I gave up watching and listening to MRN every weekend when they started building tracks all over the rest of the US and dumped booze and tobacco and rednecks. Get woke/Go broke.


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