This Is What It Is All About

The last three “updates” from Michigan have been:

>500,000 votes, with 72-28 split for Biden

>250,000 votes, with 90-10 split for Biden

>150,000 votes, all for Biden

>85,000 votes, all for Biden

It’s literally impossible to have 200k mail in votes all going to Biden and not a single one to Trump and How come the last two results don’t have the same ratio as the first two?? Clearly manipulated

33 thoughts on “This Is What It Is All About

    • Crime? Crime and more more.
      Oh wait, its probably “Some people did some things”
      It is witnessing a coup of the century underway but doomed to total fail, and the outing of the commie insects orchestrating it.
      These people do not deserve America.

      Check out this twatter compilation linked below of good folks providing evidence and documentation showing the myriad of ways of this gerrymander, vote fraud and rigging is accomplished.
      So much unbridled hate for America and what it stands for can only explain the motives and actions.
      These are the real enemy. Without these sycophants and minions undertaking the actions to create a coup against President Trump, and a coup it is by non violent means, so far, there would be no war to destroy us.
      To answer the oft ask question where do we point our musket barrels? Here be the cold hard truth.
      Read this morning there’s now two postmasters now been caught red handed, who ordered his underlings to sort thru mail in ballets and counterfeit the date/time stamps back to 11-3-2020. Is it understood how vile an act of counterfeit this is?
      The trust of Post Masters goes all the way back to the Colonial Era, a trust entrusted thats the most vile apostasy against the whole foundation of republican form of government. Even pedo=joes treason is lesser an evil.

      It is so blatant its like these cheaters and traitors live inside a bubble where no law, no rules, no morals, no America, no nothing exists, where self serving compulsion rules. Stunning is understating things:

      I’m serious as a heart attack we all need to see this condensed all in one read to truly appreciate the scale and scope. Many of the tweets are censored or deleted of course. Which only validates their veracity and truth:


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  2. Strange how Trump had over a 300k margin in GA at 5am and at noon he only had a 80k margin with no increase in his votes in the same time period.


  3. Ever since the Bush/Gore debacle of 2000 the left has been diligently working to remove real voters from the equation and replace them with fake votes they control. The convenient arrival of the PLANNEDEMIC gave them the cover thy doubt to impose the insanity of “mail in voting”. You’d be hard pressed to come up with a better scheme to facilitate votevraud. And that is exactly what we are seeing…..on a scale heretofore unimaginable.


  4. The funny thing is how blatant obvious the vote rigging and dumping is.
    Watched it all thru the night till 6am, the monkey tricks I witnessed with my eyes is patently obvious.
    The hubris involved is spectacular.
    The only precincts where the vote rigging/dumping was happening is commie held territory, and this is another patently obvious truth, where they held no appreciable control over vote counting, and before they began vote rigging, Trump had mathamaticly unbeatable leads. Again it is so obvious I had to pause for a few moments to ask myself am I really seeing this because of its vast corruption and yes, treason. Remarkable.
    Figures Don’t Lie and Liars Do Figure.
    It is impossible to hide the numbers resulting from vote fraud, they are automatic indictments. They can not hide them, because if they do, the rigged votes instantly disappear. Thats how illegitimate this is.
    Math dont lie.
    The truth has no agenda.
    Wait a couple Days, The God Emperor is always ahead of the corruption.
    The Clown Show is just that, its show, the basis for all illegitimate politics, they always tell on themselves, the trick is to distract just enough folks from seeing it.
    The Truth is always the best rhetoric.
    I would eat my hat, if Trump did not already have teams of investigators with federal powers that supersede state/local/city regs and laws, after all it is a election for federal power.
    Notice every 5th column media electoral map has the word Democracy positioned prominently within the graphics.
    Keep in your thinking, remember this for a million good reasons, the margins of fraudulent vote rigging are mathematical impossibilities, statistically fit no known modeling nor follow cultural conventions, all they have going for them is what the always are, fake. Lies as illusions of something legitimate.
    It’s a hail mary last ditch attempt at their palace coup.
    They set up three mutually supporting ulterior situations, which the yellow media of course is absolutely essential, no matter what this 5th column collection of apparatchiks assigned objectives is to usurp the position of declaration of who the winner is, in other words they kicked the process of legitimacy itself in the ass, stomped it into the sewer drain and took over.
    Ex Senator Decepti-con Paul Ryan is chief community organizer at Fox New’s Election Psy-op.
    I can not think how they expect this organized vote fraud to be successful, pain in our arses yeah, probably bloodier and ugly than we have experienced after their 1st war of aggression against resistance and secession of same said tyranny, ultimately successful, it is not.

