Absolutely Ruined The Whole Day?

““Went to go use the restroom for a few minutes at work only to come back and find out someone had snapped the clip off of my favorite pen…””

Some peoples problems…

14 thoughts on “Absolutely Ruined The Whole Day?

  1. Oh, that is ass stomping time. I always carried a Parker and still do and I never, ever loan it out, call me me selfish, you bet, at 35 bucks a pen I can be…


    • Uniball Vision *Elite*? Oh you posh so-and-so.
      I’ve got a Uniball Vision (just plain Vision) Micro (0.5mm) here, and grateful to have that. Office supply clerk invariably orders cheap-ass pens, so I always end up buying my own for work.

      Speaking of buying pens, I actually started using these:

      Those carrot pens are black ink, 0.5mm rollerball (which I like) and they’re so distinctively goofy looking that it’s obvious if someone has nicked a pen from my desk


  2. I’m partial to bank or credit union pens, perhaps a hospital pen, but pencils are more useful.

    In a pinch, I’ll use a nail and chunk of something softer than steel, if soapstone isn’t available.

    A stick in the dirt can also work, if it’s a localized note.


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