Would You Like To See My Shocked Face?

Senate Democrats block GOP relief bill

You can click on the link to read the article but we all know it is just partisan politics at this point and the Democrats are going to shoot down any GOP plan no matter what it is and are attempting to hold the American people hostage by demanding their own bloated give away version as blackmail.

I’ll just cut to the chase here and give you the one quote from the article that has any real relevance,

Senators appear increasingly pessimistic that Congress will be able to get a deal until after the November election. 

In the mean time, just keep trying to survive while all these millionaire politicians play chicken with your future while looking to score virtue points from their other millionaire cohorts.

It has gone well past disgusting at this point.

5 thoughts on “Would You Like To See My Shocked Face?

  1. Democrats know they can NO and the R’s will keep coming back with more of what they want. Mitch just needs to walk away or start putting out a single issue per bill and force the D’s to explain why they are blocking relief.


  2. The Donks wanted about two trillion dollars to bail out states and cities that are
    on the verge of bankruptcy. Fuck them! They made their bed and they have to
    lie in it. The Democrats cannot lie their way out of this. They killed every relief
    bill after the first one because they need to bail out these fiscally irresponsible
    states and cities with taxpayer dollars. Fuck them twice and do not give them
    a dime of federal funds! Let them turn their big cities into ghost towns. I no
    longer give a shit.


  3. I don’t pay any attention to the yap from the dog-n-pony show that is Congress. I’ll only sit up and read about it when they send something to Trump to sign.


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