Wanna Know Who Really Broke The Hunter Biden Hard Drive Story? How About The News Story That Has The MSM And The Democrats Shitting Rings Around Themselves So Bad That They Won’t Even Mention It?

Rudy got a copy of Hunter’s Hard Drive. The little cutie there in the middle, Chanel Rion got the hand off and ran it into the end zone.

Do you recognize her yet?

Chanel Rion, the Whitehouse correspondent for OAN News.

That fat guy on the right?

The infamous Steve Bannon.

Are you ready for a real News Flash that the MSM and the Democrats are absolutely fucking terrified of?

Take a close look at this picture,

The chick in the back?

“The Chinese virologist who confirmed the wuhan lab made the virus and as rumor has it, also knows Biden and the Democrats had the wuhan lab create the virus (paid for with 2.7 million U.S. tax dollars by Fauci) for the sole purpose of de-railing Trump’s election with a totally scammed mail in vote scheme.”


The fat Chinese guy with Rudy?

Yer gonna love this,

“The Chinese billionaire that had to flee the communist party, who has 3 hard drives of dirt on Biden colluding with communist china to destroy the United States”

Is it just me or does the decor seem to match in the first two pictures?

Me thinks Rudy, Ms. Rion and Bannon are going to be dropping truth bombs big enough to wake the dead here in the near future.

This would go a long ways to explain why someone(s) went so far out of their way to make trouble for Bannon here recently. Word got out that he had lightning in his possession.

That lightning is in those two pictures.

There is even more, bigger news at the source of this, pretty much the end of Biden’s political career, let alone his run for president.

Go read the rest of this story from the source, Jim Stone.

30 thoughts on “Wanna Know Who Really Broke The Hunter Biden Hard Drive Story? How About The News Story That Has The MSM And The Democrats Shitting Rings Around Themselves So Bad That They Won’t Even Mention It?

  1. Here are some links that validate what has been presented. The first is from the Chinese Billionaire. Check the time stamp.

    And the second link is an article that ties in nicely.

    Link to article…3rd hard drive is the CCP Bioweapon

    Plan (COVID) https://gnews.org/394168/

    “I know how black a man’s heart can be.” – John Rambo


  2. But we all know this is a nothing burger, certain aspects of .Gov are not going allow this to proceed to it’s logical, needed outcome. I see them saying “It is good for the Country.” Bullshit, we CAN HANDLE THE TRUTH! People, companies, countries have dirty laundry, it needs to be washed, needs to be aired out. That happens we can trust the government again. It is teh higher up, elite, our betters don’t want to be embarrassed and share a 8X10 cell with Tyrone and his raging hardon.


  3. Cederq, are you sure about that? I think that bath-house Barry* could handle it just fine! If it was behind a payscreen, I’d cough up part of my pension pittance to watch the executions. Especially if Trump ever released footage of Poppy Bush and McCain dangling from a rope, or just getting a hotshot. Strewth, if a network ever did a special on politicians that end up getting their deserved chop, popcorn sales would rocket. *or Nancy, Dianne or Hillary, poor Tyrone!


  4. Look, don’t go thinking that America has a monopoly on politicians or .gov alphabet agency officials who deserve to be arrested, tried and sentenced to gaol or execution. I won’t bore you with more, but if Biden, for one, possibly the Clintons, Obama, and maybe Fauci too, don’t wear a rope necklace after their trial, then you’ll know it’s all a sham, that you have no voting power because Deep State know that you can’t be trusted with it!


    • after their trial? What trial. Barr has already announced no criminal charges for the Russia hoax and the Obuttface/Hitlery spying operation that should’ve sent at least 10 OR 20 people to jail or the gallows. Sadly this newest criminal escapade revelation will be no different.

      That’s one of the biggest problems in this country.

      The people that deserve jail or a rope NEVER EVEN SEE THE INSIDE OF A COURT ROOM. Yet people like Flynn, Stone and Papadoupolis have their lives ruined over lies, bullshit and framed up process crimes.


