7 thoughts on “Logo Of The Year

  1. Sweet Meteor O’ Death is approaching! It’ll miss, dangit.
    I just wonder what’s in store BEFORE the election (not related to it), we know what’s going to happen AFTER it for sure!


  2. What kind of election are we looking at? The D’s don’t even HAVE a candidate. They have a puppet figurehead who is declining by the day, and if he even makes it to Nov. 3, he’ll be a drooling imbecile.
    But this is a country that elected the Obimessiah….Twice! I did not think that was possible the first time, so what do I know? Granted, McCain and Romney were Uniparty RINO’s hired for the express purpose of losing gracefully, and they played their roles well.
    Now, almost all the masks are off. It’s no longer a “lesser of two evils” election. It’s a binary choice between the constitution as written, or obliterating it completely.


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