Sit Rep At The Local Wally World

Other than the usual batch of Wal Mart Freaks, the first thing I noticed was that the joint was PACKED.

I’m not even kidding. Every checker had a huge line and the Self Check area had a line twenty carts deep.

The Wifely Unit is actually on her way home from picking up her On Line order from a different Wally World and the only reason I had to go was to try and pick up some items that they couldn’t fill at the other store.

The frozen pizzas she usually gets for when she watches football and doesn’t want to cook, some plastic spoons and the little bottles of water she likes.

Amazingly enough the one I went to actually had 6 of the pizzas she usually gets, that’s how many she usually orders anyway, so I snagged them all.

Snagged the plastic spoons and the little bottles of water too.

Since I had gotten everything she wanted and there was obviously no reason to be in any hurry to try and get checked out, I did a little shopping of my own.

Election day is right around the corner.

Antifa and their retarded minions were playing in the streets downtown last night.

Things I kept in the back of my mind while pushing the cart around.

Speaking of which, I did notice that they finally gave up and got rid of the stupid one way arrows for the aisles that no one paid any attention to in the first place.

I know I didn’t.

I swung by and snagged a couple packages of Johnson’s cheese filled franks, some Bacon because there is no such thing as too much of that, a Kilbasa sausage, 3 cans of Spam , a huge log of Jimmy Dean’s breakfast sausage, a small one of the same thing except the HOT variety because I love that shit and a couple pounds of hamburgers.

I also swung by to check the availability of Ass Wipe , saw plenty and grabbed another 18 pack anyway.

The last thing I want to deal with is another Great Toilet Paper Shortage.

I think we have 40 rolls now and I’ll call that good for a while.

Fuckin’ idiots out there anyway.

Of course every time I go off the reservation and buy extra shit like this the Wifely Unit gets pissed off at me but I quit caring about that a long time ago.

So I really didn’t see a whole lot of shortages except the canned corn section got severely depleted for some reason.

Some of the other canned vegetable sections had holes in them but there was still some there if you weren’t after a whole bunch.

I didn’t bother going out of the grocery section to check on the guns and ammo because by then I had enough of playing bumper cars and asking stupid motherfuckers to get out of my way nicely.

What it is with some of these brain dead assholes that have to park their cart on the edge of an aisle right at the end so that you have to get out a micrometer and measure the gap to see if you can squeeze your cart by them to get at anything.

It doesn’t take too much of that nonsense for me to decide it’s time to go.

I had to get behind a lady twenty feet from the register to get in line and that was the shortest line I saw, forget trying to get anywhere near the Self Checkout area.

A good ten minute wait so I had a chance to do some people watching.

Quite a few older folk today, way more than what I normally see. Social Security must have paid out early because the 1st is tomorrow and it’s a Sunday.

So no last minute prepping by the Normies that I could really point to. They are all still comfortably wrapped up in their Normalcy Bias blankets.

24 thoughts on “Sit Rep At The Local Wally World

  1. Well, we’re not preppers here at all. We (mostly she) buy stuff when it’s on sale – paper products, canned food, ammo, assorted. We have never needed a single thing since all this shit started and won’t unless it comes down to cooking up squirrel – which we keep well fed.


    • Speaking of a sitrep – how about asking everyone to comment on what they are seeing locally again? Time for an update, methinks.


      • Neighbors across the street (young 28+) put up a Trump sign. Fell down a couple of times so they moved it against the house in the flower bed. Went missing and yesterday he put up a Trump sign about 60×40. Looks homemade. Have only seen 1 biden sign but 10+ Trump signs. Western Ky. No blm or antifa in sight.

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  2. Wednesdays throughout the month are when the Sociable Security payments hit; which Wednesday you get your $ depends on which day of the month you were born.

    30th/31st/1st is when us retired military farts get ours.

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  3. I did a quick stock up before the election. Avoided Wally World like the plague. Had better luck at the smaller locally owned store. No problem getting paper products. However, for some reason there was no fresh chicken. They had frozen chicken so it was all good. Pretty low on frozen pizzas, yogurt, and ice-cream for some reason. In just a few days our county went from being a green zone to a red zone. Spread from the local Federal prison and kid’s sports.

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  4. Bigger set than I got.
    I’d rather take a whupping than go to Walmart during the last two and first two days of a month.
    EIB or whatever the hell they’re calling them now, get filled around here at that time and all of those Walmart people that you see in the people books show up for the running of the monthly Foodstamp 500.
    There just isn’t anything I need that bad. I’m not crazy about the place anytime but I flat out won’t go when that shits happening.

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  5. Was in town with my son going to various sporting goods stores just to see what’s what. In the checkout line ahead of us a dude bought 4 Benelli shotguns and 50 boxes of buckshot.

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  6. When I was givin’ your post a read I got to the part where you were off at another location pickin’ up other items , I immediately thought ” Yeah , Phil is grabbin’ stuff ” The Wifely Unit ” isn’t about to throw in the cart !!! …

    Sure enough , a little further down ,I read the line about how she ” gets pissed at ya but ya stopped carin’ about that a long time ago ” …

    I had that one pegged in advance !!! … Thanks for the morning chuckle !

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