      • Nemo, speaking hypothetically. As you do, then the hypothetic rope stretches their hypothetic neck. I was also observing propriety, rarely, I admit.


  5. I fucking love it. Like reading a great novel with twists and turns and an outcome you would never expect. Did Trump dump Bannon as a ruse? Is he waiting to pardon Flynn? IS Trump playing 4D chess and making them follow useless leads while prepping all this “October Surprise”? Was all the drummed up crap about Rudy real? My god, if this all comes to light the world will be thrown off it’s axis for some. Others of us that are like minded will be like “whoa”… then, ” We knew this was the kind of shit that was going on”. We’ll talk it about like magpies nights and weekends since we’ll be back to work during the week as usual.

    One of my concern’s is that, in reality, what if 1/2 of it is true? There are way to many coincidences for something not to be there. What then? These are powerful players. Epstein didn’t kill himself. This is a high risk game of cat and mouse. They were so sure that Hillary was going to walk in after bath-house Barry and then, NONE of this would have seen the light of day.
    Maybe there are others that will come forward as whistleblowers when they really take an objective look at what these people have been doing. Who knows.
    Please let this pandora’s box be opened no matter the outcome.

    My other concern was so eloquently put in this image from almost 3 years ago. I have posted it a few times because it is pertinent. Remember the list of items in it. What happened? Nothing. Now interchange those with today’s information Phil posted and read it:

    I need more coffee. and popcorn, yes, lot’s of popcorn.


  6. Lurker here from AoS HQ. Thank you for this. Unbelievable. I don’t think they should have waited so long to release this – it’ll take at least a month for this whole story to be un-wound.


  7. “it’ll take at least a month for this whole story to be un-wound.” The MSM and social media has already memory holed the story. You’ve got supposed “power journo’s” like Chrissy WalLace spouting that the story didn’t come from a “reliable” source. By Monday, 19-Oct, it’ll be on to some new invented Trump “scandal”.

    Doesn’t matter. Biden is toast. I’m continually amazed that the Demonrats and the MSM, I repeat myself, actually think that Biden’s got a snowballs chance in hell of being elected, just like 2016.


  8. Very early on, I’d have bet big money that China and ‘the democrats’ laid this virus on America (and fuck the rest of the world btw) to derail Trump. China goes back to raping America with telephone poles and the democrats go back to stealing TRILLIONS of dollars.

    I so hope you’re right and that this hits the news, lots of outlets and very soon. Like today.

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  9. Rudy Guiliani is an old school version of Dan Bongino. He was using cork-
    boards, push pins, and tape to connect the players before he took down
    the East Coast Mafia. As investigators go, he is as tough as they come.
    My theory is that the Durham report was delayed until after the election
    because it could be seen as a political move. This came from a third
    party player with no connection to the government and any political
    party (the computer shop owner) so it was fair game!


  10. kidme37. It’s on Unz Review, a few links to stories on The Other McCain and Bad Blue Uncensored News, and about 20 different FUCK BIDEN stories by various writers up and down Breitbart News, I think old Joe forgot to send Andrew Breitbart a Xmas card last year! Seen about 5 blogs like Phil’s write it up, but who knows what else, I can’t visit many websites. Trouble is, that leaves people who believe what they read in the paper (Post story or no), see on TV, Twatter and Faecesbook, (or not see because of censorship) or hear on radio. So get the story and links out to all your contacts, I did.


  11. I forgot to add something. It is a basic tenet of human nature that makes
    one want to have something they are told they could not have. Tell a
    kid he can’t have a candy bar and he will start scrounging for loose
    change. The Gods of the Internet can censor posts and links but they
    cannot kill a story like this.

    This will be like the George W Bush forged National Guard memo. Tens
    of thousands of conservative Internet-warriors are now working to expose
    the story all over the world. Look at what Dan Bongino and a dozen
    other people did with Obamagate. Every dot has been connected and
    the same cabal of players was all over it. Social media cannot control
    the private players, their websites, and their Blogs. Within days, more
    details will be known. If the left thinks Guiliani and Bannon are through
    dropping bombs, they are sadly mistaken!


