14 thoughts on “Smoke On The Water

  1. Looks like Tahkentich lake down between Florence and Reedsport…Used to be several old, ramshackle cabins floating there and the background/foreground of the pic looks right.


  2. Yup, an old houseboat in the bayou with no roads leading to and from could be nice. It would work better if you are born and used to being in the swamp after dark, the learning curb is steep ! Not a lot of visitors unless they are invited.


  3. I’ve seen very few houseboats in far north Queensland, must be the threat from tropical cyclones? One feature that they all share is a high enough railing surround to prevent crocodiles snatching an occupant, might also prevent drunks falling overboard!


      • I bet Herr Unfuck U has a houseboat on that trout lake of his, using it as a weekender. Any drunks stepping off the edge would keep those big pike well fed.


        • I am not sure how big they get there, but we do get some whopper Pikes and Muskie and Sturgeon, Ya never want to piss off a Columbia River Sturgeon, I did and it took a bite out of the outside of my right tennis shoe clad foot…


          • A Northern Pike of over 48 lbs was caught on Lake Powell. You’ll be amazed how it was caught.

            A jet skier was running across the lake when he noticed a commotion on the surface. No boats or other water craft were in the area. The jet skier went over to get a closer look. A pike had choked on trying to swallow a slightly smaller pike. The man reached in and landed both fish by grabbing the gills of the larger fish. He took that fish into have it weighed on a certified scale (after removing the smaller fish).

            This happened around the end of 2009 off of Antelope Island.


  4. An old ‘weird news’ item from PNG was of a native pausing in a river crossing to relieve himself, when a big river turtle relieved him entirely of his oldpella. Either it was making a statement about pollution, or confused his wedding tackle for fishing tackle!


    • Damn, one more thing in Australia that wants to kill you, Killer Turtles…. only turtle we have to worry about is Snapping Turtles that, will iffn’ you are skinny dipping will appreciate your dinker for a worm…


  5. Papua New Guinea was granted indepenence in 1975, so not an Australian turtle. It was probably an Indonesian agent from Irian Jaya. Apart from crocs, tiger sharks in rivers and bull sharks in rivers and lagoons like eating humans and dogs, but the US has the same toothy fish in your rivers. Also great white sharks in New Jersey rivers!


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