I’ve Got A Cure For All This Vote Tampering Bullshit

Voting is supposed to be the most sacrosanct right of being a citizen in this country

It is the one thing you are supposed to be guaranteed to be able to do to have a say in who runs the joint.

This decades long running joke about the Democrats registering dead people to vote isn’t the least bit funny.

They literally tried to steal the last Presidential election and they have pretty much came straight out and said they are doing it again for this one.

Here is how I would stop that shit cold.

First off, put up a $50,000 reward for information leading to a conviction for vote tampering. A bit of incentive.

The first conviction for vote tampering in any way would be 20 years of hard labor in prison with absolutely no chance for parole and a $500,000 fine.

If that conviction involved any kind of conspiracy, as in an organized attempt by more than one person, then a conviction would mean an automatic life sentence, no parole and all of your assests get seized, sold off and the money goes into the general fund.


Throwing ballots in a dumpster?

Twenty years,

Sending multiple ballots out to the same address?

Twenty years unless it can be proven you had help, then life.

Illegal alien trying to vote?

Twenty years Paco.

Get about four or five of these convictions splashed across the headlines, let it be known they were the result of the 50 grand reward and see just how fast that shit comes to a screeching halt.

14 thoughts on “I’ve Got A Cure For All This Vote Tampering Bullshit

  1. Second Offense, Organizing/Knowingly Participating in Voter Fraud: Public Hanging like they do in Tehran. Let ’em dangle. AND all of your family lose the right to vote in perpetuity. You know me Phil… a BIG believer in the Nork Ideals of “If one generation is bad, then they’re all bad.” Very much like what we’re seeing vis-a-vis Blowboi and Dear Ole Dad eh? Wonder how corrupt Hunter’s multiplicity of spawn with multiple slores is gonna play out?


    • This country was founded on the idea that a man’s father didn’t determine his place in life.

      INDIVIDUAL responsibility not GROUP.

      Group responsibility is what the liberals are basing their evil on. That the stain of lawlessness can be transferred to the innocent is their conceit.


  2. “a $50,000 reward for information leading to a conviction
    Do you see the problem here?
    Since it seems that most of the voter fraud occurs in Democrat run jurisdictions, getting someone to even indict someone is a challenge.
    Then you have my theorem:
    If the side that wins committed the voter fraud, they probably control the prosecutorial process. If the side that wins didn’t commit the voter fraud, then they are probably just happy they won and are fine with leaving well enough alone. (It is a work in process.)


  3. My favorite way of stopping voter fraud is “The Iraqi Solution”. One of the most memorable scenes from post-Saddam Iraq are the Iraqis leaving the polls holding up their Purple Stained Index Fingers.
    I’d suggest a similar solution for America. If you can’t make it to a polling place you don’t vote. If you do vote, you get your finger stained.
    Now that is a solution. Your suggestions just make us feel good.


  4. Bluecat57 has the right of it.

    But the more important question is who counts the votes and how do we make sure they are honest? That’s the rub, you see.


  5. B, the only answer to rigged vote counting is random audits of polling stations, if manual voting takes place, same for postal vote counting. This supervised by scrutineers from each candidate. If discrepancies beyond a minimal figure are found, the returning officer must face a mandatory charge of dereliction of duty. If conspiracy is proven, then Phil’s punishments apply. With one difference, if you’re charged with vote fraud at any level, you remain on mandatory remand until trial. Scrutineering is a thankless unpaid job, done that a few times.


  6. I suggest something like that for anyone who becomes a hostage taker.
    It’s very simple:
    You take a hostage – you die on the scene.
    No negotiations whatsoever.
    Wether you take the life of a hostage or not – you will be shot.
    There will be no giving up and going to jail.
    As soon it becomes ingrained that taking a hostage is nothing but guaranteed suicide by cops, hostage situations will become a very rare event.

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  7. Phil, another idea, for vote fraud charges, a special prosecutor must be used, and a judge picked from retired justices (solely because they should be less susceptable to outside interference). A pool of prosecutors dedicated for the role should be available to be randomly drawn from for each case. With regard to punishment, going for low-hanging fruit, people should be rewarded with big discounts in punishment if they will testify against the likes of Hillary, to as much as their sentence reduced to time already served, for a successful case proved against Ma ‘n Pa Clinton and their crime gang.


  8. Damn right on. Sad state of affairs we have one of the worst voting systems in the world.

    ID for Sudafed, no ID to vote? fuck me. Blame this on the useless republicans sitting around with their thumbs up their asses.







  10. Nice ideas. Never going to happen. The people MAKING the rules, the people involved in enforcing the rules and the people reporting on the rules ALL work for the same side….the
    enemy. Till THAT changes voting is just an exercise in delusion. As Stalin told us….it’s not WHO votes that matters but who COUNTS the votes. In an honest election Biden wouldn’t stand a
    snowballs chance in hell. The election this year will be as far from fair and honest as anyone can
    possibly imagine. The left decided 20 years ago after the Bush/Gore “hanging chad” fiasco where they lost that they were going to do whatever required to remove We The People from the election equation and replace it with a system THEY control. They have done exactly that.


  11. It ain’t that fuckin hard to vote. Show up at the polls, ID in hand, be a registered voter, go vote, if your incapacitated or Military out of the country, absentee is allowed, all others in person. For those involved in voter fraud or ANY violation of voting laws, bring back the short rope tall tree punishment. Save the million dollars prosecuting and 60-100,000 grand a year to keep yer sorry carcass locked up and alive……You live a life as morally as possible, or suffer the consequences……. You want to practice being a criminal and never being a contributor to society as a whole, society has the right to remove you from its roles………. Ain’t rocket science, or even as hard as fukin algebra……

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