  12. Love that second picture Phil. Does anyone else remember that scene in Blade Runner, long before the advent of digital photography, where Harrison Ford is enhancing a snapshot to see the replicant in the mirror in the next room?
    This kind of stuff is why I stopped reading sci-fi decades ago. Fiction has to be plausible, but now even the Babylon Bee is having a hard time satirizing the news.


  13. As I suspected, Rudy Guiliani and his crew will be dropping daily bombs
    over the next week to ten days. He took a lesson from Project Veritas:


  14. Very interesting but…

    Considering the failed reputation of the source,* I doubt the Biden camp has anything to worry about.

    Meanwhile, over at the Trump camp, they are shitting bricks about is Rudy Giuliani. The FBI is investigating Rudy Giuliani and the Hunter Biden emails as a possible disinformation campaign. **

    * https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/one-america-news-network/

    ** https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2020/10/17/fbi-probes-possible-russia-link-hunter-biden-data-trump-ally-giuliani/3661895001/


    • Sorry, Mike, the hard drive includes images of sex acts and drug
      use by Hunter Biden. He cannot get out of this one. This story
      has been out for days and neither the Biden family or the campaign
      has issued an official statement denying the veracity of the story.


  15. The 800# gorilla in the room on this issue, what few are talking about, is the fact that the FBI has had this information since they took possession of this computer LAST DECEMBER. The ONLY reason this info has come to light is because the owner of the computer repair shop made a copy of the hard drive before calling the FBI. It was that copy that was given to Giuliani etc. NONE of this information came from the FBI and if the owner hadn’t made the copy you can bet anything and everything that the FBI would have buried the contents of that drive DEEP in a locked vault somewhere. That PROVES that the FBI is corrupt, that is has been suborned by the communist left and is now just another criminal enterprise serving the American Communist Party nee Demonrats. And the sad reality is MOST Federal agencies are just as corrupt and subverted as the FBI. No….there is no voting our way out of this. Whether or not Trump wins or loses next month the corruption is so pervasive, so deep, so totally endemic throughout the government
    that the only cure is to burn it all down, hang everyone involved and start over. And if I was the owner of that shop that turned this over to Giuliani I’d be worried about either being charged with a plethora of manufactured federal “crimes” or simply DISAPPEARING mysteriously one night.


    • I agree, the FBI agent who took possession of the original hard
      drive should have his ass fired yesterday! The only way this
      ends short of armed revolution is to fire and/or prosecute all
      of the deep state conspirators. If they do not pay a price,
      American will cease to exist!


      • I disagree that “the FBI agent who took possession of the original hard drive should have his ass fired yesterday”. This is yet another Christopher Wray coverup. Wray and everyone that works for him should be cannned, down to and including mid-level mangers and field office managers. Wray has been slow walking the declassification and publishing of Russia hoax doc’s since Trump, two years ago, issued the order to produce documents. They’re using the “ma National Securitay” excuse of course. When they use that one, you know for a fact that they’re hiding some pretty damning stuff.


          • Or a top commander in their new revolutionary army. They have control, even after Trump is re-elected. Nothing will change without house control. Think they’re just retiring quietly? I think it’s way past money. You VC now.


  16. In the eternal words of uncle Xi… Ho Lee Chit!!

    I hope even 50% of this bears out and the document dump happens within the next 48 hours. Y’all just know the media shitstorm that will be unleashed to destroy Rudy, Bannon and OAN and to circle the wagons around “the old man”, is going to be epic.

    To heck with popcorn, this calls for a full BBQ with all the fixins and mucho beer.

    Update: Today’s headline is that the former partner of HB has released 26,000 e-mails that corroborate much of what was on that drive. This is going to be the mother of all October surprises only for once, it will hit the D party in the ass good and hard.


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