    The beautiful statement Tacitus made about a similar time in Rime’s history says a lot, if you do not ignore history:

    It seemed the secret long held was revealed, that indeed a God Emperor could be elected, that the common people could elect him outside the ruling class’s power.

    The parallels between then and now are frightenly similar, seems history is circular in nature.

    I truly believe, I have zero doubts, and indomitable faith, us good folks prevail… that whats happening, our history as Freemen, I pointedly mention Freemen, obviously, as others do not matter in the equation other than being enemies, enemies tacit or otherwise – foreign or domestic, we who are born onto Liberty and live by its blessings and codes, events could not happen any other way.
    We only need to get thru events, as the only way to do so is to fight thru with every asset and weapon including our hearts our minds and our faith, and in that faith is the belief we are not alone, that we are Legion.
    What is so uniquely different and why we prevail, is due to four things.
    Number One we are the first, The Only Ones in all history, constituting a civilization to have, to live within, successfully, the structure of ordered Liberty. Individual Liberty is easy, Ordered Liberty is whats hard. That we have survived a non stop 245 years of tyrants attempting to destroy us is testament to ourselves as the ultimate in legitimacy, and power, as all there is, is power. What is the second cause is becomes self evident as the DOI states.
    # 2, We are armed to the fucking teeth, that our Rifles are the center of our history.
    #3, We possess a weapon so unique it still does not have a name, yet it is the most powerful weapon ever devised: Fuck You, BFYTW, is always a choice. In less blunt terms its Consent, specifically withdrawal of our Consent, aka, “I Won’t!”…MYOB!…Choice. The question is free choice, the unfettered exercise of choice. You can call us late for dinner, call us deplorable, call us racial bigots, you can put a gun to our heads and extort us to obey via the most foul of threat of death, you can kill us, but we always get to decide, to choose. All you have done then is kill one of us, or thousands, it matters not, because tyrannies power comes from consent of people, no matter how that consent is gotten, tacit or not.
    Men who be free, they are because they refuse to consent, because they withdraw their consent.
    And a rigged election does not change the truth if us who are free. Thats why the object of the ism’s, communism et all, is to kill all who come to its call, because literally in no uncertain terms those they kill are those who withdraw consent and refuse to obey ism’s tyrants.

    Its a serious fucking pickle for our tyrants. Aside from their record of failure to destroy us, the largest failure of all is to disarm us of the teeth behind our Consent, our Rifles.
    A test of our mettle is close to hand. It will take, involve all of us for better or worse, this is the issue this election has elected.
    The God Emperor Trump is an indictment born of our free choice and free will. An indictment with a death penalty clause.

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    • The naked Chutzpah of these fuckers blows my mind. Like nobody is going to notice 150,000 votes that are all for Biden that just appeared out of nowhere in the middle of the night?!
      Yes, they are going to lose bigly. Trump knew this was coming two years ago, minimum.
      Sometimes the only way people will wake the hell up is to show them undeniable proof of what has been staring them in the face all along. Trump is pushing this all the way to the edge and then the hammer is going to fall. Every single entity even remotely involved with this blatant attempt at vote rigging is going down. ESPECIALLY those complicit in the media.
      I’m looking straight at you FOX NEWS.


          • I underestimated the Democrat’s ability to cheat on a national level.
            There is still a path to 270 even if he “loses” the election through
            recounts and litigation in Wisconsin, Nevada, Michigan, and a
            few other states. Every damn ballot will be scrutinized in either
            scenario. Wisconsin already triggered an automatic recount as
            did a few other states.

            In Pennsylvania, the Secretary of State arbitrarily changed the
            rules, a clear violation of the separation of powers act. A few other
            states are razor-thin including Nevada and Arizona. Do not ever
            underestimate a street fighter!


