12 thoughts on “Sure, That’ll Buff Right Ou… ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

    • Fascinating to watch, but Why??? is exactly right. One of the hardest life lessons I’ve had to learn is that many such projects are just not worth the time and effort.
      I especially liked the guy about 2:30 into it spot welding without goggles of gloves.


  1. The hourly wage of the worker is often the determining factor in whether something ets fixed or scrapped. Shop rates in America are MASSIVELY higher than shop rates in places like that. That can be the deciding factor…..and no, I wouldn’t want to own that thing no matter how good the restoration.


  2. That car will never be right and will give a new owner problems. I bought a used Hyundai car from Budget Rentals that had been in a front end accident and they gave me a Car Fax report saying the car had never been in an accident. Four months after buying it I noticed a different paint tint in the engine compartment and I ran a report from Car Fax and it had been in two accidents. I got a lawyer and I got a new car they had to buy because of the blatant fraud they had committed.

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  3. Many years ago a friend made mucho dollars by welding 2 GM unit body halves together; Firebirds and Camaros were the same car under the trim, back half of a front-wrecked Camaro welded to the front of a back-wrecked Firebird or vice-versa, to make 1 whole car. He had an eye for the cuts and welds, and the shop had a frame-pulling machine to square everything up. His father ran the shop, and before he bought ANY car, new or used, he’d put it on the frame machine and check it for being square; few were. He showed me the difference between a new car just off the truck and the same car after it had been pulled square to within .020″ (took 24-36 hours to do it right because after pulling it needed to sit for a day because the “metal memory” returning required a 2nd pull, then a fresh front end alignment).

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  4. I’ve always been leery of CarFax reports. It requires the dealer or body shop owner to make the report. What if they don’t? Several years ago, my wife inherited a car. I know for a fact that the car was in two minor collisions and was repaired by the selling dealer. When my wife drove through an intersection she got t-boned by a guy that ran the red light. Her car was totaled. Insurance ran a CarFax on it and it came back clean.


  5. Two comments, after having read the above comments but this occurred to me even before I read them:
    1) Was it worth it? Metal fatigue alone would make me NOT want it repaired. As stated above, the metal has somewhat of a “memory”, and the crystal structure of the metal has been flexed past its original shape and there are micro-cracks in the metal now. No thanks.
    2) How/where did they get the parts?? If a new car, built that year, I can see that they could somehow get parts directly from the factory. Somehow. If not, what was the source? Inquiring idiots want to know.


  6. So, the Asian equivalent of the Russian “restoration” videos that “rebuild” wreckage into “appears new” vehicles.

    Y’all ever see the one where the dude uses ramen bricks as bondo?

    And no, I wouldn’t trust any of this sketchy shit. When I do *my* sketchy shit, I stay kinda conservative and within my limitations. :V


  7. Indonesia I think… saw the same sort of bodywork in Kuwait… the cost of a rebuild was FAR cheaper than a replacement car. Insurance in most of those countries (shithole, 3rd world, type one, each) is nonexistent the way we FUSA folks think of it. And a car, while expensive by OUR standards, can represent a lifetime investment to lil brown brother. Wrecking it? Yah.. when the local economy only pays like $2 a hour for skilled mechanics/bodymen? Cheaper to fix it… just sayin’ from experience.


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