35 thoughts on “There Are No Second Dates

    • All women are bi-polar, just some are more bi-polar then others…. I know, a Psych nurse for almost ten years until I got very tired of treating the same merry go around of the same people. One to one and a half percent of all the people in the US are truly mentally ill, the rest need a good swift kiss in the ass and a clue 2X4 upside until they get it figured out.


      • Amen Brother! I knew a guy who was of Polish stock and he was a
        god to me. Anti-PC as fuck! He once dated some chick taking a
        Psych class. Her feminist professor told her that eating pussy
        was a subconscious desire to return to the safety of the womb.
        Polock Ted stopped doing it to her. For a month or more she
        would ask, Why are you not doing “that thing” anymore. Ted’s
        response was, What thing? She finally blurted out eat my pussy!
        Ted said I don’t want you to think I am mentally ill.

        Then there was the time he was sitting at a table with two coeds.
        He was scribbling on a cocktail napkin. One of them asked what
        he was drawing. He said he was working on a moisture activated
        Tampon bomb. They ran away faster than the hardened criminals
        on the Group W bench from Arlo Guthry!

        Ted was 6’4″ at least and as bald as Telly Savalas. Some chick
        in an elevator asked him to take the next one because she found
        him threatening. He told her that if she felt uneasy, YOU can
        take the next one!


        • “Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never–in nothing, great or small, large or petty–never give in, except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.”

          — Winston Churchill
          I just read this over at “Political Incorrect Canadian” Blog, it is very appropriate!


          • Atta Boy Cederq! If we lose this battle Cameltoe Harris will be our
            president. We need to make it clear to the GOP that we will NOT
            stand for half-ass squishy Senate and House candidates. We
            have to demand genuine conservative warriors. If we lose this
            battle we have to focus on the 2022 midterm elections in order
            to gridlock the slut to limit the damage to two years!

            Churchill’s we will never surrender speech had an addendum:

            “And we’ll fight them with the butt ends of broken beer bottles
            because that’s bloody well all we’ve got!”


            • I agree with just about everything you ever say here.
              I don’t think we have until 2022 though.
              I’m thinking our time is going to have to be now.


          • Cederq, Churchill was a psychotic Zionist turd, beholden to the Rothschilds to whom he gave in whenever they whistled. Surely you can find an upstanding Yank warrior to quote, not that Pommy bastard! He was never your ally.


            • It was the quote itself that attracted me, and it’s message. I have read several books on W. Churchill and know he wasn’t our ally and wasn’t Poland’s ally either, he was the one to suggest to the 3 big wigs to give it to Russia… Like the old saying, Keep friends close, but keep enemies closer, and know their philosophy. His grandfather was very instrumental in getting France and Germany at loggerheads just before WW1.


  1. It’s what happens when the woman in our civilization where given the vote. Every day it looks like the concept of one man one vote, ie, the Man of the family votes for his family, was always the correct course to preserve and safeguard our culture, aka Time Honored Traditions.
    Time. Honored. Traditions.
    Read that again.
    Consider how the virus if radical feminism has featured as the cause and root of the most historical events, events which precipitated almost everything going down to this moment.
    Prohibition ushered in the age of industrialized organized crime at all levels of our society government and economy, it institutionalized what was before an artifact of human nature, not a vast feature of human activity within our 2000 year Christian Greco/Roman culture, as we Men if The West today are the decendents of the greats and humbles, and its to us this unmitigated disaster we must rise and fix shit or we a fucking toast.
    Its the bitches like this sexual sociopath, bred by the millions to be an intensely disruptive and subversive element, right into the very heart, the substance of our civilization, Family, and Time Honored Tradition. Its where the Victim Stance, a very powerful one, and Feelz was birthed, the incredibly diverse faux virtue signaling of rage of femenazism has replaced the foundational blocks of our 2000 year culture, reason-faith-logic-classical education reason with generations of unrestrained slots who are bred and led by the hormones, learned how to game our honor and traditions, our great virtues stoicism, our faith is what scripture constantly tests of our mettle and brevity.
    You think I’m a crazed reactionary?
    Look again.
    Where do you think cameltoe came from? Why you call them crazy biatchez, and your primal brain screams no fucking way am I sticking my dick in that! Where the worst of them are experts in camouflage of great beauty and sexual preening, sublime at activating our savage lusts.
    The stalinist kunt in a pants suit, nanzy palsi, merkel, who exibit all the symptoms of cannibal enzymes which cause all sorts of motor function problems from the sghakes to balance/muscle co-ordination problems and psychopathic behavior of madness.
    Take Mao’s wife, donkey chompers and her 4 horsewoman of the apocalypse, the 60’s radical femenists, RGB, who the political influences where behind Roe verses Wade, who created and ran Planned Genocide, er my bad, Planned Parenthood, who is okay with the liquidation of over 650 million unborn babies and their insertion into the organ-legging pipeline which garners billions in laundered green backs yearly into the coffers of the Fabian’s faction of the deep state, notice these bitches are truly crazed, drunk on power, brains hooked on the endorphins fix of absolute unrestrained degenerate hedonism, why like the pants suit is addicted to endrenochrome, the 98.6 degree hot fresh stuff from just tortured and murdered children and babies.

