Are You Ready For The Biggest Bait And Switch In History?

I have had my suspicions for a very long time that Joe Biden is just one of those Shiny Things that are used to catch your attention while in the background other things are happening but after the story finally broke about his probable criminal activities over in Ukraine and other places like China, I am convinced that the Democrats have a classic Bait and Switch plan in the works.

Biden’s obvious mental health issues not withstanding, even if he somehow manages to get the votes and wins the election, just on the findings of the report released yesterday, the guy would be impeached five seconds after taking the Oath of Office for High Crimes and Misdemeanors.

So the question of the week is, just who is the Ringer that the Democrats are going to throw the tarp off of at the last minute?

It’s a pretty sure bet Kameltoe isn’t their first choice either.

Even if she is their back up plan, she would very quickly find out that what she ate for dinner 17 years ago would be just one of the things we would be finding out about her in a New York Minute.

Speculation has been running rampant for a couple of weeks with possible names like Nancy Pelosi and Moochelle Obama leading the pack from what I have seen.

I’m sure the conspiracy theories are running thick and fast the closer this fiasco gets to Election Day.

What are you guys thinking?

38 thoughts on “Are You Ready For The Biggest Bait And Switch In History?

  1. It will be Michael Obama as Rush mentioned quite a while ago. He and his husband have an unfinished job of destroying our Constitution and forcing Marxism on us.

    Doubt he can stand the scrutiny though…

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  2. My guess is 17 years ago she was having a protein shake for supper, and it wasn’t just the conspiracy theories running thick and fast.

    As far as any politics go, it’s just a spasm away from spitting on the hands and raising the big shaft, as long as there’s a black flag on the tip….

    Anybody else been getting scatterguns together for the novice watchmen?

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  3. The Mooch.


    Well, go to your grocery store. Stand in the check-out line. What notable democrat is on the cover of at least one magazine?

    It isn’t Hillary, Kamala, Pelosi, Feinstein, Biden (Joe) or Biden (Jill).

    It’s.. the Mooch. Nobody has any positive media coverage that even approaches her coverage.

    And ‘LIFE’ Magazine just released an over 100 page hagiographic magazine all on the Mooch.

    The switch?

    Come the first day of debate, either Joe will be too ill to debate, at which time the Dems will pull him, or… They’ll let him debate, which will highlight his cognitive imparements, which will give the Dems the ability to say, “Oh, he’s suddenly sick, so we’re pulling him.”

    Just face it, the Dems and Jill Biden are doing a major amount of Elder Abuse to SlowJoe.

