Now We Wait

It’s 5:50 A.M. here at Phil’s Temple of Tools and Emporium.

It won’t be too long and they will start calling the winners of the East Coast states.

Generally they declare the overall winner before Oregon, Washington, Alaska and Hawaii’s polls even close if it’s not going to be close.

I made sure my phone is charged up so I can follow along occasionally at work whenever I can get a cell phone signal.

Even if the usual suspects try to start a bunch of protest shit I should be fine because I am nowhere near any of their favorite targets and I take some back roads anyway to avoid as many traffic lights as I can.

Keep your eyes peeled folks, this is only the beginning no matter who wins.

The Left has been working themselves into a frenzy and they are going to shoot their wad regardless.

Just stay out of the way an hope they hurt themselves doing it.

I should be home in plenty of time to catch the end of this chapter.

33 thoughts on “Now We Wait

  1. Heavy turn-out here in 62650-land (western IL 90 miles N of St. Louis)

    At 8 am, I was # 54 from my precinct to vote. Having worked there as an election judge previously, I can tell you that this a MASSIVE turn-out, the workers said there were over 20 lined up when they opened the doors @ 6 AM

    So………………how is it in your part of the country ?


  2. Interesting….light turn out so far….almost lunch time here in SE Michigan…maybe heavier on the East side, but in my West side area, somewhat light.


  3. High turnout is a good sign. All of the passion, enthusiasm, and numbers
    is with Trump. There was a chart of Trump v Biden rallies 14 or 15 each.
    Out of four or fifteen, the combined total for Biden was about 350. The
    total for Trump was tens of thousands. Trump’s rallies got bigger and
    bigger from then on. Trump’s biggest rally drew 75,000 while Poor
    Joe’s biggest event had 365. There are more people in the porta-
    shitters at an average Trump rally at any given time the average
    of all of the Biden events.


    • “There are more people in the porta-shitters at an average Trump rally at any given time the average of all of the Biden events.”
      Nice! Gonna have to borrow that….


  4. No need to hurry home Phil. As Rush has put it, “We have reached Peak Disinformation”, and the real news will take a day or two to make itself known. It’s still going to be fun to surf the ‘net tonight though from my peaceful, quiet, and SAFE redoubt in the Oregon Outback.


  5. The lovely missus and I just got back from voting. Quick and easy out here in the ‘burbs. Let’s hope and pray for the best. I don’t expect any trouble here, but one never knows…….


  6. Today’s not gonna be the feces show that tomorrow and the rest of the week is. Wife Unit and I are not turning on the TV, all we are doing is listening to Rush right now, then back to radio silence.

    I’m sure not going to miss the election commercials, nor having to listen to the Media Circus telling us Joe will Save The Day.


    • Got my scanner running here in Northern Colorado, about 65 miles North of Denver, and things are strangely silent. Wonder if everybody flipped the “encrypted” bit…?


  7. 62257 land here. South and East of St. Louis. small rual precent. voted about 10, over 120 voters before me. For my poling place, that’s huge numbers.


  8. There is one other good sign I forgot to mention. Rush Limbaugh reported
    that may states allow you to change your mail-in ballot at a polling place.
    There was a huge spike in voters changing their votes after the Hunter
    Biden scandal broke. Coincidence, or are traditional Democrat voters
    flipping to Trump?


    • 20 minute in-n-out… Clean run. No shenanigans. Doorman (because COVID and -reasons-) said 0600 (polls opened 0700) the line was out and wrapped around the building. HUNNERDS o’folks.


  9. Don’t have tv here so I’m counting on you fellas for updates.
    Did go to town and vote. Then went and got a bag of popcorn. Been over a year since I had some.
    Hoping for the best and ready for the worst.
    Best of luck to all you guys.

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  10. “here at Phil’s Temple of Tools and Emporium.” Phil, I thought it was Phil’s Temple of wayward tool nerds and redneck curmudgeons and offbeat foriegn weeble weetards…


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