Open Election Thread

Here we go folks.

The returns should start coming in any minute.

This is the Electoral Map that our friend Leonard made.

Let’s see how close he comes eh?

AAAAAaand already there is fuckery.

Somebody in Virginia can’t fucking count.

17 thoughts on “Open Election Thread

  1. Bite-me as ahead in the EV count by 30 (totally expected). The uber blue East
    coast states gave him the lead just as it did in 2020. As the night goes on,
    he is going to sweep the Southern states and the Midwestern states, The
    Upper Midwest the people who saw their jobs come back will not forget that.
    I could be off 2 or more states, but Trump is going to win this!

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  2. As long as PDJT has a clear and incontrovertible 270+, I don’t care about any leftover states they want to squabble about. But it does need to be overwhelming beyond the margin of possible fraud. The bigger the margin of victory, the sooner we can put down the insurrection.

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  3. I think Trump will take Texas but in all honesty I’m worried about the future. The population of Texas is centralizing in the big cities which tend to go Liberal while the rural areas are becoming empty because people don’t seem to live on the land that they farm and ranch. Small towns look like ghost towns. I’m afraid there won’t be enough people left to offset the big cities at some point in the future. Just my view, I hope I’m wrong.


    • Demographics is destiny.

      “Do not forget that these people
      want you broke, dead, your kids
      raped and brainwashed, and they
      think it’s funny.” -Sam Hyde


    • Texas catered to all that trash in California and is now surprised it is turning blue? Hello, when you pour shit in the bathwater you come out dirty.


  4. I have been seeing major MSM fuckery all night so far. They called the entire West Coast for Biden exactly 28 minutes after the polls closed.
    They stalled for an hour and a half to call Florida and Texas for Trump, jumped the gun and called AZ for Biden and won’t call Georgia or Pennsylvania. Lots of states stopping their counts and won’t restart until tomorrow.
    I still say Trump is going to win in the end but there is most definitely a concerted effort between the Democrats and the MSM to make it impossible for Trump to be declared the winner on election night.

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    • Even though I nailed the 2016 EV vote, Biteme and Trump are
      neck and neck. Trump is ahead in several battleground states,
      The states are not yet calling the election, but as badly as I
      fucked this up, I still see Trump winning. He is ahead in
      Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennslyvania, North Carolina,
      Georgia, and will no doubt win Alaska. Despite the Democrat
      party fuckery, Trump leads Biteme, Trump is ahead of him
      in Pennsylvania by 12.6 points with 75 percent reporting.
      Trump has to win this state in spite of Democrat fuckery
      or he will lose the election. PA changed its voting rules
      in the middle of the election. If he does not win the vote
      he should challenge it in the courts.


  5. Listening to the re-treading on all the broadcasting and cable I looked around for some “fresh perspective”

    Probably wanna have headphones on if y’alls ol’ lady is anything like mine.


  6. How many possible total votes are there in the Electoral College? Am I right that each state has 2 Electors, some have freedom to choose, but some don’t? How are they picked, from a state board selection or what? The rest of the College’s votes represent one from each congressman and each senator, and do they vote from the floor of each house, or a secret ballot? Does the incumbent President and Vice-President get to vote too? Any other College votes possible? How did Hillary get to be a New York Elector, thought she was from Arkansas? The Dem hags having two heads, do they get two votes?


  7. When I saw the picture at the top of the article with Virginia being called for Biden when Trump had a clear lead, I immediately emailed Brett Baier calling him out on it. ‘Course it didn’t change any thing, but I made Fox aware that there’s a bunch of people out here that are watching every move the slimeballs make. Someone on the show shortly after said that Virginia was being called based on exit polling, not actual vote counts.

    When regular telephone polling is conducted it’s know that people lie about who they’re going to vote. Personally I wouldn’t answer that question ever. It’s no one’s business and gives an untrustworthy result IMHO. Just look to 2016 as a prime example.


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