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  4. This is OT, but what the hell, Phil hasn’t done a sitrep in a bit, and I’m sitting in a hotel room on the East side of Dallas and I’ve got some time.
    Got laid off the beginning of June after a month of sitting on my ass with a broken foot. It was all good and well for most of the summer. I had plenty of home work to do after working about 2.5 years on a 12/7 schedule. The plague shit really didn’t hit my area. Sure, we did the two week shut down and the kids got an extended summer break, but no one wore masks and basically ignored the whole bout of nonsense that hit the country. Pretty sure I wore my “plague doctor” mask twice the whole time just to protest the insanity. Mostly people seemed to get more and more agitated as reports from the outside came in. Anyhow, my parents, both in their 70’s started to ask me to got to Michigan to help them with their new house and the additions they were adding on to it. Old farm house with a barn and a bit of land to go with it just outside of Howell (looking at you Eaton Rapids Joe) that they’ve decided to renovate themselves even if they can’t anymore. Seeing as how I’ve been laid off and no real prospects presenting themselves I eventually agreed to fly on up there and give them a hand for a couple of weeks.
    Drove to Dallas for my flight to Detroit. Dallas is a madhouse. Don’t go there. I had just sat down in the local airport bar/restaurant when I got a call. It was for work! I don’t have but several friends but one of them had put my name out for me and they decided to call and tell me that they had an offer for me. Well, son of a bitch. There I am with my baggage checked in, having to wear a mask for the first time ever, waiting for a flight and now I get a job offer. I had to explain what I’m doing and to give me a day or two find out what I can do to get back. Sorry man, I’m sitting in an airport right now… Do the flight, which sucked. Had to wear a mask the whole time. Gay black dudes were walking the aisles the whole time telling everyone to put their masks on over their noses. Told me more than once. Fuck that shit. Detroit was a ghost town in the airport .Everything was shut down. Assholes sent my baggage to Atlanta and I had to deal with africans from Monrovia (no shit, it was on their name tags) who could barely speak English and had absolutely no interest in taking care of the problem. Had to call multiple times to various assholes who eventually convinced the africans that they were about to lose their jobs if I didn’t get my bags. Still took two days anyhow to get them. Michigan is fucking nuts! It’s 24/7 pure propaganda on the radio and the tv. Pure Democrat bullshit. Everyone is glued to their masks and thier inasne rules. Thankfully I didn’t leave the ‘rents homestead much. I would have gotten arrested for not complying. No really. It’s bad there. They’ve all collectively drank the kool-aide there. Michigan militia? My ass. Spent a hand full of days ripping out attics and sky lights. That really sucked, but did see a shit ton of deer and turkey. Finally did get a phone call back Tuesday for work, but I had to be back in Texas by Thursday. Had to buy new tickets back home to do it. Once again Detroit airport sucked. What the hell is up with this mask thing? Had a 7 hour layover in Orlando Florida. Strict mask rules there too. What the hell? I thought that Florida was supposed to be somewhat sane. Anyhow made it to Dallas and all of a sudden it’s masks again everywhere. Spent today in a classroom learning about boilers. Seems I now get to be a Boiler Inspector. Gotta polish up on my tig welding as it looks like when I’m not inspecting I get to be boiler making. So it’s back on the road again for fall outages and then the spring outages. When that’s done they’re wanting me to be welding for them. Can’t bitch. Good money and I’m back into the 7/12 grind. Gotta remember to keep the gas tanks full for when we’re shooting the shit out of ourselves.
    I’d embellish and write more but my back is killing me from trying to type while sitting on a bed.

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    • Jayzus Keerist!
      Good news, bad news, more bad news, more bad news, infuriating news, and finally some good news!
      Right The Fuck On Dude!
      Glad to hear you scored a gig!
      I’m still working the inspection, there is at least one more week. I heard a tease of some good news but until I see it in writing I ain’t holding my breath.


      • Yeah, I’ve got one more day of onboarding then to head home for a day then leave out on Sunday. 6 hour drive to some unknown power plant. Get to go home some time middle November for a week or two. Dosen’t look like I’ll get to vote, but I’ll at least be heavily armed. Wish I didn’t have to be gone when spicy time is approaching but a man’s got to eat and feed his family.

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  5. I agree there’s gonna be a bait-and-switch; the only complication is that most states have already passed the deadline for changes on the ballot.

    But, I recall in a New Jersey Senate race, a rapidly-tanking Torricelli was replaced by Frank “Night of the Living Dead” Laughtenberg, because “we can do this because we’re Democrats.”

    But I’ve been predicting all along that the Dems were going to wind up with a candidate that nobody voted for in the primaries, and it would fit the Obama profile exactly to swap Mike in at the last minute.

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  6. I gotta go with the First Wookie Obama. Felonia von Pantsuit has serious
    health issues. That plus her age probably put her out of play, Blow Job
    Billy and Ubangi were the first presidents in history to maintain control of
    the party after they left office. BJ Billy lost control of the party after Ubangi
    was elected. If there is to be a switcheroo, it would have to be after Biden
    wins the election.

    If the switcheroo happens before the elections, it is a losing scenario
    because tens of millions will have cast their vote before Biden could
    be replaced. The Democratic in Democratic Republic scares the shit
    of the Democrats. If it happens, it will be determined by the party
    bosses that Ubangi still controls.

