100% Pure

Because Fuck You, That’s Why.

All y’all best be having a conversation with yourselves.

If they let Biden and that flaming cunt Harris steal this election we are going to be on the menu.


16 thoughts on “100% Pure

  1. Had the conversation years ago
    Came to my conclusion and never thought of changing my mind
    BFYTY is the battle cry and I’m putting your image at the bottom of this page on my flag.
    Watch em run then Boys,oh yeah!!!!


  2. Just waiting for the flag to go up. I’m too old to run and too pissed off to give a fuck about some Communist snowflake’s pleas for mercy, at thus point. They started it, so let’s finish it.


  3. I’m old and tired of this bullshit.

    I got no kids,

    I really don’t think I want to let someone steal my country. Take it fair and square? I’ll be disappointed, but deal with it. Steal it like what I am seeing? I dunno.

    One the one hand, if we let them steal it, Democracy dies. On the other hand, if we let them steal it, it’s gone and we will be letting down every soldier, every legislator, every person that has protected our Republic for all of it’s existence.

    Yet of we fight, we destroy the country anyway.

    I figure I , personally, have nothing to lose that isn’t already lost. Others may feel differently.

    But I’m ready to go. I can’t run as fast, or carry as much as I once could. But I can still fight.


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  4. I have been waging war on the “we are doomed” faction of the Republican
    party (voters) since the W administration. More than once, I said when the
    time comes to pick up our sporting arms, I will be the first to cry, Hey Rube.
    We are not quite there yet but the time may be near. I am an old fuck
    who is nearing the end of my life, who will take a whole bunch of them
    with me. Watch this interesting graphic representation of Black Sabbath’s
    War Pigs:


  5. These Progtards have more than a screw loose if they think we are going to be marched to “camps” (or whatever they refer to them as). Do they not realize when you poke the bear enough, he turns and rends you?!?

    These people are NOT going to survive the opening of The Fourth Box.


    • EXACTLY!

      The citizen militia our Founding Fathers envisioned now consists of 100
      million armed citizens. If the left crosses the line it is GAME OVER!


  6. The funniest part about people like this bragging of their “plans” for us, is that, for some reason, they think they will not be PERSONALLY involved. I gather intell as a “hobby”.

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  7. Fuck it. Bring it. Bunch a damn keyboard warriors. The will send the brown shirts in, I am good with that. You know why, Phil knows why.


  8. If you think 2020 sucked just wait until the fucking communists fuck everything up in the next 2-4 years.

    I worked hard to get myself in a good place and I feel sorry for the ones that can’t.


  9. I have the perfect solution. Since this country was built by White Haters from the ground up, it is clear that it is unsuitable for the Communist Liberal to stay here. Just so much to get rid of.

    So move your happy ass anywhere you want to – just get the fug out !


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