15 thoughts on “You’ve Heard The Expression ‘Boiling The Frog”?

  1. The idea of being able to get myself in a big enough body of hot water and relax the muscles is certainly appealing. And as much I enjoy the companionship with you all here
    Fellas I’m just not taking a bath with ya. I don’t care how good the drinks and the drugs are.


      • But Cederq, at least that ensures his birch-bark* pustules get clean! *those splinters from Ma Nature’s emergency TP aren’t gonna come out by themselves.


        • Look up the definition of a boreal forest Johno.
          I take a gander around and see conifers mostly.
          If I take a ride and pay close attention I can find a few deciduous varieties mostly in the willow or alder species. But, having trouble with birch or aspen.
          Saw a bunch of them hunting in Colorado,but that was a couple years ago and three thousand miles from my door.

          Around here we have pretty much spruce trees.
          A big one is maybe 55-60 feet tall and 10 inches across.
          They grow slow so they’re pretty old.
          I was breaking some trail a few days ago for a trap line maybe 12-15 miles from my house. I got into a area at the base of a mountain and had to sit and stare for a couple minutes because I found some that were about 2′ across. First time I have seen anything that size in the interior. This was pretty far from any type of road or trail system so that could explain why they have lasted so long. They are very protected by the surroundings. Steep jagged mountains on one side and lots of lowland on the other that until frozen and snow covered would be a giant swamp to get through.


  2. On closer inspection of that image, there are empty baked-bean cans. I reckon that Cederq, Deathray and Phil are providing streams of jacuzzi bubbles in that pool!


    • Well, the chuck wagon scene in “Blazing Saddles” is MY favorite scene of my favorite movie… so let ’em rip! If ya can’t fart in front of your friends, who can ya fart in front of?


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