I tried to find the scariest thing I could think of for Halloween and if the thought of this freak being one step away from being the President of the United States of America doesn’t chill you to the bone then you are already one of the Walking Dead.

22 thoughts on “BOO!

  1. I must have missed this during the past week. On the weekend wrap-
    up Rush Limbaugh show he stated that many states allow you to change
    your vote. There was a huge spike in vote change requests just after
    the Hunter Biden story broke. This may be a good sign!


    • Just saw it and loved it! My RCP interactive map has Bad Orange
      Man winning 325 electoral votes. This is not a wave election,
      it is a bigger voter rebellion than 2016. I have not seen a bad
      sign about the election in months. RCP has so many Democrat
      oversampled outliers that they were the basis of New York Slimes
      projection that the lesbian former First Lady had a chance of her
      winning at 95 percent. Today, Trump is within the margin of
      error even with the outliers.

      I may go to sleep on election day earlier than I did in 2016.
      Ubangi recently stumped for Alzheimer’s Joe in a small
      in-car rally event. A horn honk was the same as applause.
      When Ubangi was pumping them up for Slow Joe, there
      was silence. When he was trashing Bad Orange Man
      they honked their horns. That tells me that he was
      preaching to the radical base which is a tiny minority!


  2. Phil- I sorry for off topic, but how the hell you comment on Intrepid Reporter Big Country? Maybe too stupid to know how to do it. Sorry and thanks a million. Gotta go eat some meskin food so I can take a giant Joe in the morning.


    • I use my Google account in the drop down box. Even then, he moderates the comments and it can take a while before he gets around to approving them.
      I just left a comment there a second ago. We’ll see how long it takes before he gets to it.


    • Michael Myers with a vagina, in her case for sale! Chlymida Harris
      will have to go back to sucking dicks for a living in a few days!


      • She will probably try to claim her “campaigning” means she should be given a managerial position. I can’t think of any work she would be qualified for. Any.


  3. Leonard, did she give you correct change on that $10 bill last time? Ms Harris is going to have to swallow, ‘cos she won’t be earning enough money to eat well. Her future doesn’t require any tea leaves being read. Deathray might have room for her to bunk down at the mountain lair!


  4. The good news is that once Trump crushes Biden/Harris, her career run at the Presidency is done, D.U.N., done. Funny how the Demonrats haven’t recognized YET, that a woman on the ticket for the Presidency of any party spells the DEATH KNELL for that campaign. it’s like they want to lose. That’s TEN times now a woman has been nominated as part of a national ticket and been rejected by the electorate. Even a candidate as SUPPOSEDLY popular as Hitlery Cliton doesn’t have the horsepower to seal the deal and she got two shots at it.


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