19 thoughts on “For Once, The True State Of The Situation From A MSM Broadcast

  1. It’s been days since I checked the numbers but Trump can still pull it off.
    Trump has a lead with 97 percent reporting in North Carolina that is out-
    the range of a recount. The 3 remaining outstanding states are all
    within the recount range. Trump is not a stupid man and he hates
    to lose. You can bet there will be GOP monitors in every one of these
    states and fraudulent Biden will be discarded. After the 2000 election
    it is nice to see the shoe is on the other foot!


  2. PS The ODNI knows that Slow Joe is a security risk. If national security
    were a disqualifying factor, Blow Job Billy and Ubangi would not have
    been elected. Their communist radical past was known by anyone
    right of center long before they were elected. Their corruption was
    also legendary. In the 1992 election, the American Spectator posted
    a list of known crimes by the Clinton’s and both would have to serve
    hundreds of years in prison, disbarment, and disqualification for
    public office down to local dogcatcher!


    • This is particularly gratifying to those of us with clearances that have seen lives and careers ruined because of very “trivial” offenses with classified materials.


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