It’s a start anyway.

I’ll tell ya one thing, it’s a heavy sonofabitch even when it’s empty!

I had The Kid help me flip the first one up on it’s back so I could start framing in some supports because both pieces have had the tops smashed down from people setting shit on them. I ran out of 1X4’s and had to make a run up to Home Depot to get some more and while I was there I spotted these half sheets of 5/8’s plywood they had. Since I actually outsmarted myself by taking some measurements and Emailing them to myself earlier, all I had to do was snag two of them, roll the cart to the back of the store and have a nice gentleman slap them up on their panel saw and cut them to size, for free.

Hauled all of it back here, built what I could and then had to call a buddy to come help me take both pieces off the pallet jack and then swap them up for down. Empty with the plywood I am guessing close to a hundred pounds each piece. Finished up the now top piece and there it sits. I am seriously thinking about using some 1X1 angle iron and building a frame/cage around the whole thing and then welding up a serious base to put under it so I can mount some Big Ass casters underneath the damn thing.

Once I start putting stuff in in it this unit is going to be pushing 8 or 9 hundred pounds at least. I can’t wait to start loading it up and getting a shit load of clutter inside, organized and within easy reach instead of piled up all over the damn place. It will come eventually.

16 thoughts on “Well……..

  1. Good idea with the plywood base. How large are the sections? They look deep. At 8 or 9 hundred pounds are you going to be able to move them once you stuff them with all your preciouses? Are the drawers on full slides so you can open them all the way?


  2. The drawers are HUGE.
    The plywood dimensions are 46 3/4 X 34 3/4 inches. I’d say the drawers are at least 42 inches wide and 29 or 30 inches deep and they come out a long way.
    It has a roller on each side at the front and back. Originally this thing was made to hold Blue Prints so it really wasn’t designed to hold a shitload of heavy crap.
    That’s fine, I have all kinds of little crap I can throw in there.
    All my drill bits in one drawer, levels, slide angle rulers of all sizes, measuring tools, machinist tooling in the wooden cases, just all kinds of little shit that is laying all over the garage because my Roll Aways are overflowing and there isn’t any more room.


  3. Actually, depending on how old those are, the blueprint drawers can be quite heavy gauge steel. Had them in a factory I worked at, just pulling out the drawers loaded with prints was an effort. Suggest you dab some high temp grease on the side rails before loading up the trays. Probably has steel rollers as opposed to cheap plastic ones too. May have to go and find one of those myself as, like Phil, my tool chest stack is overflowing and large items such as pry bars, squares, , long drills, screwdrivers and clamps etc. are too large to put in a normal tool box. Heck I have one drawer full of just torque wrenches.

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  4. I’ve been thinking that when I’m done with my little engine, I’m going to take some time and reorganize the shop. I walk around to get to hardware or some drill bits or other little things all the time. My workflow doesn’t.

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  5. Few years back a friend stumbled across a deal on Vidmars, bought 3, two are filled with tools, one with parts and small stuff. He thought about casters, went with welded base frames instead to get them off the floor. If they have to move he uses a pallet jack, way too much weight for casters.

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  6. Aluminum angle makes great dividers while adding additional support to the bottom of the drawers.
    I used two 1″ pieces on the 39″ spans of 3/4″ particleboard shelf in my safe and there is no bow even under tremendous weight put there.
    If you are going to divide the drawers anyway taller angle will serve two purposes.

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      • I was thinking the same thing. A good hardwood work surface
        is a great idea. Carnac the Magnificent told me you were
        going to go to Harbor Freight when you mentioned casters.
        What is the total combined height?


        • Ahhhhhh, yeah.
          I don’t know quite yet. I started filling it back up a bit earlier just to make some room in the garage and I can tell you that this thing is going to be too heavy for casters unless I get some Super Duty units.
          I’m thinking that eventually I am going to make a 1X1 angle iron frame around it and then make a heavy duty steel base under it with some kind of skids instead,
          Then I need to knock a big hole in that crap, move it into place with the pallet jack it’s sitting on now.


          • Duh, height, not weight. So much for the new glasses.
            It’s sitting on a pallet jack and it is raised all the way up. The top is at least four feet off the ground.


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