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    • Like somebody said, Hillary is poison.
      Her and Billy Joe Blowjob just have way too much baggage and there is that ONGOING INVESTIGATION into their slush fund, I mean Clinton Foundation still hanging over their heads, not to mention a few trips to Pedo Island Billy still has people looking into.
      I would say Moochelle would be odds on favorite but His Wife, Former President Jug Ears is about to get his ass hung out because SPYGATE is going to land on his head ultimately.
      Nancy The Lush is a Dark Horse but she has got major issues in the background also, not to mention she has been pissing off her own team for a while now.
      The one thing I do know for certain is that the Democrat Party At Large seems to think anyone underneath their Pay Grade is dumber than a box of rusty hammers and has the memory retention of a Goldfish, plus they have to be the ballsiest bunch of criminals the world has ever seen.
      Even with all of the criminality that can be pointed to directly I can see them having zero problem hoisting a collective Middle Finger to everyone and going with the biggest loser they can find just because they think they can do no wrong.

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    • In this case, all the already voted by mail and voted by early voting is a positive thing for the Dems.

      It’s why Voting Day should start at Midnight and end at Midnight, Eastern Time, all day, adjusted by time zone. All absentee voting must be pre-approved and for good damned reasons, and must be in by END OF PHYSICAL VOTING. No ‘mail-in-voting’ as a replacement for physical voting,

      In foreign lands, voting can be handled at Embassies and Consulates, or at military bases.

      Otherwise, absentee and get it in on time even if you have to pay for next-day or for UPS or FEDEX. Or fuck the fuck off.

      Seriously, can’t make it in? Can’t follow the rules? Can’t do it correctly?


      Yes, some people in trouble or dire-straights will not be able to vote.

      Oh, yeah, Ex-pats who have ditched this country to live cheap in foreign lands? FOAD. Either you’re invested in living here and you vote or screw off.

      Now, if you’re working oversees but still ‘live’ in America? Your vote is welcome.

      But live oversees and piss on America? Again, FOAD!

      24 hours. It should all happen in 24 hours. And, oh, yeah. Physical votes only. No Automatic Voting Machines. Make your Mark like a Free Man or FOAD.

      Seriously, this shit’s been going on too fucking long.

      Proof of fucking life, and proof of citizenship, and proof you can vote or FOAD..


  7. Which one of the turds bobbing about on the surface of the cess pit will be the switch? God knows but I abide by this advice; NEVER believe a rumour until it is officially denied.

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  8. It could be the wookie from hell, but I don’t think she has a chance in heaven. (S)he is too radioactive. With as many democrats signifying their voting switch to Trump because even they didn’t like the wanna be pedo-in-chief and the fact the dem-dummies are fostering the blm and pantifantis and not curbing their psychos.


    • And even if the Wookie could bring back the votes that wandered off the plantation, she ‘s not going to bring any GOP votes, because we’ve figured out that electing Mike would be the third term of Valarie Jarrett.


    • It’s not just Democrats. Yesterday I was told by devout Muslim woman that she’s for Trump.

      She’s unable to believe how fucked up this country has got: “Back home in Pakistan we think the US is so strong and so wealthy that everyone here must be smart and confident. I come here and half the people seem lost, empty inside.” I’m not helping her perceptions. The other day I showed her the Obama/Bill Ayers/Weathermen connection and she literally jumped out of her chair. “How can a man like that have been your president? He’s a traitor! People need to know about this!”

      “Sweetheart, this is on Wikipedia. Everyone knows about it. No one cares.”

      Anyway, when you’ve lost the Muslim immigrant vote, you’re fucking up, Dems.


  9. In 2016 I followed the numbers alone and nailed the Electoral Vote to the exact
    number. This time I am including the social factors like the COVID lockdowns
    which is still keeping millions of people out of jobs, the Democrat-sponsored
    riots, the PC bullshit and cancel culture as well as economics. The Dow is the
    only one of the major markets that have not recovered and broke pre-COVID
    all-time record highs. The reason for this is that the COVID Nazis are still
    keeping millions of Americans from returning to work.

