Trump expects to announce Supreme Court nominee on Friday or Saturday


OMG the Democrats are going to be freaking out all week long now.

The threats are going to go off the scale.

I am waiting for one of them to cross the line and get their asses arrested for it.

Pin the tail on that donkey Trump!

16 thoughts on “Trump expects to announce Supreme Court nominee on Friday or Saturday

    • I had hoped the announcement would be this morning. But PDJT is THE master of timing and reality TV. I’ve no doubt there is a frenzy going on behind the scenes, most of which we’ll probably never hear of.
      Trump probably has a simple question for any candidate: “Are you up to the smear job you’re about to experience? Have you got the guts to win this battle?”

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  1. Trump has already said that the two leading contenders are Barrett and
    Lagoa, both Gyno-Americans. Lagoa looks younger and she was born
    into a Cuban American family. Cubans are staunchly anti-communist
    so you can bet she is probably the best ideological pick. The left is
    shitting kittens over the GOP Senate decision to reverse the precedence
    they used in 2016 to hold up the confirmation hearings until after the
    election. There is historical precedence of 17 SCOTUS picks in an
    election year, so that is Trump and the GOP Senate are going to do.

    The usual suspects; Mittens, Madkowski, and Collins all came out
    against the appointment, but Collins backed off and said she would
    have no objections to holding the hearings. Collins was the deciding
    vote in the Kavanaugh hearings so she might go either way. If all
    three votes no or abstain, the Vice President becomes the tie-breaker.
    The GOP Senate simply needs to have the discipline to win this one.
    And there is nothing stopping them the have the hearings over in
    a week.

    The downside is if they ram this through, the Donks are going to make
    the Kavanaugh hearings look like a cakewalk because the Democrats
    will do anything to stop this with violent protests at the Capitol Building.
    They better have the DC Police and the National Guard out in force
    in DC!

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    • If I recall, the precedent regarding confirmations applied to when the senate and the presidency were held by different parties. I don’t recall if that was a rule or just a tradition.

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      • What you’re probably thinking is if the candidate *has* to come before the Senate Judiciary Committee. The answer is a resounding NO!

        I’d like to see DJT nominate, then the Senate become empaneled and IMMEDIATELY have the vote. THAT is all that is required, that is all the Constitution says. Everything else is precedence – DJT doesn’t give a rat’s patootie about that. Heh.

        The apolexy would be turned up to 13 and the SHTF, but who cares what the Leftards think?!? Haters gonna hate anyway!

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        • Yes Sir and more protests and riots will play right into Trump’s
          hands. The last time the leftist mob took to the streets, Richard
          Nixon won two of the biggest landslides in American history
          because he promised to put an end to the violence.

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          • Trump is channeling his Tricky-Dickie Nixon… What he did was kindergarten compared to what the democraps have done even here recently and what we know are going to do in the coming weeks and months. Here is to President Trump invoking the Insurrection Act and put down these states are rebelling and allowing the riots and strips their governor from power and appoints a Military Governor until the state can prove it can be fiscally responsible and civically responsible to all of it’s citizens.

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            • I think that President Trump and his advisors know his constitutional
              limits. He cannot do what you suggest, but Trump is a strategic
              thinker and he will win this war!

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              • I disagree Mr Leonard, if he invokes the Insurrection Act he does have the power. Now, he can’t go into a state without the Governors written request and permission for rioting or emergencies. He can to protect Federal installations and buildings but that is all.

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                • You are correct up to a point. He can invoke the Insurrection Act,
                  but replacing (let’s say Inslee) with a military governor-general
                  might be one step beyond his Constitutional powers.

                  PS I think I know why Ruth Baader Meinhoff did not retire in the
                  Ubangi years. She may have fallen for the fake polls that had
                  Felonia von Pantsuit winning in an electoral landslide in 2016.
                  I think she was betting that the lesbian former First Lay would
                  be one to replace her.

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