It Stinks Like The Bottom Of A Pork Barrel.

CDC tells Congress it urgently needs $6 billion for vaccine distribution

BY PETER SULLIVAN – 09/18/20 06:00 AM EDT

CDC tells Congress it urgently needs $6 billion for vaccine distribution

BY PETER SULLIVAN – 09/18/20 06:00 AM EDT 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says it needs $6 billion that it does not currently have in order to distribute a coronavirus vaccine, highlighting a new hurdle in a massive logistical undertaking. 

The agency had previously privately informed Congress of the need for more funds, according to congressional aides, but CDC Director Robert Redfield made the request public for the first time at a Senate hearing on Wednesday, calling it “urgent.”

“Right now we’ve leveraged about $600 million, but we do not have the resources to support 64 jurisdictions to get this plan operational, so to me it’s an urgency,” Redfield said. 

“The time is now for us to be able to get those resources out to the state, and we currently don’t have those resources,” he added. 

The need for vaccine distribution funding raises the stakes for Congress to come together on a broader coronavirus deal. While both parties support the vaccine funding, there is no clear path for enacting it outside of a larger deal, which has been stalled for months. 

“If you have the vaccine and don’t have either the plan or the resources to distribute it, that’s a huge failure on the part of the Congress to provide the resources that we know are going to be necessary,” Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.), the chairman of the Senate panel that funds health care, said in response to Redfield. “I hope it’s part of whatever package we put together this very month to be sure you have the capacity to do that.”

He noted that the coronavirus package that the Senate voted on last week, and which was blocked by Democrats for being too small, included the $6 billion for vaccine distribution, as well as an additional $20 billion that the Department of Health and Human Services says it needs for further vaccine manufacturing and development. 

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) last week also pointed to vaccine funding in pressuring Democrats to support the GOP bill. “They’re going to vote against finding and distributing vaccines because they are afraid the breakthrough that our nation is praying for might possibly help President Trump?” McConnell said on the Senate floor. 

Democrats say they support additional funding for a vaccine. “Given that the Senate has not begun its appropriations process, we support inclusion of this funding in a supplemental coronavirus appropriations bill,” said a House Democratic aide. 

But the broader negotiations on a coronavirus package to carry the funding are still deadlocked. Democratic leaders say the GOP bill voted on last week was “emaciated” and lacked needed funding for areas like state and local governments, food aid and rental assistance. 

It”s no wonder this country is going Tits Up.

7 thoughts on “It Stinks Like The Bottom Of A Pork Barrel.

  1. Hey CDC, you already got you yearly allowance , you blew it on social justice wokerism asinine bullshit, thats your fuckng problem…. OH by the way, since there is no, read ZERO, provision in the Constitution for your agency to exist, thats your last allowance, come next year your cancelled, deal with it….


  2. The Demoturds are stopping the “relief” bill because it contains even more pork for bailing out cities and states that have run their fiscal systems into the ground. Like New Your and California, for just two examples. Gee, I wonder where UpChucky and Piglosi are from??
    Just say NO.


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