          • I was noticing the same thing. I wrote them an email calling out their lies, lot of good that will do. You can say what you want about Roger Ailles’ proclivity for harassing woman on his staff, he was an azzhole in that regard, however when it came to accurate reporting Fox had no equal until his control passed. If it wasn’t for Tucker, Sean and Laura, Fox would be just another CNN.


      • All night long on fox for virginia, they had the race going to biden, with President Trump solidly ahead in vote percent listed on their screen. What a bunch of fucktards.


      • They sure be clowns Phil, used to cheating for so long they thought they could get away with it in the age of the God Emperor. Their asshatery is world class, they didn’t even salt their vote dumps with at least a couple token Trump votes. Do they think common core dumbed down 345 million Americans where they cant do basic math or something?

        It’s a bridge too far this time. It was obvious their messiah was installed thru their standard of 3% vote fraud, but those days are long gone, more than enough good folks know they tried to put the fix in.

        I’m beyond bullshit, into the realm of this ain’t gonna stand, I’m done with them, I’m thinking how I can do my part, unequivocally. I have great faith I’m in good company. It’s payback time bitchez.

        President Trump, as is his way handles this superbly, outs the skumbags and dirty stinking commies in all their depravity.
        Remember, they exist in a most fragile glass house, a nudge in the right spot they and their order collapses. They went to far in every conceivable respect. They have always been their own worst enemy. The quisling media and tech masters of the universe have totally soiled their nest.

        President Trump declares Martial Law, calls all Patriots to Defend the Republic.
        If Q has said one thing without fail, where one goes all go.
        Who won’t among us show up to that call? And our Women, I know mine would in no uncertain terms tell me its time, come back if you can, you got a duty to do.

        If by some crazy happenstance President Trump is deposed or worse, well we always knew there would be a “what after after Trump” and it would be payback time for our deplorable defiance and resistance, or if there never was a God Emperor, it was nut cutting time, what with Mao in a pantsuit, the barren vag psychopath.

        So in one way how is this total bullshit any different than any other day?
        I mean every day you get up you risk death or worse.
        It’s always better dying like a man for something and others you love than sitting by, waiting to get picked off piecemeal by neo-bolsheviks, your home burnt, your family liquidated.
        Me, I’m taking as many with me as humanly possible before I’m taking the dirt nap. I planned for it to be highly proactive. And I believe there’s others prepared, who are going to make the fuckers wish they never heard of America. If they live to regret fucking with us.

        We will certainly see which of the 3 goes down. Time is a resource they have little of remaining, all but used up, I think too they really don’t grok unintended consequences, cause and effect, the natural law of. We really been good folks all along, its been a cake walk for the assholes, hardly anyones raised a hand in anger against them. But insidious does not equate ruthlessness, cold blood ruthless. Vengeance via us men of the west is something that has to be experienced to be appreciated. But you got to live long enough to appreciate it on the receiving end…they want terror? They want their precious order out of chaos, they will get that and a world of hurt more.
        You reap what you sow.


      • Yesss.
        We are legion.

        I’m not afraid, not just because of what my beliefs and faith are, because I’m in very good company of millions of us armed to the fucking teeth for this time thats come to us.


  5. Fellas, I apologise for being flippant about an easy Trump win earlier. I thought I’d seen heaps of crooked politics in my life, well I did and hate having to live through it, but the criminals you’re facing are blatantly rapine of your Republic. I hope that a real Civil War Mk.III doesn’t eventuate.


      • There’s a brutal, unmentioned factor in this roaring fraud machine. His name is Donald J. Trump.
        It ain’t over yet kiddies. Somebody on another blog quoted Heinlein: “Keep your clothes and your weapons where you can find them in the dark.” I trust that team Trump will let us know what is to be done and when.


  6. This alone, not even taking into consideration all of the other illegal shit they’ve pulled, should show us all that the left MUST be destroyed…BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.


  7. I just thought of something. “Literally impossible?” The odds of this occurring
    naturally is higher than the number of stars in the known universe!


    • never stopped the party of pedo’s and phsychopaths from doubling down, but thats just it, the thought of cleansing America of these vermin was thought “Literally Impossible”, not any more.

      “Never stop the enemy when he is making a mistake”, (especially a strategic one of permanent existential proportions).


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