    This ain’t coincidence. None of it.
    There’s 5000 years of Male experience talking here, time honored tradition behind one man one vote, never mind the franchised vote where only land owners could vote, a bulwark against the insidious danger and cultural poison Danegeld, aka free-shit.
    Why ignoring our past gets you the dirtnap in no uncertain terms.
    Why in war, especially Hobbesian Warr, the #1 rule is you must understand the enemy, #2 what your enemy holds dearest, only then can you plan and have objectives to survive and win.

    This crazed fucked up creepy as fuck class if manipulative crazy bitches is no accident or symptom of something they are the reason, the cause behind all thats happening, without the crazy bitches the dirty stinking commies would not be what they are.

    Ask yourself why good Woman with traditional values and unshakable devotion to her Man are so highly valued by us Men of The West, why we can not ever quite grok what our wives and lovers are motivated by, why it strikes us as so mysterious, and illogical, their behavior of contempt for us as Men, why they scoff at us, our Manly Ways, our Manly symbols, our Rifles, our primal urges to always be prepared, our urning for the great warrior virtues, for a Woman who stands by us, knowing the home fires are tended to. So we can tend to our duties as protector of what matters most.

    Your looking at the tits and ass’s of the enemy.

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    • You made a lot of sense and I agree with you 101%. Wimmins Suffrage is the down fall of our great experiment. This victim status has given them purchase in the Halls of Power, it has feminized a lot of men, those men would never had risen to power or leadership roles in politics and commerce. the girly men saw an avenue to acquire and control naked power through casting wimmens and minorities as victim of Male White Superiority, which through since time immemorial has White Man been superior, it was the logical outcome of the roll of the gene dice. The Time of Hard Men is rising and hell and utter Reckoning is upon us. Choice wisely who you plan to serve…


      • Institutional order of emasculation of We, Us, The Men of The West.
        Don’t fall for it.
        They want us to surrender, without a fight, because they know in no uncertain terms it is a fight they can never win, a fight to the teeth by Men armed to The Fucking Teeth.

        Right now the yellow media organs are telling whoppers of a lie that our great warrior God Emperor Trump is surrounded rational advisers, by scores of people pleading with him resistance is futile, that he must surrender.
        Thats emasculation on crack jumping a thousand white sharks.
        Because Mr. Trump is the Leader himself of the great un-emasculated Citizen Warriots of The West, a 2000 year old brotherhood of BFYTW with the finest small unit infantry combat rifles ever devised, with a bone in our teeth.
        And we Men, us Freemen are all that stands in the way.
        It’s nut cutting time gentle Men, its time to find out what our womenfolk are made of. Its all coming to a head in history and space, time and place, and its our duty to effect positive change, even if it means rivers of blood and death by the hundreds of thousands or more.

        Who else is there my brother and friends?
        If not us who?

        I don’t see a fucking soul but us Men of The West. And our God Emperor. Thats a real Man of The West right there, I imagine right now he needs our help, all our help.

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      • Back before Ann Coulter developed TDS, she stated that giving
        women the right to was the worst mistake in American history.
        Once they had the right to vote, the welfare state was a foregone
        conclusion. In the 90s, I read a Dinesh Desouza book. He was
        driving past the White House and Desouza asked John Podhoretz
        why is it that a leftist rally has custom made flags, banners, and
        rehearsed chants and when the right holds rallies it is a dozen
        Young Republicans with 6-inch American flags? Podhoretz
        said We work for a living, they don’t.

