This Daylight Savings Time Crap Is Out Of Control

I was sitting here drinking some coffee and checking my Email, trying to get woke up and caught up, when I glanced up at the Blue Ray player under the television to see what time it was.

I am going to be away from the keyboard until later this afternoon and have some things to do before I bail out. .

As far as I can remember, that Blue Ray player clock only told the time and didn’t have a calendar feature.

Either way, something just ain’t right.

2 thoughts on “This Daylight Savings Time Crap Is Out Of Control

  1. Of all the simple tasks that congress could complete, but refuses to, because ya know, they are so enmeshed in trying to cancel out trump, these cocksuckers can’t even discuss whether or not to remove the daylight savings time deal and leave it the fuck alone. That simple and they can’t even fucking get that done. Proof positive every swinging dick & slotted torso needs to have their ass handed to em on the way out the door, never too return again……. My clocks stay the same year round. Absolute what fucking difference does it make to change the damn closes twice a year? On any given day you have so many hrs of daylight and so many hrs of dark, where the fucking clock is matters not and makes zero damn difference….. But then I don’t much really give a shit what time of day it is anyway, my days are primarily driven by when it’s light and when it’s dark….


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