Breaking News: Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Goes Tits Up

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies

BY JOHN KRUZEL – 09/18/20 07:34 PM EDT 493

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Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies

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Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the liberal leader of the Supreme Court and a trailblazing champion of women’s rights, died on Friday. She was 87 years old.

24 thoughts on “Breaking News: Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Goes Tits Up

  1. Not every death is a tragedy. I remember when she said we should look to modern constitutions like that of South Africa in interpreting our laws here. This country is better off without her. I pray she is replaced with Ted Cruz.

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  2. Well well…
    Things are bout to get crazier.
    Should be a interesting “social media” BS for a few days, then…Then Escalated Madness

    Thats my call. We shall see.


      • I just spent a little time at Free Republic to get a broader view of how people are taking the news. It is generally believed that there will be no replacement before the election. That means the election will be even more important than we had supposed. While a successful Trump-nominated candidate might be a good thing in the long run, the turmoil from the election plus that from the new SC Justice would move CW-2 from the “Possible” list to “Probable.” I understand the “tree of liberty” has needs that WILL be satisfied but I don’t look forward to watering it with the blood of my grandchildren – or of yours.

        God help us.

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  3. Ding, dong, the bitch is finally dead. Finally. I guess they couldn’t hide the mold and stench anymore. Maybe her head fell off.

    No compassion for her. Her ‘interpretations’ of pretty black and white laws were just wacky.

    Now we’ll see things get really frisky. Still think Merrick Garland would be a hoot on the court.


  4. My take on this is simple. Ruth Baader Meinhoff kicks the bucket in an election
    year. The GOP Senate held up replacing Ubangi’s appointment after Antonin
    Scalia’s death which left the appointment to his successor. Precedents are not
    set in stone like the judiciary branch. They can be broken at any time for whatever
    reason. Mitch McConnel and the Senate majority need to ram her replacement
    before the year ends. All it takes is a little testicular fortitude. Everything is
    pointing to a Trump win, but in the off chance he loses, the appointment will
    throw a monkey wrench into the Biden’s now radical leftist agenda. Just like
    the 2016 election, it is going to about a single Supreme Court appointment.

    If Alzheimer’s Joe makes the pick, America as we know it is dead within ten


    • ” All it takes is a little testicular fortitude. “

      Then we’re fucked. The Cuck Republicans we’ve got in the Senate have let Chucky Schumer bitch slap them for the last two years.

      If Pearl Harbor had happened yesterday, today’s Senate couldn’t/wouldn’t vote on a declaration of war for six months.


  5. Now we are going to have to listen from the MSM, chest beating, hair pulling, wailing and cries of lamentations.

    Bury Her, Be done with it and move on.


  6. McConnell says we’re going to do it quickly. It’s gonna be hard without Romney, Murkowski and Collins. Murkowski says she won’t vote “Yes”, and speculation is that she is cover for Collins who is in a tight race. We know where Mittens will land. Any thing to screw Trump.


    • Those three can vote no and it’s still 50-50 with Pence breaking the tie. I’m okay with that.

      There’s a bigger part, at least in the short run. The riots were ending, solely because it was helping Trump. A tough senate nomination fight will cause them to re-emerge, further helping Trump.


  7. There really is nothing to stop the Republican Senate from seating a replacement
    by the year’s end. Reid dumped the filibuster rule when he found it inconvenient
    and the GOP can overturn their own rule on a whim. Here is the kicker boys:
    Every state result is going to be challenged by the Democrats in court. With
    a 4-4 split, that ninth vote is all-important. They will try to prolong the election
    as long as they can but they will go ape-shit if Trump nominates Ruther Baader
    Meinhoff’s replacement. 4-4 simply prolongs the chaos and a nine-seat court
    does their worst nightmare come true!


  8. She shoud have been impeached back inthe 90s when she bragged about using French law to make a decision on a capital crime. She was NEVER a champion for womens rights. Milions of baby women are dead because of her support for the evil of abortion.


  9. Well well well, as far as the entire year goes, it’s been an entire years worth of disasters from the get go. But turns out – ta da, it ain’t a total loss… yeee haaa, burn you wicked old witch,and as long as you’re down there warm up a stool for old shrillery & that Pelosi beotch as well. although I’m sure hell don’t need no warmin…..


  10. Wherever this dried out meat stick is I hope she has to answer for this gem of a quote.

    “Frankly I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was a concern about
    population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have
    too many of.”
    -RBG, closet eugenicist and thankfully at room temperature now.


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