        Fast forward to 2020. Who makes up the army of Antifa and BLM?
        Unemployed college grads with liberal arts degrees still living in their
        parent’s home at age 30, and unemployed and uneducated black
        welfare brats. Karl Marx could not have played this better. Keep
        them poor and uneducated, brainwash them and keep them pissed
        off by appealing to class envy bullshit! The left may be historical
        and economical illiterates but if Joe Biden wins, America will be
        the socialist worker’s party that Marx spoke of. Well, the joke is
        on them! These lazy layabouts will be forced by the state to work!

        Based on my Blog and social media posts, I expect to first in line
        to be sent to a gulag or a death camp. What these morons do
        not understand is that every collectivist movement since the
        French Revolution in 1789, they killed off the royals, the nobles,
        capitalists, and political rivals. When they ran out of enemies,
        they turned on their own. I will go to my grave with a smile on
        my face!


        • That history revisionist psy-ops are loke tracers they work both ways. Lenin’s useful dupes. The Red terror of the Bolsheviks left no doubts those useless soy red diaper baby wannabe Che’s and their muh revolution, end up taking the dirt nap first. They already proved themselves as the worst type of traitors to their own country, they can no be trusted past being cannon fodder and carriers of the koolaid. In an ironic twist of fate Che, was very fond of wasting the female useful dupes.
          Mao was another, the N. Vietnamese regime went after the vietcong with a vengeance and so to all the political’s who resisted the South Vietnamese regime once the good folks of the south Vietnamese army kicking the norths ass ran out of ammo because the same commies in the swamp cut all funding and supply to them. But Lenin’s Bolsheviks, they hold the commie crown for terror and liquidation of useful idiots. Worse than Mao’s little red book compatriots. They even made Stalin nervous.

          No, they will save you, and I and Phil and others who ain’t afraid of them and had blogs that spoke to the truth or knowingly resisted and defied them in some way. How they see it is they know who & where we are, that we are among those who are left sticking out like a sore thumb while the mob all cowers and willingly place those chains themselves over their own wrists for the illusion of safety, that if they keep their heads down and pie-holes shut they will survive the genocide.
          This is totalitarian strategy 101, make all you can afraid, weaponizing fear, weaponizing everything, to create unbridled fear in all possible, then all who resist and defy can then be picked off in detail because you have hopefully divided and conquered everyone.
          Thats the basic objective of totalitarian power applied to a civilization you want to eliminate and or control.
          But those idiots you mention, they go right away, by the droves, asap, in the night. The night of long knives as what it was called at the eve of Hitlers 3rd Reich is a perfect example how you take the dirt nap first when you ignore history.

          The pickle the fuckers find themselves in is the resources of Time, and a citizenry armed to the fucking teeth with excellent arms gear and now training in small unit infantry combat tactics, ie, 4th Gneration War insurgents, who constitute something even more fearsome, a number of million man leaderless resistance, the kind of folks who take to LIC Low Intensity Conflict like ducks to water.
          An addendum to that pickle to fuckers, the cabal and its actors, its operatives and sycophants, is two fold, 1st is no one, I mean NO One, has the resources to fight counter insurgency warfare against this legion of good folks, they don’t got the manpower or physical resources for folks who no longer have any cause to obey inalienable laws, dicktat, dick & dickless-tators no matter their guise or fig leaf of legitimacy, good folks who you have disenfranchised, then totally violated their sacred codes, desecrated the Night’s Temple sacrosanct of ordered liberty and just plain old being left alone. See you and I, we know to our bones our Unalienable laws, are the crux of our codes. Even if we can’t speak to their veracity and primal truths, they are the sovereign nature of our being.
          Never mind the all-most religious taboo against civilian disarmament, taking our prized and cherished personal property, our last bastion of defense against the worlds evil, the center of our history, Our Rifles.
          Its a bridge too far.
          And every, it all, comes down to guns. Who has them who don’t, who uses them and who they get used against.
          Everything else is a fucking circus, a sick joke, dress rehearsal for violent insurgency and 4th G war.
          Not a political war.
          Not a religious one, those are bad enough, it isn’t even class or race war, though that kind of war, the threat of it, is used as a form of weapon to create fear.
          This war as Hobbes nailed it is Warr, war for legitimacy. Our natural primal God given legitimacy as sovereign people, Freemen, verses ideological legitimacy. Though something as insipidious as the ideological farce of marxism, is only a tool to con enough useful idiots into doing your dirty work, aka cannon fodder.
          But you have to kill millions of these useful idiots, enough of them they give up. And brainwashed ideologues such as indoctrinated completely brain washed stupid can’t be fixed college kids take a lot of killing because there’s a shitload of them and they are everywhere, even in our daughters bedroom and driving your car to a Saturday night party, might even be your old lady.
          It’s basically what you could term as Kat Skratch Kommie Fever for the vags. We’ve seen them, screechers naked in times square skreeching about white malke patriarchy and its evils.
          Or Hillary Clinton and her child trafficking, and her Baphomet of Mendes Satanic witches coven and child sacrifice sabbath. You’ve seen her, photographed in front of their pagan satan deity, with her fellow witches? They leave blatant clues and symbols, use secret hand gestures, key phrases everywhere in order to signal to themselves their omnipotence and powers. Why they go ballistic bugfuck over supposed white male supremacist hand signals and other symbols. They fear Real Men, Men who they can not emasculate, control. Why is their a total fucking psychopath controlling the swamp, and her handmaidens, why RBG, why they hate the newly appointed traditional matriarch to the black robbed Nazgals on the supreme court, why a genocidal maniac with a gash started up planned parenthood in the wake of Roe verses Wade. Why there is baby genocide made “legal”.

