That Had To Help

For the first time in two weeks I finally got seven hours of uninterrupted sleep.

I took one of my last pain pills at nine, went to bed at ten and woke up at five.

I slept hard too.

I woke up, got up, took a leak, threw a coat on and stepped out on the front porch in my skivvies and had a half a smoke and then tried to go back to sleep.

The gut pain started back in and the back muscle on the left side that has been spazzing out every night for over a week started hurting a little bit so it took me a while but I finally manged to nod back off and I just now woke up again a little after eight.

I got back up, made a pot of coffee and then took a cup outside for my morning ritual.

I’m sure there are a thousand and one things I could hoist my narrow ass out of this recliner to start doing something about but since I know I am going to have to work the next six days in a row I have decided to take a double dose of FUCKITOL and lay around like a useless lump all day instead.

It has been a very long, painful and frustrating last three weeks in a row and I could use a break from the insanity.

That ugly rash that started out as a red blotch a couple of inches long on my left side has now spread from my belly button all the way around my left side to about an inch away from my spine, two inches wide.

Parts of it are showing some decent healing finally and if I can get those back spasms to let up for a while I will call it a day of rest well spent.

25 thoughts on “That Had To Help

  1. Stay healthy, bro – a day off (as in: do NOTHING) is necessary periodically, running around at the equivalent of 60mph day in and day out takes a severe toll on you!


  2. Hell, I been taking that shit for years, even before the shit was advertised. Prolly splains why my give a shit meter has been flatlined for at least the last 20 years……And I ain’t had a give a shit tank for that same period, why the fuk have a tank if you got nothing to put in it, just mower shit to drag around eh!


  3. Aw c’mon Phil, 7 hours hard sleep? Either you’re not as old as many of your readers, or you bought into Cederq’s bulk deal on adult nappies (the hoarder!). The rest of us have to get up twice for a piss, if we spend that long in the cot!

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      • Oh damn, your prostrate is starting to swell, great, now we get to hear your story… *snark* Tough getting old ain’t it? I wonder if you are thinking if you knew back then what old age is, You should have drank more, chased skirt more, partied as hard as you could and left a better looking corpse….


  4. FWIW, link to XYZ, an Aussie conservative news & views site that ridicules lefties, fem-nazis, greenies and criticizes shithole country imports. Note, when you read ‘Liberal’, they don’t mean the equiviland of a Democrat, more like a RINO. The Liberal Party was founded in the ’30s, hence liberal at the time, barely a hairsbreadth right of centre now. Just like the USA, the 4 major parties here, ALP – Australian Labor Party, LNP – Liberal Party of Australia & National Party of Australia coalition, and the Greens, all take their orders from the same globalist Deep State source.


  5. I have an aversion to any form of pain killers I call happy pills. My Fuckitol is
    alcohol. I can quit anytime, not like Opioids. My elderly Aunt had severe
    back pains that the doctors treated with pain killers. There is nothing pretty
    about a 75-year-old woman squirming in her hospital bed in withdrawals.
    The doctors finally got around to a minor surgery that they should have
    done a year earlier. Of course, she was on Medicare which speaks volumes
    about government-run health care. I (being an asshole) made some crack
    about my Aunt, the junkie after she recovered from the surgery. It’s a
    Jones family thing. Think about the Bundy family. PS She was also
    addicted to Married: With Children. I bought her the entire series on
    DVD. That is how we roll!


      • No, but the lovely Nurse Rached does bring me some brownies
        and banana nut bread from time to time. It helps my back pains and
        neuropathy. I am as fucked up as Phil. 45 years in the industrial
        and lifestyle choices made me the wreck that I am!


  6. You EARNED it, Phil!

    Kick back, take it easy, and let your tired, old body recuperate.

    After reading OldAFSarge’s experience with Shingles, I signed up for the shots. Two doses of “Shingrix”, and I should be OK. The second shot caused a reaction, and my arm swelled up in a patch, got red, and was really sore. I can only imagine what a full-blown case of shingles feels like. You have my sympathy, but you kept chugging along.


  7. Leonard, there are quite a few non-opioid strong, effective pain-killer drugs now, some with lower addictive risk. I use Palexia (tapentadol hydrochloride), at a rate to deal with chronic acute pain. Sometimes I forget to take a tablet, then wonder why I hurt so fucking much (oldtimers again?), so I don’t reckon I’m a junkie to it. I wish you could get cute redheads on a Medicare rebate to, you know, relieve stress, surely that is good for your health?


  8. Deathray, maybe you might whittle away time in the cabin this winter by writing a Cederq app? Dunno what system you’d pick, some long obsolete broken down thing, missing a 10mm socket. Ya know, it’s no good for one’s general decorum to read the posts and comments on Phil’s blog. I never used to fucking swear, (not *too* much) until reading what others had to say. I’m easily led. Gee, hope I don’t start thinking about wimmen too!


    • Yup, that’s me “some long obsolete broken down thing.” I would still be using XP as my OS, I use Win 7 Pro and I am going to be dragged kicking and screaming to use that spy ware Win 10.


  9. No, but the lovely Nurse Rached does bring me some brownies
    and banana nut bread from time to time. It helps my back pains and
    neuropathy. I am as fucked up as Phil. 45 years in the industrial
    and lifestyle choices made me the wreck that I am!


  10. NEWS JUST IN: Sources close to the White House reveal that a former First Lady had a serious health scare when scans revealed a sinister shadow deep inside her wimmen plumbing. However, a radical hystericalectomy was averted when her private gyno-tech looked at the publicly-funded scan images and exclaimed “Aw shit, so *that’s* where I lost my 10mm socket!” Mr Cedrex then slipped into a full arm-length veterinary glove to perform the worlds first socket removal, all without anaesthesia (for him). When asked for comment just why it took over 3 hours, he said, “Bitch likes it too much! Seeing as to how I was getting my dime on the taxpayer this time, I had a good feel around in there, see iffn’ I couldn’t rassle up anymore of my good Snap-On tools, I mean instruments, that I’m missing. Well, tarned iffn’ I didn’t find an old turkey baster, and a mains-powered vibratory case cleaner that I didn’t know was even missing from my reloading room! And damned if those 200 x .270 Win brass inside aren’t now transparent, well, ain’t gonna put any hunting loads in them!” When quizzed on anything else of interest, he replied, “Well, there was this email server memory-bank hard drive, but she got me to leave that in there. I thought sure, why not, there’s room for a piano accordian, after all! After she gets outa gaol, she can get a job playing in a polka band. Damn bitch sucked the hard-chrome clean off that socket! Hey now, where’d I leave my gotdamn phone? I had that set on vibratory alert too.” Meanwhile, inside the DNC war rooms, “Hey Hillary, why are you smiling so much, and who do you keep calling on auto-redial?”


    • I am sure you give your former First Lady, or is it First Man in Aussie land a hard time. I am sure you were forcefully retired was you were trying to sniff foot knuckle hair on your First ?…


  11. Cederq, wut? You may be thinking of the Kiwi ‘woman’ Prime Minister. Here, PM Scott Morrison is such a nonentity, he’s referred to as ScoMo. I say Scummo, myself. You blokes there are lucky, although both country’s politicians work for the same bosses, the globalist Deep State, at least Trump has some character. I’m still waiting for LOCK HER UP to happen, so how long has Hillary been in gaol now?


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