    As for social issues, governor Blackface of Virginia has alienated so many
    people in his war on the Second Amendment, that Virginia is now in play.
    The people of Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Minneapolis, and other blue
    cities are getting pissed off at the Donks. Even liberal suburbanites are
    rebelling against this bullshit. Inner-city minorities are not happy at the
    prospect of defunding or abolishing police departments or emptying out

    At last check, Blacks approve of Trump at 52 percent. Hispanic approval
    is about 45 percent. Independents will likely be at 50 percent. Private
    sector union votes are swinging to Trump. Even public-sector union
    members moving for Trump in larger percentage than any time in history.
    Police officers associations and unions are endorsing Trump in record
    numbers. They historically went Democrat for the same reason black
    Americans do, the Donks promise them the moon and give them a
    steaming pile of dog-shit. Even if half the number of people who
    approve of Trump actually pulls the lever for him, Trump wins in a
    landslide! The only unknown factor is will this translate to down-ticket
    races? As pissed off as the American people are right now, I would
    not be shocked to see Nasty Pelosi, Hitlery Klingon, Joe Bite-me, and
    the entire Democrat party suffering hangovers the morning after the final
    vote is announced.


  10. Biden will be replaced within the year if elected. By who, I don’t know, but I’m 100% sure they will be major assholes. And I’m sure that political retaliation will be #1 on their to do list.

    All you motherfuckers (including myself) had better vote. Preferably in person because I’m sure a lot of ‘stuff’ will get lost in the mail and you have no clue whether it was delivered and counted or not. Don’t sit this one out. Trump isn’t perfect but the opposite side have nothing to lose and are desperate to get him out of the White House.


    • Oh, I’m going to vote by one method or another.

      But I”m expecting hi-jinks and shenanigans outside the polling places, especially in the “Republican” areas.


  11. Big Country has an interesting theory, that Slow Joe aka Plugs aka Hidin’ Biden will get so rattled during the debate that he strokes out. Then Trump of course will be blamed for being SO MEAN. And the Trojan Horse skates to the win.


  12. Mr Cederq and others, whinge and whine, is that all you can do? Fancy denigrating Michelle Obama as a trans (not that such a lifestyle is wrong), a lovely black woman that bore two lovely black children. Haters all, you old white men at this site. I’m sure to vote Democrat to cancel out your hate, I’ll need to vote early and vote often!

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      • Jesus Phil, you weren’t even fishing and you caught one! A troll of course. Trying to turn the disgust of mooch into racism. Whether mooch has a penisorvajayjay she/he needs to just go back to where ever him/her/they/them e i e i o came from….

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          • Right, but I’d say it’s pretty low of you to be mean to someone that’s obviously blind.
            I base this on his statement “…a lovely black woman that bore two lovely black children.”
            Argyle Sox, don’t try to piss on my boots and tell me it’s raining.


    • Whine? I was making an astute observation. She has a bigger cod-piece then I do. Do I have to explain what a cod-piece is seeing as you are a demoncrap, they tend not to be the brightest or most gifted intellectually. Argyle Sox? I stopped wearing those when I was ten, but I see it is your moniker. Have you not grown out of your early boy hood? “a lovely black woman that bore two lovely black children.” (S)he is so stout she could wrassle one of Aussie John’s salt water crocs and walk away with matching ghetto shoes and a man-purse.It is obvious you are too short and too stupid for this ride.


    • Failure to capitalize the word “Black” is racism.
      Why must you indulge in this passive-aggressive denigration of a Brave! and Stunning! lovely Black woman? Please please please educate yourself and unlearn your toxic ingrained racism.


      • But, Mike underscore C, I like being racist, I was taught at an early age to be racist by some of the best, racist people on earth (hint: pocs). I also do not capitalize that which I do not respect being person, place or thing… I am not being passive-aggressive that which I verbalize and acknowledge of that I own. I have always been responsible for what I say and do, I take that as a point of pride. Ya just trying to screw with me, ain’t ya?


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