9 thoughts on “This Is Why Garbage Disposals Are Nice

    • Yuuuuup. They LOVE these kinds of plants, let’s ’em grow before they get unleashed on the world…
      I wonder how the person knew the scorpions were in the eggplant. What does the entrance hole look like?
      Asking for a friend.


  1. After finding a scorpion under my hockey nut-cup after drying the gear on the lanai in Hawaii, I vowed to never live in an area where scorpions exist when I got out of the army.

    And have held true to that vow.


  2. Gee, whole bunch of tough tool men here, scared of some bugs! Don’t you blokes like meat protein with your veggies? Just bung it in the microwave, the magnetron will fix ’em up for ya.


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