Even With All Of The Election Fuckery We Just Witnessed, Think About This

I’d give credit where it’s due but the guy who wrote it posted it anonymously,


despite 95% media control,

despite 3 letter agencies all gunning for him,

despite a 4 year witch hunt by democrats,

despite multiple attempts on his life,

despite election fraud and fuckery,

despite the faux pandemic,

despite the riots,

despite all of Soros’ money,

despite social media deplatforming everyone,

Trump has beat these fuckers. Not only that, but the Supreme Court will not be friendly about what they are about to learn.

10 thoughts on “Even With All Of The Election Fuckery We Just Witnessed, Think About This

  1. Even so, you soft wimps still won’t publicly hang them if found guilty of treason. Not a Club Fed Supermax gaol, not even a public whipping. If found guilty of organised child trafficking, the Democrat Pizzagate mob would never really pay for their crimes. Never face real punishment. Never!


  2. 6am CBS calling Biden 225, Trump 213, ten states still in play, running the numbers (my guess Trump gets GA, NC, AK, NV and AZ) leaves us with Biden 274, Trump 264, when PA is called for Biden on Friday because of their absurd 3 days posted ballot rules.
    In the meantime Biden declares himself winner and starts his transition team process the MSM backs him to the hilt and Antifa riot in the cities. The shit show ramps up.


  3. Trump hasn’t won till he is inaugurated. That gives the left till January to manufacture as many fraudulent votes as required to win. And they OWN more than enough judges to insure these fake votes get counted. No…..Trump hasn won and healost certainly CAN’T win. The outcome of this election was predetermined when the PLANNEDEMIC was used as an excuse for nationwide “mail in voting”. The PERFECT mechanism to allow the left unlimited cheating.


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  5. It’s always required a tough stomach to be a nooz junkie, but I think I’ve reached peak disgust. I’m going to take a break today and pursue some of those “arts and crafts” projects that take dangerous tools handled very carefully.
    The fraud machine is cranking at max power, but Trump is a fighter and won’t be vanquished easily.


  6. As for Michigan, here’s the official score as of 8:14PM EST tonight, 4 Nov.


    An hour ago, Trump was up by almost a QUARTER MILLION votes with only 4 counties left to report. One of them is Wayne (which includes Detroit), but the others are very small in comparison. So unless Wayne County has a 100% Biden vote (impossible because there’s a LOT of Trump country in Wayne County outside of Detroit), Trump should take the electoral votes.


  7. In my state, we re-elected our Rino Republican Governor, who drug along enough State Senators, CONgressmen and Executive advisors to flip the state government back to GOP control. This, after the the 2016 election, when Demonrats took control and IMMEDIATELY tried to pass a law taking our “assault weapons” and large cap mags. Yet, in 2020, the voters SUPPOSEDLY voted overwhelmingly for Biden, completely flipping the state from the 2016 election. …and I’ve got this bridge…


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