4 thoughts on “Biden Finally Draws A Decent Crowd!

  1. This is a replay of the 2016 election. Just like Hillary Klingon, Joe Biden cannot
    draw flies if he takes off his Depends. Biden’s rallies are drawing 5 or 6 people
    copying the Clinton tactic of holding town hall meetings where the only people in
    attendance were campaign staffers. There is no enthusiasm for Biden as there
    was no enthusiasm for Felonia von Pantsuit.

    There may be some good news in Virginia. Early voting in that state has people
    standing in line for hours to vote. P J O’Rourke covered the Philippine election
    that ousted Marcos. He believed that Marcos would win, and after seeing people
    walking ten or fifteen miles to go to a polling place, he surmised that they were
    not voting for the status quo!

    Keep up the good work COVID Nazis and Panty-fag/BLM sympathizing Democrats
    you are handing the election to Donald Trump.

    BREAKING NEWS: Ruth Buzzy Ginsberg just died. Add another constructionist
    judge to the Trump column! The only problem is the precedence that the GOP
    established when they refused to confirm a nominee during Ubangi’s second
    term. If the Senate Republicans have balls bigger than a Gerbel, they could
    ram through the appointment before years end and in the highly unlikely event
    that Alzheimer’s Joe wins, there will be a check against his leftist agenda!


  2. I saw the news clip of Biden getting off an airplane, pointing and waving at the crowd. Then the camera panned over to show one secret service guy standing with his back to the plane. Camera operator probably got fired for showing truth that there was no crowd.


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