          Nobody is getting out of this Warr. No fingers in the wind sitting on a fence. You may not be interested in the coming festivities but oh brother is this Warr interested in giving all our arses the dirt nap.

          And it was not possible without the crazy pictured in Phil’s faceborg agitprop at the top of the post.


  2. Now you all went and did it.
    Phil has a secret society of womenz lurking around here.
    One pretty much called us a bunch of heathens not too long ago.
    Another ER nurse just posted yesterday on the hairy leg freak show picture.
    They’ve come right out and told Phil he’s an adorable hunk.

    I’m just saying tobe careful what you say here about the womenz.
    Truth be damned
    They’ll either get the site shut down or convince adorable Phil the hunk to start a new one catering to them.

    Finally we must consider if this site goes down what would happen to Aussie.
    Boredom would take over and who knows what would happen after that.
    I’m pretty sure that coming here is a tranquilizer of sorts for him.

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    • 4 violating some con-munity standards?

      ( those WP insects deleted my dirt people blog and Chateau Heartiste the same day for violating their precious standards, and if shit don’t get stopped soon by us there won’t be no Phil’s and his most excellence crew of not emasculated Men’s)


      • I never thought of myself as excellent… a crew yes, non-emasculated man, oh yes. The signal will still get through, we know you are out there. We are not so much in the dark and alone as we once were.


        • Hey your an American, a good all around folk, been reading your posts for years, wish we was neighbors, your part of what makes our country such a great place just as I am, as Phil, all of us, we all are, just because we don’t talk about don’t matter. its our spirit and good will and good intentions, need another reason why excellence?

          Its us dirt people who effect positive change in this world. See any others out there? Good folks do good things, they do the right things, they give a shit about things that count.
          We Do Not do shit we are seeing. Thats people with so much hate they are lost. Imagine how many of them it takes to pull this vote fraud coup crap.
          If that ain’t worth fighting for, I dont know what is, but you and I and all of us good guys know its for shit, but to resist and defy and fight against it, against this unbridled hate for us, our country, those people do not deserve America. Thats the mark of excellence.
          Besides the solid truth good folks do not break such a sacred taboo as cheat others out of their franchise, then call those they just cheated terrorists and raaaycists, on top of that attempt to shove their hateful ways up our arses, threaten us because we refuse to surrender, get wee weed up because we fucking refuse and say BFYTW. They think they are special somehow. Not. They are the worst skum out of the whole auto-degenerate nest of vile insects.
          Good folks don’t do things like that, or behave like the bidens and his commie whore Soros puppet vp. We have no need to steal the vote or over throw our own country. WTF?

          But what us good folks do do is get really fucking mean when those codes of ours are violated like they are being violated. We go from the nicest people imaginable to a kind of mean only we can be. And we as good folks do not want that, we just want to be left alone, but Nooooo, even thats wrong or something to the assholes. So its fuck you time. And as good folks, this is our great Republic, not a mob rule clusterfuck nation, democracy is total bullshit, its not mentioned once in all of our founding documentation, democracy was the absolute last thing the founders wanted. Its legitimate beyond definition, that in our country fuck you is always a choice, in fact BFYTW. That takes good folks. And excellent minds with excellent critical thinking.
          Thats why our forefathers waged the only successful slave revolt in all human history. If that ain’t excellence I don’t know what else to say about it.

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