Antifa In Vancouver Tonight

Thanks for the heads up from reader bobbookworm.

Apparently the Vancouver PD terminated some low life after exchanging fire and now these clowns decide they needed to come over here from Portlandistan.

bobbookworm advised me to see what Andy Ngo was saying about it so I went to his Twitter feed.

Looks like the locals were standing by.

The usual pushing and shoving, a little fisticuffs and then some guy got a face full of pepper spray.

He’s the guy on the ground behind the electrical box.

All this bullshit is going on downtown, clear across town from me.

I wasn’t planning on going anywhere tonight anyway so these morons can have all the fun they want as far as I’m concerned.

If they decide to stray too far from the protection of the local police downtown they may find that they have made a serious tactical error.

15 thoughts on “Antifa In Vancouver Tonight

  1. I have some POM OC spray (stream) I just ordered, nuttin’ like a sub-lethal Holy Hot Sauce Blessing to take the pissing match outta ya. At 1.40% MC level, it can really do a number on ya. Spray it into somebody’s face mask and you can watch ’em gag.

    Stay safe, Phil!


    • I have noticed a recurring theme with you egorr. You are with out a doubt the sneakiest, dirtiest Christian street fighter I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. You are just downright evil and deadly in your choice of weapons and biological deterrents. Glad you are on my side… Who would have thunked a mild mannered man of peace is a crazed warrior.

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      • I’ve always admired the rabid Christian soldier attitude of Doug Giles. He asked “WWJD if some nutjob came into his church and started offing parishoners? Why, Jesus would whip out his Glock and doubletap the center of mass!”


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